The 10 Crappiest Movies of Jennifer Aniston's Career
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The 10 Crappiest Movies of Jennifer Aniston's Career

By Agent Bedhead | Seriously Random Lists | July 6, 2011 | Comments ()


Oh, how I really wish that Jennifer Aniston's movies were literally a dime a dozen; for if that were the case, this sorry excuse for an actress wouldn't be a multimillionaire as a direct result of her enduring mediocrity. Of course, Aniston herself claims that Horrible Bosses will be different and worthy of your time because -- get this -- she changed her hair color just for the role. Like that makes all the difference, right?

Seriously though, the vast majority of Aniston's movies are so indistinguishable from one another that it's virtually impossible to rank them in terms of quality. Mostly, these films suck the last bit of fun out of the romcom genre, and here are the ones that do so the very most:

The Bounty Hunter:


Picture Perfect:


The Switch:


The Break-Up:


He's Just Not That Into You:


Just Go With It:


Rumor Has It:


Friends With Money:


The Object of My Affection:




And a little unexpected bonus number for you...



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