Here's Where I Attempt to Turn the Cast of "Rectify," the Best New Drama of the Year, Into Sex Symbols, So More People Will Watch

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Here's Where I Attempt to Turn the Cast of "Rectify," the Best New Drama of the Year, Into Sex Symbols, So More People Will Watch

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | May 16, 2013 | Comments ()


I have talked, at length, about the new drama, "Rectify," a six-episode series currently airing on Sundance, which was also recently renewed for a second season. I called it the Best New Drama of the year, and I stand by that. I want you to watch it. I want everyone to watch it, because it is amazing, and soulful, and heartbreaking.

But I understand the reality of the Internet. Sometimes, words just can't do the heavy lifting that pictures can. If my enthusiasm and praise for "Rectify" hasn't rubbed off yet, maybe I can encourage you to check the series out by appealing to your, uh, baser instincts.

Here's a young Aiden Young ("Rectifiy's" lead, Daniel Holden) in between a young Russell Crowe and Simon Baker.


Here's Aiden Young from a movie called Shotgun Wedding.


Here's Aiden Young looking like a Mainer.


Here's Abigail Spencer, who plays Daniel Holden's sister, Amantha, hanging out with Katee Sackhoff.


You may known Spencer from "Mad Men," "Suits," or "Burning Love."






Clayne Crawfold plays Daniel's step brother, Ted, Jr.. who is a clean-cut and smarmy, Southern douche.


You might know him from "24," or "Jericho," or as Lance from "Justified."


He has remarkable range of facial hair.






Here's Luke Kirby, who you may know from Take This Waltz with Michelle Williams.


He was also in the greatest Canadian television series of all time, "Slings and Arrows."


He's responsible for many a lady boner.




Finally, here's Adelaide Clemens. She plays Tawney, who is Ted Jr.s' wife, a straight-laced Christian woman who also may have a crush on Daniel.


You may have seen her recently in The Great Gatsby.



Here she is with Jon Snow in Silent Hill: Revelation.



She looks good with a gun, or in a dress.



How'd I do? You're going to watch now, right? "Rectify" is on the Sundance channel, and re-airs on AMC after "Mad Men."

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  • James

    Adelaide Clemens, another Michelle Williams/Carey Mullingan lookalike

  • Suzy Lee

    I discovered Clayne Crawford in the movie "The Perfect Host" and I still remember it. Not because the movie was great (interesting idea, disappointingly executed), but because of the opening scene with Crawford in a glorious white shirt (I didn't mind the occasional shirtlessness too) to the sound of "Wannabe in L.A." All I could think of was I want to go to there. And I'm not talking about L.A.
    So yeah, I'm DEFINITELY going to give Rectify a try.

  • John W

    IFC has done two great shows back to back: Rectify and Top of The Lake. I hope we can expect more.

  • missinga

    Rectify is excellent, watch it, if i say anything i am afraid of being spoilerize.

  • birdgal

    I could watch Aiden Young silently emote all day--he is just so damn mesmerizing in this show. I don't think Rectify would have been renewed if not for him as Daniel Holden, he was cast absolutely perfectly. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love this show even if it is somewhat slow moving, but I think part of the reason is that Aiden Young was born to play this role.

  • ironjohn

    I'll watch for the "Slings and Arrows" shoutout.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I LOVE Slings and Arrows!

    How was that?

    I wanted to throttle a swan...

  • koko temur

    Do all hot australians know each other?

  • koko temur

    adelaide clemans also seduced benedict cumberbatch in parade's end.

    Why dont you call us "shallow horny perverts" to our face, dustin? Dont be polite about it.

    * watches CapAss with air of indignation*

  • JJ

    "But I understand the reality of the Internet. Sometimes, words just can’t do the heavy lifting that pictures can."

    If you feel so strongly about it, why not give us a full review instead of a single paragraph in an SRL that doesn't even provide the premise of the show? Why give us what is going to be the first of several posts every day here that is just "attractive" people photos? Words are supposed to do the heavy lifting because every show has pretty people on it. And pretty doesn't guarantee good performances.

  • Words instead of pictures? This is the American Internet, gramps. Enjoy your VCR.

  • JJ

    Now that you mention it, another in a list of many homogeneous, vaguely attractive white people becomes dulling in the same way a blinking "12:00" did.

  • pajiba

    Good morning, JJ!

  • JJ

    There, I found it. Don't know why you wouldn't hyperlink back to this:

  • Siege

    Clayne Clawfold, hmm? I've seen him in all kinds of things over the years, and he's always hot. Maybe I'll give this show a try after all.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Holy shit, Jon Snow was in a Silent Hill movie?!

    Is that why he's always looking nervous in GoT? All that snow reminds him of that terrible, evil town/movie he found himself once in.

  • tmoney

    Abigail Spencer rubs me the wrong way, and I can't figure out why. To the point that, if she was cast in a movie I really wanted to see, I would have a hard time watching the movie. I'm going to blame Ted Mosby.

  • Amy

    I didn't hate her on Burning Love, but in this sequence of photos, I just want to smack her in that slack jaw.

  • Great! Now add that scene of Daniel sitting in his room with a magazine, and then the diner scene from Take This Waltz.

  • Kathleen Allen

    or nekid daniel with the feather pillow.

  • Michelle Williams and Adelaide Clemens in the same slideshow? WE'RE AT THE CORNER OF FIRST AND FIRST HERE!

    Also, "Rectify" is fantastic. Everyone watch it.

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