The Pajiba 10 (1992 Edition)

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | June 17, 2010 | Comments ()


Pajiba wasn't around in 1992, of course. I was but a high-school student still nursing a deadly crush on Alyssa Milano at the time. Grunge had just arrived to my hometown, a year after everywhere else in the civilized world, and I spent a lot of time that year working on Bill Clinton's presidential campaign and watching "Ren and Stimpy." Though Pajiba wasn't even a word yet, I've attempted to channel the eclectic sensibility of the Pajiba readership and come up with what I think The Pajiba 10 might have looked like in 1992, had I put out a request to all of you to create a freebies list, which you might have laminated and put in your velcro wallet or had etched into your jelly shoes.

So, I present you with what I think you'd have selected as Your Pajiba 10 at the time, and the images are all period appropriate.

10. Tia Carrere


9. Brad Pitt


8.Winona Ryder


7. John Corbett


6. Marisa Tomei


5. Keanu Reeves


4. Christian Slater

Pump 2.jpg

3. Samantha Mathis


2. River Phoenix


1. Johnny Depp


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