11 Heir Apparent Brit Actors to Hugh Grant's Hair

By Agent Bedhead | Seriously Random Lists | November 7, 2012 |

Tom Sturridge: This guy was actually rumored to be the next Hugh Grant three years ago, but his defiant insistence upon using a scrunchie may have killed his chances.


Hugh Dancy: Now I know what you're saying -- this guy is far too talented to be a romantic-comedy mainstay. But he could have been a contender.


Oliver Jackson Cohen: He was "so pretty that it hurts" while matching wits with Dwayne Johnson in Faster but proved that he's got comedic chops with a very amusing take on Prince William's bald spot on the Funny or Die series, "Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After." My (nonexistent) money's on this guy.


Freddie Fox: This guy ended before he even began by hitching his star to the most recent and ill-fated The Three Musketeers movie. Sorry, kiddo.


Andrew Garfield: He's got some hair, for sure, but Andrew's going to find himself well occupied with the new Amazing Spider-Man franchise for quite some time.


Alex Pettyfer: This guy's got the looks and the presence to go places, but he's such a rumored douche and cannot even get along with Channing Tatum, so don't expect the industry to love him forever.


Jack O'Connell: Some may know him best from "Skins," but he'll get a chance at real stardom in the upcoming 300 prequel. Either that, or he's outta here.


Jamie Bell: He's quite properly English and has a bit of Charlotte Bronte (Jane Eyre) under his belt, so this former child star may very well have a go at Grant's career one day. That is, if he wants it.


Nicholas Hoult: This could have been where the tables turned for Grant's prospective hair-heir, for a very young Hoult starred alongside Grant himself in About A Boy. Lately though, Hoult's moved into blockbuster-action territory, so he may have lost the chance at romcom greatness.


Jamie Campbell Bower: He may very well look like "Paul Scheer with a wig" in "Camelot," but this guy has some serious heartthrob qualities.


Robert Pattinson: During interviews, he's got the self-effacing charm down pat, but all the goodness seems to disappear once he's actually playing a role. Too bad about The Twilight Saga, which has probably typecast the perfectly adorable RPattz for all of eternity.


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