8 TV Actors We Loved In Shows That Are Not Their Own

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8 TV Actors We Loved In Shows That Are Not Their Own

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | March 18, 2013 | Comments ()


Timothy Olyphant -- "The League": This little FX gem has a fantastic history of guest stars. Jeff Goldblum as Nick Kroll's father may be the best bit of father/son casting I've ever seen. But when ol' Raylan Givens showed up as a laid back, surfer-brah sushi chef, it was pure delight. "Arigatou, Racists" may be my favorite catchphrase of all time.

Carrie Preston -- "The Good Wife": We talk a lot about Elsbeth Tascioni on this site. It's because she's one of the best TV characters on a show you're not paying nearly enough attention to. I don't know if Preston's character is too quirky to hold down her own show, but she's spin-off material if ever I saw it. Preston is fine and dandy on "True Blood" but she's in another class altogether here.

Andrew Rannells -- "Girls": Rannells is, without a doubt, a talented fellow. You need only look at his impressive run in "Book Of Mormon" too see it for yourself. But the hacky writing on "The New Normal" was excruciatingly hard to watch. Rannells was much better served by Lena Dunham's scripts during his guest arc on "Girls." As was often the case this season on that show, the boys got the best material.

Allison Williams -- "The Mindy Project": Speaking of "Girls," I had been having a hard time divorcing Allison Williams from her dreadful, hateful character Marnie. Say what you will about Hannah, I think Marnie is the real villain of that show. But Williams was delightfully dry as Chris Messina's brief flame "Eye Patch" on "The Mindy Project."

Dermot Mulroney -- "New Girl": I tried watching "Enlightened." I really did. In my opinion, the only saving grace in the first season was Luke Wilson. He was pretty much replaced in the second season by Dermot Mulroney who was...well...boring. Thank goodness he'll be back on "New Girl" this April. Fingers crossed "True American" won't be far behind.

Walton Goggins -- "Sons Of Anarchy": This right here made the whole sh*tshow that was Season 5 of "Sons Of Anarchy" worth it. Maybe the best thing I've seen all year.

Mark Duplass -- "The Mindy Project": Everything Duplass touches turns to gold. And as much as I love his bro-y character on "The League," his smarmy midwife Brendan Deslaurier his comedic gold. I hope he and his brother Jay stick around for the entirety of "The Mindy Project"'s run.

Matthew Perry -- "The Good Wife": Matthew Perry has been punching below his weight all season on NBC's "Go On." If the promos for next week's "The Good Wife" are any indication, however, he'll be back in fine form. It's not quite Sorkin, but it's close.

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