5 Things You May Not Know About the Next Man of Steel, Henry Cavill
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5 Things You May Not Know About the Next Man of Steel, Henry Cavill

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | May 5, 2013 | Comments ()


Henry Cavill -- who will appear this summer on Zack Snyder's Man of Steel -- turns 30 today, and despite the fact that he landed one of the most iconic roles in cinema history, I didn't know a lot about the guy except for the fact that he was in Stardust and "The Tudors" (and The Immortals, more recently). Because I didn't watch much of "The Tudors," he'd never entered my radar that much until he was cast in Man of Steel. If, like me, you're a bit on the oblivious side, here's 5 facts about Cavill.


1. Did you know, however, that this is not the first time he was up for Superman? In fact, he was the front-runner for Superman Begins, but when McG vacated the project in favor of Bryan Singer, he was replaced by Brandon Routh.

2. He was also the frontrunner to replace Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond franchise, and in fact, Martin Campbell -- the director -- preferred him, but the producers chose the older Daniel Craig. He is still interested in replacing Daniel Craig once he leaves the series.


3. Likewise, he was the frontrunner for two roles that would eventually go to Robert Pattinson: Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter franchise and Edward Cullen in Twilight (in fact, Cavill was Stephenie Meyers' choice to play Cullen). I can see it based on this picture, although I wish I could not.


Cavill was offered the role of Carlisle Cullen, but declined.

4. Cavill is fluent in French, and also speaks Italian and Spanish very well.

5. He is dating Gina Carano.


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  • taheen

    He also plays World of Warcraft (he revealed this in an interview).

  • Alex

    I find it kind of funny that he's been up for a lot of well known roles.

  • Casanova Frankenstein

    its ioronic but kind of heartening to see how many near misses he endured before finally landing.. possibly THE biggest role on earth.

    that probly instills an unshakeable sense of humility in him.. one befitting of an immigrant who grewup on a small farm out in the middle of nowhere

    career wise.. skys the limit from here

  • Halo4able

    Gina carano would SUCK as wonder women

  • Kieran Mathieson

    All the more reason to why Gina Carano NEEDS to become Wonder Woman!

  • Gerardo

    Gina Carano aka Wonder Woman!!! Hope that is revealed in MOS.....

  • guy incognito

    superman is literally dating wonder woman

  • kimk

    Back in the day, he was one of the hosts (I think that is what it is called, the guy who shows you to your table?) at a cafe I used to go to a lot (In West Hollywood). He had sort of longish, mullet-ey hair at the time, so when folks told me later on that he was the new Superman my first response was (in Michael Bluth voice) "him?". But, yeah, I definitely see it now. Extra points for dating Pajiba 5 fave Gina Carano.

  • 6. He should never wear a shirt.

  • Mrs. Julien

    You are a scholar and a gentlewoman. Also? Awesome.

  • APOCooter

    I hate this man. No one should have a jaw that chiseled, a British accent, and be able to speak four languages. It makes it too hard for the rest of us.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Yeah it does.

  • firedmyass


  • Mrs. Julien

    Could not one of these have been "He's allergic to shirts"?




    He has a beard in the first set of pictures, e jerry powell.

    I think the floor is now open to nominations for new additions to the Pajiba 10 pantheon.

  • He's apparently gotten 'always a bridesmaid, never a bride' down pat, eh? Good on him for snagging Gina Carano, though. She's smoking hot and she's an asskicker, there is nothing to not like there.

  • Robert Matthews

    Oh, those two need to have a bunch of babies tout de suite.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    So, until recently, he's been playing second fiddle to other guys? Sounds reasonable. My eyes glaze over every time I see his face, and then I forget what he looks like.

  • PDamian

    He's awful purty ... but there's no there, there. I saw him in The Tudors and Immortals, and he didn't impress me in either. He's a competent actor, but more than a little charisma-challenged. I doubt I'll see Man of Steel, unless someone tells me he was more than his usual competent, bland self.

  • Gerardo

    I agree he can't act (watch one he did with Bruce Willis, and I was very disappointed), but Synder has made a stellar cast in Man of Steel to back him up.
    I am very excited to see Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburn, Also, with screenplay by David Goyer, Nolan producing (other than TDK Trilogy, he has had Memento, Inception, The Prestige, Insomnia), and Zack Snyder's visuals (one of the best visual directors in the industry)....... there are a whole bunch of reasons to see Man of Steel.
    I'm concerned with Cavills acting for MOS, but the other reasons mention above are more than enough to see the movie.

  • raph

    i havent seen the movie but from the trailers lol it seems like good enough acting for a superhero flick. with al lthe other oscar winners at his side it cant be a bad movie.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I was going to ask since when Kevin Costner was considered "stellar", but he plays Pa Kent and that is right in Costner's earnest Middle American wheelhouse, all laconic and sincere.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Competent bland. Agreed.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I fear you are correct.

  • Eve

    Agree with everything you've said, minus the "he's a competent actor" part. In my opinion, Cavill can't act his way out a wet paper bag. I'm also annoyed by the fact they (producers/media/his PR team) keep pushing him down my throat as the next big movie star. Sorry, but this one is NO leading man material.

    If I end up watching "Man of Steel" (I don't think I will though), it'll be in spite of his presence.

  • Bedewcrock

    I feel this way about Armie Hammer.

  • AM

    I also know many interesting things about Mr. Cavill. He is from the Island of Jersey, in the English Channel. He played poor sweet Stephen in I Capture the Castle (read it, people!) and it's like, how could she NOT want to kiss that guy?!?!?! And he had a small role in that version of The Count of Monte Cristo with the guy who played Jesus. Plus, he's actually pocket-sized, they just make him stand reeeeally close to the camera.

  • chanohack

    I watched The Count of Monte Cristo the other day as part of my TOTALLY LEGIT research for my upcoming trip to France, and it's ridiculous that anyone in that movie thought that Cavill's character is Fernand's son when he looks EXACTLY like Edmond. (I don't consider that a spoiler. Because COME ON.) Then my boyfriend, who pays no attention whatsoever to casting news or trailers, said, "That kid looks like Superman." I showed him the trailer and he was pretty surprised and pleased.

    If nothing else, he certainly looks the part.

  • Jim

    Pocket-sized? He's 6ft1in - good LORD how tall are you Americans? You're bring bred into super-tall giants aren't you, AREN'T YOU???? OMG I have to tell our leader! Mme Celine!

  • atoz15

    6). He is smoking hot.
    oh wait we all have eyes

  • Mrs. Julien

    Somebody down-voted having eyes?

  • Green_Eggs_and_Hamster

    Do you know how upsetting it is to listen to the text to speech feature on these interwebs and have someone carelessly just assume we all have eyes. The blind are people too you know.

  • Langolyer

    Blind people technically has eyes too, its just doesn't work...

  • Shut Up Already

    I lost one of my eyes in a freak accident. These biocular normative comments are very hurtful.

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