The Ten Best Super Bowl Ads of 2013

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The Ten Best Super Bowl Ads

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | February 4, 2013 | Comments ()

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There's always a little something weird about America's obsession with Super Bowl commercials. It's not that they can't be good -- in fact, there's usually a handful of really great ones each year -- it's that we're in an awkward position of appreciating commercials for products and brands that are ... well, let's just say there are no underdogs in Super Bowl commercials. It's multibillion dollar corporations vs. multibillion corporations, terrible product vs. terrible product. In fact, lately, the healthiest product advertised during the Super Bowl -- granted, in only one small market -- is Old Milwaukee. Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee Super Bowl is not an official contender because it was a local commercial only, but how can you not root for this hilarious TV Spot? After all, Old Milwaukee is the healthiest, least destructive product advertised during the Super Bowl. I mean, canned skunk water is has to be better than Doritos, right?

I just love that Ferrell can still surprise us.

10. Time Warner -- Walking Dead -- Not really that exceptional a commercial, but where celebrity endorsements are involved, I'm going to get a lot more excited about Daryl from "The Walking Dead" than Kaley Cuoco.

9. Doritos -- Fashionista Daddy -- It was a cute commercial, and the guy with the beard was one of the few genuinely funny moments from last night's slate of commercials, although the fact that Dorito dust can so convincingly double as lipstick does not exactly make me want to ingest it.

8. Ram Trucks -- God Made a Farmer -- I don't know if it was the Southerner in me, or everyone is as equally romanticized by the idealized vision of a farmer, the one that politicians talk about during their stump speeches. I liked this commercial so much I didn't have the heart to tell Ram Trucks that these farmers they speak of are mostly mythical creatures. I mean, most farmers are either working for a huge corporation, or they are growing food for the farmer's market, in which case they're more likely to look like a hippie. Also, probably high, and certainly not driving a Ram Truck.

7. Jeep -- Whole Again -- Look: I tried to resist. I mean, Oprah? But hell if they didn't pull out every goddamn heart-pulling string in the book. It was manipulative and treacly as hell, and if this were being graded on the movie scale, it'd fare poorly. But this is the Super Bowl, and big crass jingoistic ads to sell impractical automobiles are always welcome.

6. Samsung Mobile USA - The Next Big Thing -- I'm glad the game turned around after the power outage, because it was plain dull up until that point. Many of the people at the Super Bowl party I attended (including myself) left during the outage. But the quick turnaround meant that there were probably 100 million people watching Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd pitch a product there's no way they use in real life (I mean, come on. They're both rocking iPhones). Great spot, but Bob Odenkirk stole it.

5. -- Wolf -- Well executed, very funny commercial that managed to actually say something useful about the product. Well done.

4. Audi -- Prom -- My takeaway from this commercial is that 1) there's no way that kid couldn't get a date to prom, and 2) an Audi is just a really, really expensive Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt.

3. Best Buy -- Ask Amy -- Again, an instance where I appreciate a brand for eschewing a major Hollywood film star like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt and going with someone in my wheelhouse. It helps that Amy Poehler is also hilarious in the spot. Next time I go to Best Buy to see what the electronics I'm going to buy on Amazon look like before I order them, I will buy a pack of gum or something to help Best Buy stave off its inevitable bankruptcy.

2. Coca Cola -- Security Cameras -- Truthfully, this was my favorite commercial of the night, although the Facebook and YouTube likes don't even put it in the top ten among the larger overall audience. I loved everything about it, except the creepy reminder that Big Brother is always watching us, which is why it got busted down to number two.

1. Taco Bell -- Viva Young -- Old people are the new talking babies, the new talking animals, the new flatulating bears! Next year's Super Bowl will be nothing but adorable old people doing crazy shit. It's appropriate that they were all hammered in this spot because that's the only time Taco Bell is edible.

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  • Buck Forty

    Can I just encourage all Pajibans (heck, EVERYONE) to find the address of their local Coca Cola office, go there, and spray paint 'PEACE!) on the side of their building. It's cool, Coca Cola won't mind.

    Seriously, lets make this a thing, and watch as they can't do sh!t to stop it because... y'know... IT'S IN THEIR COMMERCIAL !!

  • Ash

    I love you, Poehler.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    The ad that cracked me up the most was for creative types...people who can think for themselves, who know what works best for was for some science-based organization, I believe.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Mmmmm, Audi.

    We didn't watch, although Mr. J and I discussed whether it was culturally-important for Little J to watch part of the game so he'd be able to talk about it. The Julien men watched Gilligan's Island instead. It's fairly harmless, except that each time we see the "girls" they are sewing, cooking, or cleaning, unless they are needed for seductive encouragement or to break a spell with the application of their lips. I was one eye twitch away from a feminist rampage on the scale of the following that original flavour Star Trek episode where the women were dressed entirely in small, brightly-coloured patches of FUN FUR.

    //end rant//

  • Erin S

    Um, I love the fact that Amy asked which washing machine was "the vibrate-iest?" On national television. During the Super Bowl.

  • DominaNefret

    I loved the Clydesdales commercial, it was totally predictable but utterly sweet and still made me tear up.

    I HATED the Farmers commercial. I felt as though it was very purposefully pandering to a certain percentage of the population in a way that would potentially ostracize others due to the language used and chosen narrator. And this is coming from a bougie-hippie-city girl who comes from a VERY long line of rural farmers. I felt very uncomfortable watching it.

    Oh, I also really appreciated the fact that they managed to get in a pro gun control ad. Especially after the million dollars was raised however many years ago for an anti Iraq war spot, that CBS refused to air. Seems like they have grown some balls in the time since.

  • lillie

    I rather enjoyed the Calvin Klein commercial

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Oooh, I'd forgotten that one. I was thinking for once countless men chomping down on nachos maybe paused in mid-chew and looked in shame at their jiggly bits.

  • Quatermain

    Bah, I'd rather have nachos than shame any day of the week. Besides my 'doesn't look like that' justification is that those are show muscles, not go muscles.

  • PerpetualIntern

    That was definitely talked about most at our party, by everyone involved. Everyone kept joking about the technology of underpants.

  • The farmer thing is ridiculous. It's a fucking job, just like many others. Just because Jefferson had some wrongheaded idea that farmers are special doesn't mean we have to keep it up over 200 years after Hamilton proved him wrong.

    And where in the hell were the chimps? Chimps, or at least those tiny monkeys like Annie's Boobs, are awesome and hilarious. And they have the benefit of never getting old, unlike the dumb talking baby thing, which was lazy to begin with. The whole night was ruined by the lack of chimps. For shame America.

  • swingvote25

    The Coke ad has inspired me to go vandalize buildings and earn 'peaceful warrior' status! now where's my spray paint?

  • Sara_Tonin00

    also: I realize this is taking it a bit too seriously, but I did not like the Audi prom ad. It was not ok.

  • Meg

    This. It came across as kinda gross to me. Like Hey! Get an expensive car and then girls won't mind if you creepily come up behind them, grab them and then shove your tongue down their throat! They'll just think it's romantic! That's one of those scenarios where if it played out in real life it could potentially end in a restraining order.

  • Buck Forty

    Like, if only they could have afforded a Taylor Swift soundtrack. They might've sqeaked thru. Cos Audi buyers love Taylor Swift right? Makes 'em feel young and hip.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    No Oreo commercial?

    and the unlucky chair was mildly amusing.

    Most of them sucked this year. The Budweiser clydesdale ad is the manipulative one that got me though, even though it had nothing new under the sun.

    btw, the farmers at NYC farmers markets are not obviously marked as hippies. or hipsters, for that matter.

  • apsutter

    I liked the Oreo library one and my fav was the Deion Sanders er...Leon Sandcastle commercial.

  • Slash was the best.

    Holy crap, Amy Poehler is adorable.

    The Samsung spot, with Rogen and Rudd (they're the 21st century Bob and Ray!), was also pretty good.

    The Time Warner one was pretty good, but I hate Time Warner so much. And I resent the number of commercials they run, while I'm watching Time Warner cable. Assholes. Seriously, I see dozens of those effing things every day (mostly at night, after I get home from work).

    The Old Milwaukee one was just icky. Not funny.

    The rest are meh at best, or dumb.

    30 seconds of time during the Super Bowl cost $3.8 million this year. So those 2-minute spots represent over $15 million (nearly $8 million for the :60), just for the time, not any actual production cost for the spot. Maybe the advertisers got a reduced rate, but still. Millions of dollars. Just for the time.

    For brands most of us could have easily identified without a 2-minute Super Bowl spot. Not a great ROI for the advertiser.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Oh and how is an E cigarette commercial ok? I mean I get that it's legal, but still in poor taste imo.

  • Quatermain

    Ee-cigarettes are a retarded product all around. I don't care if people smoke or not, but if you are going to smoke, don't be a pussy about it. Own your vices and smoke actual tobacco

  • stardust

    Most of the farmers in my area have two kinds of vehicles - the super fancy muscle car they use for driving around town and the rickety old shit-barge they use for actual farm work...which is never a Dodge Ram.

  • Slash

    Ford or Toyota, right?

  • stardust

    Yep, usually the larger trucks tend to be Fords, the F-250 or the F-350.

  • Slash

    Good ol' F250. See a lot of those down here (Texas). Non-farmer types who can't afford the new, giant trucks drive Toyotas. Occasionally, you'll see what looks like a "working" Toyota truck (usually driven by painting guys, roofing guys, yard work guys, etc.).

  • Theron

    I wonder whose building that "Peaceful Warrior" ruined in that coke ad with his crappy graffiti. I'm sure everyone who read it suddenly became a more tolerant person though so big ups to the criminal!

  • SamuelThomas

    My guess is they had an occupy hippie working on that one.

  • Bodhi

    My favorite Religious Studies had a field day with the Ram Truck commercial. Her FaceBook updates got funnier & funnier as the night went on

    I think that "I'm pretty sure that was the first time that
    really bad speculative theology, the creation narrative in Genesis and
    RAM trucks ever combined to form one idea..." is one of the funniest things I read all night

  • Bodhi

    *professor. RELS professor

  • TheAggroCraig

    The Clydesdale ad was eye-rollingly predictable. And the new Bud beer which will surely be garbage had bad ads. All I remember is people wearing black. I wonder why they stopped trying to be funny.

    I liked the Time Warner ad mostly for Daryl meekly saying "Yes, ma'am" when told to clean up the mess. The farmer one was alright because Paul Harvey. And as for Amy Poehler saying the word "dongle"....I'll be in my bunk.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I felt like Budweiser Black was trying to mimic Captain Morgan Black? Much like that Jeep ad and the Ram ad were trying to be "half-time in America"

  • DeltaJuliet

    I was very excited to see Darryl. I actually squealed and I'm not the sqealing type.

  • BlackRabbit

    For some reason I thought you said Steve Oedekerk and I was very confused. Yeah, the truck ads were crap, and I'll fully admit I teared up on the Clysdale commercial and even a bit on the Coke one (it's just nice to see people being nice). And I'd be remiss if I didn't suggest checking out the Wolf Sanctuary of PA after seeing that ad.

  • BlackRabbit

    Oops, I didn't consider it would put a link in there automatically. Sorry. Not endorsing them.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Others I liked, in no particular order, that aren't on your list:
    -Oreo fight
    - the miracle stain had a great punchline
    -rav4 genie
    -bud light lucky chair was way funny

    Century 21, congrats on wasting a shit-ton of money.

  • Gabs

    Yes to the miracle stain one! I think that was probably my favorite of the night.

  • AudioSuede

    Oh yeah, the Oreo ad was pretty hilarious, I forgot all about it.

  • AudioSuede

    I was in a whole room full of people that agreed that Jeep ad was manipulative, sycophantic, and was overall a terrible ad that made us all angry at Jeep, Oprah, and whoever wrote that tripe. Yet, oddly, we were all spellbound by that Ram ad with the farmers. Maybe it was the poetry of the language, or the lack of a cheesy emotional score of any kind (great sound editing, I suppose), but we all thought that was the most memorable and resonant ad of the night.

    You're also missing my three other favorites of the night: The Goat ad for Doritos, the Clydesdale ad for Budweiser, and the Flaming Lips ad for Hyundai.

  • Slim

    I think it's the echo of childhood for me, Paul Harvey's voice and cadence. But I also grew up on a farm...

  • BAM

    The Hyundai commercial was in my Top 5. Not the funniest spot, but clever and well executed.

  • sjfromsj

    I want to bring attention to the Go Daddy commercial that WASN'T centered around a hot woman being hot. I thought it was hilarious, and I was impressed that they bucked their usual Super Bowl ad model (no pun intended) that actually described their product. I don't think it was my favorite (Amy all day or The Flaming Lips!), but it stuck with me purely because it wasn't their usual overly sexualized fare.

  • Anne At Large

    Clearly I missed that one, I was too busy being horrified at the foley on the supermodel GoDaddy ad. That was more than I ever needed to hear of kissing sound effects in my life.

  • sjfromsj
  • Kballs

    It had Danica Patrick as the airline pilot at the very end. Knowing Go Daddy's mindset, she probably wasn't wearing any underwear.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    If that had been GoDaddy's only ad ever, then I wouldn't hate them with a fiery passion.

  • Pajiba_Pragmatist

    On the Audi commercial: The car he borrows from dad is an Audi S6, which is decent trim will set you back just shy of $90,000 US. Granted, this isn't as insane a car as the old v-10 S6, but that car is a crazy powerful Turbocharged V8 tank.

    No dad would loan his kid the keys to a 90k car that does 0-60 in 4.6 seconds, and has about 420 bhp.

  • Anne At Large

    To be fair, I grew up in Silicon Valley and there are people here who loan their kids some insane shit.

  • Nyltiak

    Yeah, I grew up in Baltimore and one of my HS classmates got a brand new, removable hardtop Mercedes SLK for her 16th birthday. Top of the line model and fully loaded. She destroyed it within 3 months and got another. Which she destroyed 3 months after that. So her parents bought her a Mercedes G-class SUV. Because the SLK wasn't "safe enough".

  • Pajiba_Pragmatist

    Great point. The fact that the car buys you a 1,800 sq ft house with garage in a nice upper middle class neighborhood of Grosse Pointe, MI, must be juxtaposed with the fact that 90k barely pays a year's rent on an 1,800 sq ft house in Cupertino.

  • ed newman

    In Atlanta too. And I'm not sure that in some cases it isn't a 16th birthday present.

  • John G.

    esta noche, nosotros somos jovenes.

  • Tracer Bullet

    I HATED that farmer ad. It went on too damn long, it was full of treacly nonsense and, hey, FUCK YOU, Dodge. You can be a real American without molesting chickens and pestering cows all goddamned day.

  • Buck Forty

    Was it just me or did the one person of color who made it into this commercial look more like a farm worker than a farm er.

  • chanohack

    One of my friends replied, "Can't wait for the inevitable 'So God made a Welfare recipient' commercial."

  • DeltaJuliet

    You know why I liked it? I grew up listening to Paul Harvey because my mother always listened to him, and I had a flashback to my childhood. So I guess sentimentality was to blame for that one.

  • Gabs

    I'm so glad it's not just me. I actually paused in the middle of it because it just.kept.going. Besides which, I'm a filthy heathen who already owns a Dodge Ram, so telling me about how God made farmers and gave them a Ram (or something) isn't going to sell me anything.

  • Kolby

    I'd seen both the Coke and Taco bell spots before last night. My favorite was the Oreo Whisper commercial.

  • Spoon

    Since I'm not American that Jeep ad obviously isn't meant to appeal to me to begin with, but MY GOD did that thing make me barf. Even smart, cynical Americans fall for that shit? What's in those chicken wings and nachos anyway? (I assume that's what Americans eat when they watch the Super Bowl. I've no idea.)

  • Yes, hot wings and nachos are traditional. Also pizza, chips, and beer. Super Bowl Sunday is like Thanksgiving but with junk food.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Also the Jeep ad offended me for some reason. Using the flag to sell stuff is one thing, making unpaid spokespeople out of the active duty military is another.

  • DeistBrawler

    Did anyone else also notice that the music is from "Band of Brothers?"

  • QueeferSutherland

    Close. It's actually the theme from The Pacific.

  • DeistBrawler


    ::shakes fist::

  • The joyous paradox of this site being founded and overlorded [sic] by what might be the softest heart this side of Dr. Cox. Jeep and Oprah ad was insufferably pandering-patriotic, and not only didn't push all the right buttons. It beat us about the head with flagpoles.

    And as a farm kid from a real, small farm in the days, damn you for this false mythologizing! No real farmer would splint a meadowlark's broken leg. That's what barn cats are for ('cuz farmers will never feed them directly - or at least won't admit to it). You know, we all remember Paul Harvey's faux-romanticism and nostalgia-based drivel, but let's spare the children from another cycle of simpering jingoistic amnesia about the 'real America'.

    The wolf effect might have been better with a coy mention of the coming winter, yes?

  • emmelemm

    I know, right? A farmer splinting a meadowlark's leg... riiiiiiight.

  • Frank Booth

    What ? No Doritos goat ? That thing had me in tears.....

  • Bedewcrock

    Did they show the Doritos goat during the Super Bowl?

  • The Replicant Brooke

    Doritos Goat was amazing. The scream!

  • Frank Booth

    And the tiny hoof kicking the door shut...

  • lowercase_ryan

    No Clydesdale love? Jesus man, you're either dead inside or you've never owned a dog. That commercial had me leaking like a faucet.

  • Kballs

    So did all the beer I drank last night but you don't see my dong on this list, do ya?

  • Frank Booth

    Your dong !? Really ? how old are you ?

  • Kballs

    Old enough, Frank. Old enough.

  • Frank Booth

    Well played sir. Respects.

  • lowercase_ryan

    thankfully no

  • Guest

    Thanks for interrogating that farmer ad. I mean, woah. I have a friend who's the daughter/sister/niece/grand-daughter of farmers in Southern Ontario and whose PhD research is all about representations of labour and pastoralism in Canada (not so different from American ones). Her head just about exploded when she saw it.

  • zeke_the_pig

    I would like to read this thesis.

  • Guest

    Zeke, you may not see this, but here's something this friend in question posted today in Facebook in a discussion of the ad in question. Her thesis is about a lot more than this, but her insight into the ad is, well, one of the many reasons she's my friend. She would also be the first to add (as would I) that the commercial is a both/and property: It's BOTH problematic AND goosepimply.(I.e. thinking theoretically about it doesn't cancel out its emotional impact).

    "As someone who is also from farming stock, I have to say that one of the things that makes Paul Harvey's (broadcaster, working mainly out of Chicago), powerful is that, as with any myth, it starts with a grain of truth and an entire history of similarrepresentations (everything Pastoral and Georgic out of England, basically. The images themselves are 30's-era American Agrarianism). And they're images that we recognize (my grandfather would have been a ringer for any of these men, and he was HUGELY important--even mythically heroic--to me). No one is saying that these kinds of farmers don't exist and that they don't do valuable work (and that they didn't in the past). The demise of subsistence farming is, I think, really sad, but it was a system that is entirely unsustainable in a globalized economy (and industrialized farming is even worse, so there we are). I also recognize that the commercial is nostalgic, but the problem with the fetishization of that agrarian past is that it is also an erasure of other histories: in Canada, it means the erasure of Chinese, Japanese and black farm labourers, from Black Loyalists in the Maritimes and former slaves in southern Ontario to interred Japanese farm labourers in British Columbia during WWII (positions presently being filled with Mexican, Carribean, and Peruvian labourers). Although Dodge uses a couple token women in the images it uses to accompany Paul Harvey's original speech, the speech itself entirely eviscerates any acknowledgement of how important women's farm labour was to the survival of the family farm--not just reproductive labour, but hard, physical, productive labour (and that's not even to mention his having ignored the possibility of women *farmers* and not just farm wives). The problem is not just that the commercial is nostalgic. It fetishizes a past based on the erasure of those other histories, defines a certain kind of farmer as divinely ordained, and elevates him to the status of archetype. Because of that, these images are hugely politically loaded (which is why questioning them, and questioning Paul Harvey, hits a nerve, even a pang of guilt in me). I can't really even get started on the idea that by fetishizing this version of history in order to sell trucks, it turns the idea of the farmer into a commodity fetish "for the farmer in all of us". It's powerful, well-done, and hugely problematic, especially when the majority of its audience actually doesn't know that farming is not like this now because the agrarian myth is so pervasive in North American culture."

  • zeke_the_pig

    I've had a rough day. This has eased it. Cheers, mate.

  • Guest

    Still on the hopper--check back in 2 years. But I bet that ad gets a mention!

  • kilmo

    I can't believe no one noticed Veronica Mars' mom in Audi prom commercial. Or maybe they did, but chose to ignore it because she's a hag!

    Loved the wolf commercial, so cute. Now I gotta track down the Puppy Bowl highlights!

  • Bedewcrock

    Or Booger's girlfriend/wife from Nerds or Revenge of the Nerds!! I think that's why they hired her......she's the quintessential nerd's mom!

  • Ben

    I swear that coke ad is old. I've seen it before.

  • Buck Forty

    Yup, first time in the US maybe, but it's done the rounds. I just posted my own comment about the ad (which I obviously loathe) but since I'm a day late and it's probably been moved to the bottom of the Disqus pile I'm going to repeat it here:

    Can I just encourage all Pajibans (heck, EVERYONE) to find the address of their local Coca Cola office, go there, and spray paint 'PEACE!) on the side of their building. It's cool, Coca Cola won't mind.

    Seriously, lets make this a thing, and watch as they can't do sh!t to stop it because... y'know... IT'S IN THEIR COMMERCIAL !!

  • Nico

    It has also made the rounds on facebook a few months back.

  • AudioSuede

    On this very site, in fact. I'm 99% sure it was on Pajiba Love once already.

  • lowercase_ryan

    me too

  • chanohack

    Loosely related: I do not care for football, but one of the things I did whilst killing time before Downton Abbey was to switch the game on, just in time to see that end-to-end run. I mean, I'd watched about ten seconds of football in the last several years, and it happens to be the longest run in NFL history? Lucky.

    But THEN, when I changed the channel BACK after Downton Abbey was over, I saw the longest run by a quarterback for a touchdown in NFL history (didn't know he was the QB until they said that, but still)...

    Are football records broken all the time, or am I seriously super lucky about when I change the channel to football games?

    If the latter, I'll add that to my list of shitty super powers.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    longest TD run by a QB in the Superbowl, but since you're a newbie...

    the second half had a lot more highlights. If you'd flipped in during the first half you'd've been bored (Unless you saw the faked field goal, which I loved, even though I hate the Ravens and it didn't work)

  • Green_Eggs_and_Hamster

    Stupid Fake Field Goal cost me $250 in my office pool. Just kick the Field goal and put the points on the board and let me get paid. I was so happy when they lined up for the field goal, and screaming at the TV when they faked. Of course, all my "friends" who I was watching it with thought it was hilarious. I hate them.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    My brother was playing one of those grid pools, and he managed a win for the 3rd quarter. But I was wondering which gamblers were screwed by the safety at the end.

  • Yossarian

    I believe those were "longest in a Superbowl" records, not longest in NFL history. Smaller sample size (47) so there is always some goofy anomaly they can point out.

    Still, those were pretty cool plays. I was in the kitchen for the Jacoby Jones kick return.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    initially the 109 yard return for a TD was an all-time record, but when they changed it to 108 it went to just Superbowl. Still fun to watch regardless.

  • The NFL keeps a lot of records and some of them are more important than others and get broken more often. The ones you saw are among the more impressive feats.

  • DeltaJuliet

    And if you add in the record number of missed holding calls (yes, I'm being slightly sarcastic here), I mean usually I miss a call even when they replay, show it in slow motion, and point with a big orange arrow. But even I couldn't miss last nights offenses. And I didn't even care who won.

  • Not to mention the flagrant personal foul, roughing the official which should have resulted in an ejection...but didn't.

  • Melissa

    I had a couple of overlaps, but most of those I was pretty meh on, besides the Time Warner one, which I didn't see. , if anyone is interested in my list:)

  • randomhookup

    Dustin, I think you are conflicted over the farmer ad after remembering all the Northeast Arkansas farmers who also had a few acres of marijuana among the soybeans and sorghum.

  • Quatermain

    Y'all should have somene liveblog the Super Bowl like you do the Golden Globes.

  • lonolove
  • denesteak

    I love the Asian Best Buy employee that Amy was flirting with and the "uhhhh" look he made when she asked him to read Fifty Shades of Grey to her. It was part I'm-considering, part this-is-weird-right?

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