Power Ranking The 10 Bravest, Most Heroic Film Characters In The Past 30 Years

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Power Ranking The 10 Bravest, Most Heroic Film Characters In The Past 30 Years

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | April 9, 2013 | Comments ()

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Are you folks excited for 42? The soul-stirring story of the intrepid Brooklyn Dodgers team executive Branch Rickey. Too long has Rickey's courageous and triumphant story lingered in the dusty annals of history. So brace yourself, folks, for the tale of a lifetime. Of courage and unblinking stoicism. I mean, look at him. This poor, oppressed man. His every pore screams persecution.


He joins the ranks of my other personal film heroes. Their struggles are the stuff of legends.

10. Donald Woods -- Cry Freedom

9. Wikus Van De Merwe -- District 9

8. Louanne Johnson -- Dangerous Minds
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6. & 7. Agents Anderson and Ward -- Mississippi Burning

5. Col. Robert Gould Shaw -- Glory

4. Lt. John J. Dunbar -- Dances With Wolves

3. Skeeter Phelan -- The Help

2. Nathan Algren -- The Last Samurai
The Last Samurai 2.jpg

1. Leigh Anne Tuohy -- The Blind Side

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