8 Reasons Why You Should Get Off Your *ss And Watch "Shameless" Already

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | January 14, 2013 |

John Cusack's Sister: Joan Cusack is in fine comedic form. All gangly limbs and pop-eyes, she's a comedy combustion engine.

The Hairier Half Of Filliam H. Muffman: I was worried that Macy was slumming a bit when he took this role. But he's obviously thrown his whole heart into the thing, and somewhere under all the stumbling, slurring and various bodily fluids is the calibre of performance we've come to expect from him.

The Neighbors: If they were going to build an ad campaing around anyone's body, it really should have been Shanola Hampton's. Damn, that is some Vergara-level smolder. I also enjoy the h*ll out of Kevin played by Steve Howey who was last seen in "Reba" reruns on "Lifetime: Television For Women Who Forgot To Change The Channel After Watching 'Frasier' Reruns."

The Gay Gallagher: Max from "Happy Endings" gets a lot of credit for being an atypical gay TV character (whatever that means). So if we're handing out "not stereotypically swishy" accolades, then save one for Cameron Monaghan's Ian.

The Smart Gallagher: If you're looking for an under the radar TV crush, may I suggest Lip Gallagher? This one's a little on the short side, but baby he's got it.

The Sick Gallagher: I don't know if this kid is actually a good actor, but I do know he gives me the creeping heebie jeebies, and I'm pretty sure that's exactly what they're going for.

The Cute Gallagher: Deb Gallagher has always been the sweet one and I'm really worried that as she goes through puberty, they'll try to turn her into the second hot one. I'm not ready for that.

The Hot Gallagher: Because this here is the reigning hotness champ. But that's not all. Emmy Rossum is, in fact, completely winning on this show. And, contrary to the ad campaign, they mostly try to cover up her hotness with stuff like this:
Or this:
But, yes, sometimes she looks like this. And ain't nothing wrong with that.

I snagged the full episode via Vulture. You can also check out the "Californication" premiere here.

And if you don't like the show, well, no skin off my nose.

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