The Perfect Face: 17 Television Actors Who've Mastered the Art of Facial Expression

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The Perfect Face: 17 Television Actors Who've Mastered the Art of Facial Expression

By Cindy Davis | Seriously Random Lists | January 13, 2014 | Comments ()


After last night’s Golden Globes celebrated television and film’s “best” actors, I watched the season three finale of Sherlock, and continued to marvel at Martin Freeman’s absolutely brilliant ability to convey every emotion with merely a look. We all have a tendency to froth at the mouth over Cumberbatch’s panty-dropping voice and perfectly tousled locks—and the man is a fine actor—but Freeman’s face is simply sublime. With just one camera shot near *Spoiler? Swipe to read: Sherlock’s grave, hearts the world over were simultaneously broken. So let’s take a moment, shall we, to honor those who give good face.

1. Claire Danes: The Cryface


2. Martin Freeman: Broken-Hearted


3. Iain Glen: Broken-Hearted and Humiliated


4. Jack Gleeson: I Passed What Satan Calls Wicked at Age Eight


5. Jeremy Davies: Dumb, or Stoned…or Both


6. Lena Dunham: The Dim Pout


7. Laura Dern: Dim Enthusiasm


8. James Spader: You Bore Me. I’m So Much Better Than You.


9. David Tennant: Say Wot?


10. Timothy Olyphant: Are You Fucking Kidding Me?


11. Lena Headey: The Bitchface/I Need to Get to the Ladies Room Now


12. Katey Sagal: Fuck You


13. Aaron Paul: “Bitch!”


14. Dean Norris: I Want to Kill You, But I Know I Can’t


15. Aden Young: Broken


16. Mads Mikkelsen: Detached


17. Andrew Scott: Psychopath


Cindy Davis, (Twitter) No spoilers in the comments please, but His Last Vow has left me positively giddy.

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