5 Things You May Not Know About the Next Man of Steel, Henry Cavill

1. Did you know, however, that this is not the first time he was up for Superman? In fact, he was the front-runner for Superman Begins, but when McG vacated the project in favor of Bryan Singer, he was replaced by Brandon Routh.

2. He was also the frontrunner to replace Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond franchise, and in fact, Martin Campbell -- the director -- preferred him, but the producers chose the older Daniel Craig. He is still interested in replacing Daniel Craig once he leaves the series.


3. Likewise, he was the frontrunner for two roles that would eventually go to Robert Pattinson: Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter franchise and Edward Cullen in Twilight (in fact, Cavill was Stephenie Meyers' choice to play Cullen). I can see it based on this picture, although I wish I could not.


Cavill was offered the role of Carlisle Cullen, but declined.

4. Cavill is fluent in French, and also speaks Italian and Spanish very well.

5. He is dating Gina Carano.


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