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7 Supporting TV Characters More Deserving Of A Spin-Off Than That Sassmouth Deb Morgan

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | April 23, 2013 | Comments ()

Dickie Bennett -- "Justified": Along with Dewey Crowe, of course. This kid hopped his way into my heart long ago and as much as I loved this last season of "Justified," it was sorely lacking in the Bennett department.

Nancy Crozier -- "The Good Wife": Mamie Gummer (aka Meryl Streep's daughter) popped up this week and, dammit all, I love her madly. I'd be so happy to see a spin-off featuring all of the antagonistic lawyers we've seen over the years on "The Good Wife." That's right, Michael J. Fox and Martha Plimpton, I'm looking at you.

Chalky White -- "Boardwalk Empire": I think we can all agree that Michael K. Williams has been pretty wasted on HBO's period drama. And I think we all know he has MUCH much more in him. As interesting as the world of white gangsters in New Jersey is, I'd be very interested to see the goings on of the non-white residents (criminal and non).

Alice Morgan -- "Luther": Okay basically my proposal is this: there is never a length of time when either "Sherlock" or some form of "Luther" aren't on the air. If we need an "Alice" spin-off to make my year round morbid Brit-crime fantasy a reality, then so be it.

Garth Blundin -- "Parks & Recreation": As delightful as Patton Oswalt was on "Justified" this year, his cartoonish energy fit the world of Pawnee so much better. I'd love to see more of this.

Felix -- "Orphan Black": Oh god this kid is amazing. I'm worried that as they go deeper into the mythology/science of the show he'll be edged out, plotwise. Should that ever be the case, Fee, my dear. Get yourself your own show. I'd watch the sh*t out of it.

Daryl Dixon -- "The Walking Dead": Don't spoil it for me, comic book readers, but in my dream world, Rick dies a horrible, violent death and Daryl is the new leader of the pack. If that doesn't happen, I say Daryl packs up his poncho and snags his own show. Leave the moping to someone else.

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