If We Were to Cast a Celebrity Actor "American Idol," This Would Be Our Winner and The Top 12

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | December 3, 2012 | Comments ()


Reality shows are always doing either celebrity editions, or peppering their contestant pools with celebrities, although once you add celebrities into the contestant mix, the shows tend to slide in subsequent seasons without them. With the exception of the judges, guest performers, and contestants, however, reality singing competitions eschew celebrities, for good reason, I suppose, since the contestant are supposed to be amateurs. But why not make an exception and have, say, a celebrity cycle of "American Idol." The ratings would be through the roof and, more importantly, in the long-term, it'd probably kill the show. Yay!

Now, if they were to have a celebrity edition of "American Idol," this is how I'd cast it, and -- based on a combination of singing talent, stage presence, and charisma -- this is how I'd predict "American Idol: Dustin's Celebrity Edition" would go down.

I've limited my choices ONLY to live celebrity performances where their voices are not processed to get a better feel for the contestants' raw talent.

The Top 12

12. Nick Offerman

11. Rosario Dawson

10. The Robert Downey Jr. and Wayne Brady Experience

9. Michael Fassbender

8. Stana Katic

7. Jensen Ackles

6. Neil Patrick Harris

5. Hugh Jackman

The Final 4

4. Anna Kendrick

3. Anne Hathaway

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The Winner

1. Mandy Patinkin

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