Mindhole Blowers: 25 Celebrities You Didn't Realize Were Related By Marriage
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Mindhole Blowers: 25 Celebrities You Didn't Realize Were Related By Marriage

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | July 31, 2013 | Comments ()

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1. David Spade is handbag designer, Kate Spade’s brother-in-law.


2. Giovanni Ribisi is Beck’s brother-in-law.


3. Adam McKay (the writer/director behind most of Will Ferrell’s projects, as well as Funny or Die) is Jeremy Piven’s brother-in-law.


4. Scott Foley is Patrick Wilson’s brother-in-law.


5. Stanley Tucci is Emily Blunt’s brother-in-law.


6. Michael Madsen is the former brother-in-law of Danny Huston (via his marriage to Virginia Madsen).

Virginia+Madsen+Logan+Lerman+LA+Premiere+Number+96N_W1Dxwksl (1).jpg

Michael Madsen- Virginia Madsen-jackSabato Jr.jpg

7. Lorraine Braco is Aiden Quinn’s sister-in-law.



8. Bijou Phillips is married to Danny Masterson, which makes her Christopher Masterson’s sister-in-law, but she is also sister-in-law to Billy Baldwin, who is married to her older sister, Chynna Phillips from Wilson Phillips fame. I suppose that also means that Alec Baldwin is related by marriage to all these people, as well. What I’m saying is, the Mastersons, the Baldwins, and the Phillips are all connected, and probably also run the Illuminati.


9. Patrick Fischler, a name you probably don’t know, but whose face you’ll surely recognize, is the brother-in-law of Julia Louis Dreyfus.


11. Julian McMahon (where’d that guy go?) is the former brother-in-law of Kylie Minogue.


12. Speaking of “Nip/Tuck,” Liam Neeson is Joely Richardson’s brother-in-law, which I suppose makes sense if you knew that Joely Richardson was the sister of Liam’s late wife, Natasha Richardson (I did not). It also makes Vanessa Redgrave the mother in law to Liam Neeson, of course.


13. The late Ricky Nelson was Mark Harmon’s brother-in-law.



14. Joseph Fiennes is also the former brother-in-law of Alex Kingston (River Song!), which also makes sense if you knew that Kingston used to be married to Ralph Fiennes (again, I did not).


15. Rene Russo used to be the sister-in-law of Bernie Taupin, who co-writes Elton John’s music.



15. Juliette Lewis is Ethan Suplee’s sister-in-law.


16. Mia Sara’s father-in-law was Sean Connery.


17. Bobby Cannavale’s father-in-law is direct Sidney Lumet (12 Angry Men, Dog Day Afternoon).


18. Michael Schur (the guy behind “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office”) is Regis Philbin’s son-in-law.


19. Stacey Keach used to be Jane Seymour’s brother-in-law.



20. Ron Howard is Seth Gabel’s father-in-law.



21. Sally Field is the mother-in-law of Yellow Lightspeed Power Ranger, Sasha Craig.


22. Anna-Louise Plowman is another name that may not be familiar to you, though her face is recognizable from a variety of TV and movie roles. Her mother-in-law in Dame Maggie Smith.


23. I guess if I’d thought about this, I’d have put it together, but Diane Lane is Barbra Streisand’s daughter-in-law, although I guess not for much longer (Josh Brolin and Lane have filed for divorce).


24. Dianne Ladd is musician Ben Harper’s mother-in-law (although, again, not for long, as Ben Harper and Ladd’s daughter, Laura Dern, have filed for divorce).



25. I’m including this last one, not because of the in-law relationship, but because I didn’t know about the marital relationship (I admit, I may be the last person on Earth not to know). But, Clark Gregg is the son in law of Joel Grey, who is originated the role of the Master of Ceremonies in the Broadway production of Caberet. What I didn’t realize, however, is that Gregg is married to Joel’s daughter, Jennifer Grey, of Ferris Bueller fame.


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  • Mildly Racist

    Notice that there are no black celebrities listed. Probably because they're all "brothas" and "sistahs" so I guess it's understood.

  • dregj

    related ?

  • Hempy mchemperson


  • Jack

    All in-laws... not real family...

  • Shawn Carroll

    Funny thing is none of these people are related Lol

  • chiffmonkey

    "Related by marriage" makes no sense. It means they aren't related.

  • Shekky

    These people are not related, they're all just inlaws. Not the same thing at all.

  • DKS

    I can't even recognize half of these people let alone who they are related to... I couldn't even follow the article. Wow. Poor placements and even poorer explanations!

  • alyce1213

    Gloria Steinem is Christian Bale's stepmother.

  • JonDelfin

    Curious headline, since you mention a whole lot more than 25 celebrities.

  • hanging out

    What a dumb author. Who doesn't realize Babs Streisand is the MiL of Diane Lane? Besides, this article is lame anyway... in-laws are not "surprising family members," they are in-laws. Dumb!

  • karen sheppeard

    Does anyone know who Tom Cruises' parents are? I've never heard or seen them, does he have any?

  • karen sheppeard

    I always thought Mark Harmon is sooo handsome, and Tom Cruise looks alot like he could be his son.....

  • sexyeyes012

    I am literally ctfu at all of this....not one person here is related by blood....they're all 'in-law's'......I mean, so what!!!!!!

  • Shelly Platz

    don't know who half these people are!

  • Jemmer

    By marriage relations are not as "mindhole-blowing" as families that produce actors naturally.

  • Gemini

    I would have said Jennifer Grey of "Dirty Dancing" fame...

  • Walter

    In-laws don't count. Besides with the musical chairs so many of them play, it's all a flash in the pan.

  • OhPrincessSaRaH

    Jennifer Grey of "Ferris Beuller" fame?! How about Dirty Dancing...

  • MegFlowers

    if you type former, I would think they are NOT related.

  • Audrey Fine

    and christa miller is susan st. james' niece

  • P!nk

    Jessica Capshaw is stepdaughter of Steven Spielberg

  • Jason


  • Guest

    this was annoying, I thought it was going to be blood relatives, not a bunch of in-laws.

  • Sue

    Actor Bruce Dern is Laura derns Father and Ex-Husband of Diane Ladd.

  • Jacob

    brother in law is NOT related. Massively misleading article.

  • Suzu

    Aw, you missed my favorite--ominous silver-haired Dateline reporter Keith Morrison is Matthew Perry's stepfather. Could there *be* a family that asks more rhetorical questions?

  • Stephen Nein

    Hollywood is notoriously incestuous.

  • mike_thoms

    Friggin' scientologists.

  • duckandcover

    I had to look up why Alex Kingston would ever not be married to Ralph Fiennes.

    .. and it was because he cheated on her.


  • e jerry powell

    So many $cientologists on this list!

    Also, I guess this means that the two younger Phillips girls are doubly related to their own father (in a very creepy, perverted and incestuous way). At least Mackenzie Phillips has been content in singlehood (and recovery) for a while.

    (Oh, and if you're wondering, Julian McMahon has been virtually imprisoned in my imaginary sex dungeon since sometime in 2010.)

    It's too bad that Barbra will be losing Diane Lane as a step-daughter-in-law, but now that there's gay marriage in 8 states, maybe she'll be getting a son-in-law through Jason Gould at some point, as will Sally Field through Sam Greisman.

  • e jerry powell

    Dustin, darling, I know you're more about pop culture than theater, but come on; Michael Redgrave. Corin Redgrave. Vanessa Redgrave. Lynn Redgrave. Vanessa's bisexual ex-husband Tony Richardson. Now the Richardson girls hadn't worked together since they were children (1968's The Charge of the Light Brigade, directed by their father), but both of them had each worked a fair amount with their mother (Natasha in The White Countess and Evening, and Joely in Wetherby, the aforementioned "Nip/Tuck," and, just two years ago, Anonymous). Around the time of Natasha's death, much was made in the media about both Joely and Liam Neeson, and, happening as it did late in the run of "Nip/Tuck," the Hollywood rags were also making a lot of hay about Joely's emotional difficulties with returning to work afterwards.

    I loved Natasha Richardson in Gothic. And as Offred.

  • Jifaner

    The Beck- Giovanni Ribisi connection makes perfect sense. I can't picture a better combination of families.

  • alyce1213

    All scientologists.

  • ESharp

    Bobby Cannavale is Sidney Lumet's former son-in-law. But, it still counts!

  • e jerry powell

    True. I was about to say...

    He divorced Jenny Lumet in 2003 (their kid played his druggie son on "Nurse Jackie"). While he was on Broadway doing The Motherfucker with the Hat opposite Chris Rock, he was dating Sutton Foster. Before that and a little bit after his divorce from Jenny he was with Annabella Sciorra.

    He broke up with Foster last year, and he's been making the beast with two backs on Rose Byrne of late.

    Information just leaks into my brain and never leaves. I guess I should make the most of it before Alzheimer's kicks in.

  • Nic

    Jennifer Gray is famous for her role in Dirty Dancing, mostly. (another thing you didn't know?)

  • MG of IL

    Jennifer Gray's looks really changed after plastic surgery - most people don't recognize photos of her today.

  • babykangarootribbiani

    what;s truly sad is how much of this i knew already....

  • e jerry powell

    Me too.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    That's Jennifer Grey? She doesn't look like herself anymore.

    I also think that Giovanni Ribisi must have been dead at least a month before that picture was taken.

  • kirbyjay

    Casey Affleck is married to Joaquin Phoenix's sister. I'm assuming that they were introduced when CA and JF were in To Die For. So that makes Ben and Joaquin brother-in-law-in-laws

  • TheEmpress

    And Casey brother-in-law to the late great River Phoenix.

  • misslucyjane

    If you want to follow Clark Gregg on twitter, @clarkgregg, sometimes he talks about Jennifer and it's completely adorable.

  • Bert_McGurt

    I just discovered that Retta's (Donna on Parks and Rec) aunt-in-law is (or was) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the President of Liberia.

  • Wigamer

    Just stopping by to say thank you for including a picture of my boyfriend Ben Harper--he is most gorgeous.

  • jmd

    Don't forget Sasha Alexander of NCIS and Rizzoli and Isles - she is married to Eduardo Ponti, whose parents are Carlo Ponti and.. (wait for it) Sophia Loren. Imagine her as your mother-in-law!

  • alyce1213

    Yep, good one.

  • dixiedragon

    Now THAT is cool ... thanks for adding it - I really like her but don't envy THAT Thanksgiving dinner event LOL - since I adore Mark Harmon that one was cool - his Dad won the Heisman Trophy as a Wolverine and the sister referenced - Jackie Kennedy bought one of her paintings (to me that's hotter than being married to Ricky Nelson)

  • MG of IL

    Yes, Harmon is married to Pam Dawber (Mork & Mindy). Harmon's sister was married to Ricky Nelson - she has had some hard times. Also his niece is actress Tracy Nelson and twin nephews (musicians) - children of Ricky and Kris Harmon Nelson.

  • melancholicmess

    You beat me to it! I was wondering why they hadn't included that one in when yes, it's Sophia Loren. It's like the biggest deal of all!

  • Irina

    Emily Blunt actually introduced Stanley Tucci to her sister. She worked with Tucci on The Devil Wears Prada, she thought he'd hit it off with her sis, and he did. On the other side of the coin, his wife had died of cancer only a year before, and he is 20 years older than his current wife.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Is it weird that while the wide age gaps will sometimes bug me, I totally don't care when it's Tucci? I was just all, "Don't care, it's Tucci."

  • Arran

    Age gaps don't really bug me much as long as the younger of the pair was mature when they got together. For example, Amber Tamblyn and David Cross have a large age gap, but she was 25 when they hooked up. Or George Lucas may have just married someone over 20 years his junior, but she's middle-aged (and incredibly accomplished) herself. James Woods hooking up with a 20-year-old, though? Ugh.

  • Buellie413

    This blew my mind recently-Mia Sara's current father-in-law is the late Jim Henson.

  • MG of IL

    Yeah, I didn't realize that either. I had recently read of her marriage/divorce with Connery's son.

  • BWeaves

    If you want a real lesson in cross breeding, rent Carrie Fisher's "Wishful Drinking." She does a fantastic bit, complete with flowchart, of her family tree, just to decide if two younguns who are dating, are performing incest or not.

  • emmalita

    One of my favorite one woman shows. I swear I lost friends by kidnapping them and tying them to a chair with their eyelids held open so that they would watch it. Too far?

  • DirectorR

    <meh> The show is too necessary...

  • BWeaves

    Too far.

  • MrsAtaxxia

    "You are related by scandal" OH GOD that bit is so good.

  • lowercase_ryan

    My fucking head hurts.

  • minxy

    Jennifer Grey looks so different now I would never have recognized her.

  • Modernlove

    I do not know what to make of the fact that River Song was married to Voldemort. And, if it makes you feel better, only realized the Clark Gregg/Jennifer Grey thing about a week ago. Never knew Joel was her father until today!

  • Sara_Tonin00

    these are intriguing, but would be more info-tastic if they included the connecting person - the cream in the relationship Oreo, if you will.

  • Bedewcrock

    The cream for Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patrick Fischer is Lauren Bowles. She's Louis-Dreyfus's half sister and also plays Holly in True Blood.

  • Ashley Wilson

    Agree with @disqus_Fgc7ZyNZSQ:disqus -- This was more interesting to me than anything on the list above.

  • heatseeker

    Oh now there's a mindblower all on its own. Had no idea that that actress was JLD's sister OR that she was married to Patrick Fischer.

  • The interesting parts of many of these relationships were definitely left out.

  • delle

    I'm less sad about it being not as info-tastic than I am much, much more sad about not seeing a picture of Jeremy Piven.

  • JenVegas

    "Jennifer Grey, of Ferris Bueller fame" Uh wha? Who ARE you? Of Dirty Dancing fame, thank you very much. Sheeeeeeeeesh.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Seriously. I like Ferris Bueller more, but I still know Jennifer Grey's main claim is Dirty Dancing.

    Charlie Sheen, however, will never be known as anything other than, "That druggie in Ferris Bueller who clearly smelled of ass and heroin." Because principles, that's why.

  • kirbyjay

    Charlie Sheen was Paula Abdul's brother-in-law and almost Demi Moore's ( engagement broken to Lil Emilio)
    Joel Grey also won and Oscar for Cabaret besides starring in the Broadway show.
    Hilary Swank was Rob Lowe's sister-in-law.

  • MG of IL

    Didn't Paula actually date Charlie Sheen?

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    No one leaves Baby off a list!

  • Words right out of my mouth.

  • ultragirl77

    Jennifer Grey, of Ferris Bueller fame? She was also Baby!

  • Emily Deavenport Rennie

    That's what I was thinking! Why go with Ferris Bueller and not Dirty Dancing!

  • Because Dustin is a dork. Who we love.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Because Dustin is a dork. Who we love.put up with.

  • And make fun of constantly.

  • BLA

    The scientology inbreeding alone could fill up another list.

  • IngridToday

    I don't get scientology, it's such a out there religous beliefs, that some guy literally came up with a few decades ago. I just amazed how many celebrities are in it. Everything about L. Ron Hubbard? Aliens? Tom Cruise? None of those things raise a red flag?

    Sidenote: Julian whatever (from Nip/Tuck) has weird eye brows. They were too short and looked overly manicured.

  • Arran

    Yeah, a belief system made up of implausible, fantastical stories and counterintuitive "rules"! As if anyone would fall for THAT.

  • KristenfromMA

    But unlike all of the other belief systems, you're required to pay thousands of dollars before you're told the implausible, fantastical stories. At least the others tell you upfront, and for free.

  • Threesnapps

    except Mormonism :-)

  • KristenfromMA

    Milk before meat. ;)

  • Ashley Wilson

    Ugh! When he was on Nip/Tuck, I had the BIGGEST crush on him. Wish he'd do something else kickass. :(

  • linnyloo

    Well, it doesn't hurt that part of Hubbard's plan was to deliberately target celebrities, give them oodles of extras, and get them to admit to their innermost secrets during auditing. And a lot of those people on the list are second gen Scientologists who probably got a leg up due to their parent's connections in Hollywood.

    I'm a psychologist, and it tickles me to no end that Scientologists think I'm the devil. Well, a lesser devil -- I'm not a psychiatrist -- but it still gives me glee.

  • emmalita

    As it should.

  • I didn't know that Josh Brolin was The Streisand's step-son. I've learned so much today!

  • dixiedragon

    but she's married to James Brolin (Streisand) -isn't she? so a) of course he's her stepson and b) it's the Brolin's not the Streisands - right?

  • EdwinDroom

    Wrong - it's the Brolins. The Streisand means Barbara. Hence the singular - Streisand's - not Streisands' step-son.

  • cruzzercruz

    I once worked as a PA, chauffeuring Stanley Tucci, and he asked me to take his (then) fiance to her sister's place. An elevator ride later and I was face to face with Emily Blunt and John Krasinski in their living room. So regal.

  • DuBois

    If you're in touch with ST, please tell him that I say that "Big Night" should have been nominated for and won the Oscar for Best Picture.

    (It's a great movie, people... if you haven't seen it, you're missing out.)

  • Arran

    That final, silent scene, all in a single shot, is goddamn amazing and heartbreaking. Great movie.

  • loo shag brolley

    It's on Netflix!

  • heatseeker

    Agreed, a thousand times agreed.

  • Three_nineteen

    I own Big Night on VHS. It is great.

  • John W

    So..much..info...to ...process.

    No wonder everyone in Hollywood is so pretty, they keep marrying each other.

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