8 TV Birthday Parties We Wish We Were Cool Enough to Be Invited to
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8 TV Birthday Parties We Wish We Were Cool Enough to Be Invited to

By Nadia Chaudhury | Seriously Random Lists | April 17, 2014 | Comments ()


Birthdays are mostly an excuse to make the day all about yourself, which is really the best. (The fact that I’m writing about birthdays on my birthday? TOTAL COINCIDENCE.) Here are some TV birthday celebrations I really wish I could’ve crashed, I mean, been invited to.

Rory Gilmore’s 16th Birthday
The fun one in Stars Hollow with face cake, not the fancy-pants one in Hartford.

Nate Fisher’s 40th Birthday
This surprise birthday party is foreboding as hell, but I love it if only for the following scene:

Nate Archibald’s 16th Birthday
Because a city-wide game of Assassin sounds awesome. Nate would’ve been my first target.

Jessica Day’s 32nd Birthday
A disaster of a birthday is saved with a surprise celebration at the movie theater, a homemade video, and two (!!!) cakes.

Troy Barnes’ 21st Birthday
Learning that you’re actually a year older than you think you are is awful, and having to be the responsible one by driving your drunk friends home is even worse, but being a good friend? That’s priceless. I GUESS.

April Ludgate’s 21st Birthday
Again, birthdays = drinking and silly dancing.

Tina Belcher’s 13th Birthday
Turning 13 isn’t as memorable as a Sweet 16, but it can be, if you get your dad to shave his moustache so your crush can come and slow-dance with you and give you your first kiss in a burger place lit by a disco ball while surrounded by middle school classmates and transvestites named Marshmallow.

Tami Taylor’s 30-something Birthday
Coach tries to throw the ideal birthday for Tami, complete with a hotel room and without a visit to Applebee’s, but duty calls her away. I’d take her place, though.

For Nadia Chaudhury’s birthday, she went horseback riding, ate BBQ, got the Friday Night Lights box-set, and will go to a dinner to be determined tonight.

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  • madderrose74

    Buffy's 17th birthday-- she got an arm in a box, and there were noisemakers, and dip.

  • kirbyjay

    How bout Hyde's 18th where Red has to track him down and threaten a foot in the ass to get him to his party, and Kitty knits him a sweater with "Steven" on it and Red makes him wear it. Good times!

  • Jeb

    No Darlene, no mention of Roseanne anywhere! The outrage! Happy birthday.

  • Cree83

    Nate Fisher's birthday was pretty depressing. I mean, the character had always been kind of an asshole, but I don't think it was until his birthday that I realized how much I had come to dislike him.

  • Ruby Guggenheim

    YAY BIRTHDAYS! It's my birthday today too. Happy birthday!

  • BlackRabbit

    Tomorrow is my birthday so happy birthday to both of you and happy future birthday to me!

  • Ruby Guggenheim

    Happy almost birthday!

  • BlackRabbit

    Thank you! If I'd been cleverer (or less tipsy) then I'd have quoted Cabaret. "Tomorrow belongs to meeeee!"

  • emilya

    thumbs up for the box set gift. double thumbs up for including the only birthday in history of fnl- i'm excluding gracie belle's birth because that does not count. happiest of birthdays nadia!

  • Bert_McGurt

    I love that a guy named Coach factors into the parties in (at least) 25% of this list.

    "...and will go to a dinner to be determined tonight."

    Let this be my birthday advice to you Nadia - you don't need to go to dinner to be determined. You can be determined whenever and wherever you like! Happy birthday!

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Also people named Nate!

  • Pat

    Did I tell you I love you for always including Gilmore Girls in your list?
    Happy birthday!

  • chanohack

    Happy birthday!

  • Gigi Agius

    Zou Bisou Bisou?

  • BWeaves

    No, that party was AWKWARD.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Well, Happy Birthday, then.

  • luthien26

    No Joffrey's name day? ;)

  • NateMan

    I don't remember if we've ever really seen one, but I want to attend Sterling Archer's birthday. There's always the chance for a 3way between me, Cheryl, and a non-coked out Pam.

    And oh yes, Happy Birthday!

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