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Get Bent: 47 Of Hollywood's Loveliest Leading Ladies in Drag

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | February 1, 2013 | Comments ()

Final Arterton.jpg

Final Barrymore.jpg

Final Bell.jpg

Final Bellucci.jpg

Final Beyonce.jpg

Final Binoche.jpg

Final Bosworth .png

Final Cotillard.jpg

Final Deitrich .jpg

Final Deschanel.jpg

Final Dunst .jpg

Final Fey.jpg

Final Gillan.jpg

Final Green.jpg

Final Gyllenhaal .jpg

Final Hathaway .jpg

Final Heard.jpg

Final Jones.jpg

Final Keaton.jpg

Final Knightley .jpg

Final Kruger.jpg

Final Laurent .jpg

Final Leigh.jpg

Final Lewis.jpg

Final Lilly.jpg

Final Monae.jpg

Final Page.jpg

Final Perabo.png

Final Pfieffer.jpg

Final Piper.jpg

Final Plaza.jpg

Final Rapace.jpg

Final Rosselini.jpg

Final Ryder.jpg

Final Saldana 2 .jpg

Final Silverstone.jpg

Final SWINTON.jpg

Final Tatou.jpg

Final Theron.jpg

Final Von Teese.jpg

Final Watson.jpg

Final Weisz.jpg

Final Wiig.jpg

Final Winslet.jpg

Final Wood.jpg

Final Zeta-Jones.jpg

Much inspiration and a few photos taken from the amazing Dorothy Surrenders. Send her some love.

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