The Most Embarrassingly Poncy Roles Of Your Favorite British Actors

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | November 21, 2012 |

But during this, the British actor invasion, as countless limey bastards steal All-American roles (e.g. the ever so macho, spandex-clad Superman, Batman and Spider-man), it's comforting to remember the poorly tied cravats and laughable wigs of their past. So here's a brief list of their past accomplishments. May they keep you warm this winter.

Damian Lewis--"The Forsyte Saga"

Andrew Lincoln--"Wuthering Heights"
lincoln .jpg

Charlie Hunnam and Jamie Bell--Nicholas Nickelby
Hunnam and Bell .jpg

Rupert Friend--Pride and Prejudice

Tom Hiddleston--"Return To Cranford"

Dominic West (and background Hiddleston)--"Nicholas Nickelby"

Hugh Laurie--"Blackadder"

Chris O'Dowd--"The Crimson Petal And The White"

Tom Hardy--"Wuthering Heights"
hardy .jpg

Daniel Craig--"Moll Flanders"

Benedict Cumberbatch--"To The Ends of The Earth"/The Other Boleyn Girl

benedict cumberbatch to the ends of the earth.jpeg

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