Like A Fine Wine: 11 Women Who Only Got Better With Age

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | January 24, 2012 |

Julianne Moore: I know. The 80s were really really unkind to women and their hair.
Julianne Moore.jpg

Tina Fey: Fey owns her unfortunate youth (an unflattering photo made its way into an episode just last week) but, truly, it's an impressive transformation.
Tin Fey .jpg

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: This may just be a case of JLD hiding her light under over-sized 90s blazers, but I really never thought of Elaine Benes as hot.
Julia Louis Dreyfus.jpg

Gillian Anderson: Oh, have at thee, nerds. Gillian endured a lot of bad hair as Dana Scully. Be grateful I didn't post the bangs.
Gillian Anderson.jpg

Carla Gugino: I mean, in all honesty, these are just degrees of hotness. And while I don't necessarily approve of that "bent at the waist to slenderize my ribcage" post, Gugino is more scorching than ever.
Carla Gugino.jpg

Connie Britton: "Spin City"-era Connia Britton was cute as a button, but it was only as Coach's wife that she unlocked the power of that mane of hair.
Connie Britton.jpg

Julianna Margulies: Beautiful as Nurse Hathaway but downright sizzling as Alicia Florrick.
Julianna Margulies.jpg

Mary Louise Parker: I'm a little tired of Mary Louise Parker and her cheesecake "Weeds" ads, but holy hell I did not see this coming when I watched Fried Green Tomatoes and Boys On The Side on a loop.
Mary Louise Parker.jpg

Kyra Sedgwick: Look how sweet she was. Look how ridiculously gorgeous she is now. That's what a daily intake of Bacon will do for you.
Kyra Sedgwick.jpg

Marisa Tomei: To me, the crinkles around Tomei's eyes are the sexiest thing about her.
Marisa Tomei.jpg

Stacey Dash: Vampire. Clearly.

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