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The 15 Most Memorable Closing Credit Songs

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | February 5, 2010 |

But there are also really bad movies that can occasionally redeem themselves ever so slightly with a decent closing-credit song -- I don't know how many terrible romantic comedies I see where the closing credit song is actually the best part of the movie (bonus points for blooper scenes, which tend to be the funniest part of the movie (see also: The Rush Hour trilogy)).

Anyway, with that, I bring you the 15 Most Memorable Closing Credit Songs. Not the best (God knows, some of the ones below are awful), but the ones that seem to stick with you the most and/or fit the tone of the movie the best (regardless of the quality of the movie), or -- in the best cases -- actually offer a substantive musical epilogue to the narrative.

I did my best to actually find video clips from the movies, but the studios hardly let anything through anymore, so most of these videos are just of the songs.

15. "Age of Aquarius," by the 5th Dimension in 40-Year-Old Virgin

14. "Extreme Ways," by Moby in The Bourne Identity

13. "Just Once," by James Ingram in The Last American Virgin

12. "An Ending (Ascent)," by Brian Eno in Traffic

11. "Ooh La La," by The Faces in Rushmore

10. "Glory of Love," by Peter Cetera in Karate Kid II

9. "Put a Little Love in Your Heart," by Annie Lennox and Al Green in Scrooged

8. "The Promise" by When in Rome in Napoleon Dynamite

7. "Things Have Changed," by Bob Dylan in Wonder Boys

6. "Miss Misery" by Elliot Smith in Good Will Hunting

5. "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life," by Monty Python in Life of Brian

4. "I Believe (When I Fall in Love)" by Stevie Wonder in High Fidelity

3. "Build Me Up Buttercup" by the Foundations in There's Something About Mary

2. "Where is My Mind," by the Pixies in The Fight Club

1. "Don't You Forget About Me," by Simple Minds in The Breakfast Club

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