Whatever Happened To .... The Cast of “Beverly Hills, 90210”?

By Agent Bedhead | Seriously Random Lists | August 10, 2011 |

And now, on with the program at hand!


Jennie Garth (as Kelly Taylor): Garth reprised her character for 20 episodes of the new "90210" as the school guidance counselor. In addition, her resumé includes a fairly endless stream of made-for-tv movies and 86 episodes of "What I Like About You."

Her Next Move: She'll probably always get work, and she'll soon be collecting an ungodly amount of child support form Peter Facinelli, a.k.a., "Carlisle Cullen" in the Twilight movies.


Shannen Doherty (as Brenda Walsh): After Doherty was kicked off "Beverly Hills, 90210," she went on to do 67 episodes of "Charmed" before getting canned from that show too. Seems she has a bit of an attitude problem, but people continue to hire her for television work.

Her Next Move: A reality program where she'll get married ... again.


Jason Priestley (as Brandon Walsh): Very steady television work including some bizarre show called "Love Monkey" as well his recent season of "Call Me Fitz." Still, he's perhaps best known these days for his auto racing successes and mishaps and even co-owns a racing team.

His Next Move: A role as a televangelist in Prayer Hour, which doesn't sound terribly promising.


Ian Zierling (as Steve Sanders): He voices a lot of video games, and he appeared in Domino (otherwise known as the "Wayward Home of Former '90210' Stars"), which also starred Luke Perry and Brian Austin Green.

His Next Move: Scrubbing that spongy stuff off his head.


Brian Austin Green (as David Silver): He's made sporadic appearances on different "CSI" series and filmed 15 episodes of "Desperate Housewives," but he got my pulse racing as Derek Reese on two seasons of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." Beyond that, his notable accomplishments include marrying that chick who described Michael Bay as "Hitler."

His Next Move: No more Playgirl, please.


Tori Spelling (as Donna Martin): For some unknown reason, she's managed to make a career out of being "herself," which encompasses a few nauseating reality series and three different best-selling memoirs.

Her Next Move: Calling the paparazzi to let them know she'll be walking down the street with her children.


Luke Perry (as Dylan McKay): He staunchly refused to make an appearance on the new "90210" and has been working rather steadily, albeit in movies that you've probably never seen. Recently however, he struck a bit of ratings gold in a made-for-tv movie called Goodnight for Justice.

His Next Move: He's currently filming two sequels to Goodnight for Justice, although he certainly doesn't wear a hat in the manner of Timothy Olyphant, but who does?


Gabrielle Carteris (as Andrea Zuckerman): She hasn't done a hell of a lot except for sporadic one-off television episodes, including a short stint on "The Event."

Her Next Move: It's just too depressing to call this one.


Tiffani Thiessen (as Valerie Malone): Lots of television work, including 8 episodes of "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place"; 22 episodes of "Fastlane"; 11 episodes of "Good Morning, Miami"; and 39 episodes (thus far) of "White Collar."

Her Next Move: More "White Collar" and a movie called Hung -- if that's not a porn title, then it very well should be.


Kathleen Robertson (as Claire Arnold): Surprisingly, she's been in an assload of stuff, and some of it's been rather good material too. Highlights include Control, Hollywoodland, and the Tin Man miniseries.

Her Next Move: Writing and starring in Three Days in Havana. You heard of it? Me neither.


Hilary Swank (as Carly Reynolds): Okay, so I'm sort of cheating by including Swank, since she only appeared in 16 episodes of the original "90210" (and in the incredibly thankless role of Steve's girlfriend, no less). Still, Swank's got two Best Actress Oscars, which slightly balances out the horrible string of movies (P.S. I Love You; Amelia; Black Dahlia; Conviction; and The Reaping) under her belt as of late.

Her Next Move: New Year's Eve. Enough said.

So who's the winner of this gang? This one's a toss-up, so you call it for me, mates.

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