The 7 Best Celebrity Cameos, Playing Themselves in Film

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The 7 Best Celebrity Cameos, Playing Themselves in Film

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | January 5, 2011 | Comments ()


On Sunday, Matt LeBlanc's new series, "Episodes," debuts on Showtime. In the show -- a behind the scenes look at a smart British television show being bastardized into a dumb American one -- Matt LeBlanc will plays himself, taking on the role in the American series, in what amounts to one of the best meta premises since Jennifer Grey played herself in the short--lived but brilliant series, "It's Like, You Know."

To celebrate LeBlanc's playing of himself, here are the seven best celebrity cameos playing themselves in movies.

7. Dustin Diamond in Made

6. Mike Tyson in The Hangover

5. Topher Grace in Ocean's 12

4. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Gus Van Zant in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Airplane!

2. Bill Murray in Zombieland

1. Neil Patrick Harris in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

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