Status Updates on 12 Film Sequels You Might Actually Want to See

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Status Updates on 12 Film Sequels You Might Actually Want to See

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | May 9, 2013 | Comments ()


Matrix 4 -- This is not real. There is no Matrix 4. Every once in a while, someone will find the story about Keanu Reeves announcing two Matrix sequels while he was a keynote speaker at the London school of performing Arts university, based on an erroneous (and completely made up) report from AICN, and the rumor mill will kick into motion again (I saw it as recently as this week on Reddit). There is nothing to this. There are no Matrix sequels in the works, and likely never will be.

District 9 Sequel -- According to Neil Blomkamp, he's still very much interested in exploring the ideas in District 9, but for now, he sees Elysium, his Matt Damon movie out this summer, as a continuation of some of those ideas. There are no concrete plans, only ideas, about making a District 9 sequel, at the moment.

Attack The Block 2 -- Director Joe Cornish hasn't spoken much about a sequel in a little over a year, since he took up directing duties on Snow Crash, but at the time, he was talking about a television spin-off or perhaps an American remake. There has been no movement on either of those projects, however. (In fact, we haven't really heard much about Snow Crash since last summer).


Beetlejuice 2 -- Seth Grahame-Smith is currently working on a script, which he began last March. There have apparently been tentative negotiations with Michael Keaton to return to the role, but no one has been confirmed, and there's no word on the story.

Bill and Ted's 3 -- Director Dean Parisot is attached, Keanu Reeves is interested (and says the script is "looking good") and it's still definitely in development, but as Alex Winter said just two months ago, it's just going to take some time.

Blade Runner -- We don't know if it'll be a sequel, a prequel, or a reborquel, but we do know that Ridley Scott is attached to direct, he's been talking with the original author about ideas, Harrison Ford may make an appearance, the script includes some of the other original characters, and filming may begin next year with an eye toward a 2014 release.

Bridget Jones 3 -- While Helen Fielding is working on a third book, as recently as last month, Colin Firth acknowledged that, while there may be a sequel, it will be a long time before any kind of development on it gets underway, if it does at all. Don't get your hopes up.


The Muppets... Again! -- It is most certainly happening. It will be released in March 2014, and while Jason Segel will not be returning, Tom Hiddleston, Ricky Gervais, Christoph Waltz, and Tina Fey -- among others -- have been cast in the sequel, which will revolve around a European jewelry heist and a Kermit lookalike.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes -- The Rise of the Planet of the Apes sequel is set for a May 2014 release date, and is being directed by Matt Reeves. The film, which follows group of scientists in San Francisco struggling to stay alive in the aftermath of a plague that is wiping out humanity, while Caesar tries to maintain dominance over his community of intelligent apes, will star Gary Oldman, Judy Greer, Keri Russell, and Jason Clarke.

Step Brothers 2 -- Last we heard (November 2012), Anchorman 2 put Step Brothers 2 on ice, although you can bet your damn ass that if the Anchorman sequel is successful, Step Brothers 2 will move back into production. Adam McKay and Will Ferrell still want to do it.


Jurassic Park 4 -- Jurassic Park 4 got itself a director in Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) and was all set for a June 2014 release, but the studio has put it on hold, while they rework the script, which they didn't feel was "epic" enough. A release date has been delayed indefinitely.

21 Jump Street 2 -- The delay on Jurassic Park actually allowed the sequel to 21 Jump Street to take its June 2014 release date. There have been no details on the plot yet, but Charming Potato and Jonah Hill are set to return, as are directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord.


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  • Uriah_Creep

    I may be weird, but I'm most looking forward to the Muppet movie. It's not even close.

  • Jim Slemaker

    There are exactly three of those I would care to see: ATTACK THE BLOCK 2 (and please, NOT an American version), a DISTRICT 9 sequel (or prequel), and 21 JUMP STREET 2.

  • ,

    Actually, I think I might enjoy a "District 9"/"Star Trek" sequel mashup.

    Prawns arrive to obliterate Earth.

    Crew of Enterprise attempts to intervene.

    Kirk meets Prawn representatives, hears how their people were treated.

    Discovers he likes Prawns better than humans.

    Makes out with hot Prawn babe.

    Discovers she's Wikus.

    Becomes first Starfleet captain to come out of closet.

    Figures, what the hell, I don't have to hide my true feelings anymore: Fuck the Earth. There, I said it.

    Helps Prawns obliterate Earth.

    Marries Wikus on a more civilized planet.

    Happily ever after.

    The End

  • Ben

    I know this is a joke, but this contradicts so much star trek lore that it's making me rage....

  • ,

    Goddamit, Neil, Christopher said three years.

  • Frank

    What if we are all actually living in the Matrix 4 right now?

  • lowercase_ryan

    Do not do anything with Attack The Block. What did Cindy say? You struck gold, you don't need glitter on top.

    Same goes for Blade Runner.

  • Blake

    Ghost Busters 3???

  • MikeRoorda

    I thought that The Watch was our shitty US adaptation of Attack the Block?!? If it wasn't, and we can get a real one, all our own and without Ben Stiller's shitty stupid face in it, I'll pony up my $10.

    I almost don't WANT an Anchorman sequel. The first one has reached a cultural status similar to Dumb and Dumber where the memories of its greatness probably outstrip the actual material as well as serve to cripple any efforts to continue the story. When I first got a job in broadcasting I was destitute and drifting aimlessly through my mid twenties. It was such a relief to get the "you start on monday" call that I went out and bought a bottle of scotch with my last dollars, rented Anchorman and watched it twice in a row while getting shitfaced to celebrate. Nothing that comes after will live up to that memory.

  • pumpkin

    [insert requisite Electric Boogaloo comment here]

  • You cross Blade Runner off that list right fucking now.

  • logan

    Agreed. There should be a law against re-making perfectly good movies. Blade Runner is still epic. it made my kid think 20 years after its release.

    Anyone who re-makes good movies should be put in stocks and abused in public for 8 hours a day for as long as their movie is in a theater.

  • As much love as I have for District 9 and Attack The Block, some movies just don't need sequels. I'd much rather see Blomkamp and Cornish apply their skills to new stories at this point.

    Weirdly I think Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is the most exciting prospect here, which is really weird for like the 12th movie in the franchise.

  • Agreement on each point. In fact, after my recent binge on online bootlegs of the Rome series, I'm considering setting up altars to several ancient Roman gods in hopes that an American remake of Attack The Block never happens. It would be CACK!!!!

  • Attack the Block is just about as perfect as you can get for what it is. Tinkering or remaking or sequelling would fuck it up.

    Speaking of perfect and Attack the Block, what is John Boyega up to? Why haven't I heard of anything else he's been in? And why isn't he in every goddamn movie?

  • toblerone

    Nope... I'm not interested in seeing any of these get sequels.

  • lowercase_ryan

    You obviously never saw 21 Jump Street.

  • toblerone

    I did and NO it doesn't merit a sequel.

  • OMGLookPanda

    You know what I'd love to see? The Professional 2. Show Natalie Portman being a hit woman or something.

  • sean

    She didn't want to do it. Besson turned it into Columbiana.

  • OMGLookPanda

    I never watched Columbiana is it any good? The trailers made it look meh.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    He should ask again. I'm thinking she may be more willing now.

  • gatesong

    Re: Blade Runner, when I read that Scott is speaking with the "original author," I was all "OMG Philip K. Dick isn't dead?? Or maybe, like, it's possible to go talk to him like in Ubik???" But then I realized that you probably meant the author of the original screenplay, and my brief dreams were dashed.

  • katenonymous

    I had the same thought--"Really? Isn't Philip K. Dick dead?" It seems odd to say "original author" instead of "original screenwriter."

  • coryo

    I was thinking necromancer, but maybe I just don't understand how else Ridley Scott's managed to keep his career alive...

  • Katie

    What about Goonies 2???????????

  • Lotney

    <-- me sloth
    Sloth love Chunk!

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