11 Heir Apparent Brit Actors to Hugh Grant's Hair

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11 Heir Apparent Brit Actors to Hugh Grant's Hair

By Agent Bedhead | Seriously Random Lists | November 7, 2012 | Comments ()


I love Hugh Grant and his seductive, posh voice with floppy hair hanging over one eyebrow. While it's true that in movies (primarily romcoms), Hugh most often plays a variant of the same man, he is quite often celebrated for his "evolved expertise in playing characters that audiences enjoy seeing taken down a peg or two as a punishment for philandering and womanizing and simply being too handsome for words-and with an English accent besides." So yes, he usually does just one thing, but he's very good at doing it. At a certain point, however, Hugh Grant will grow tired of embodying the sort of character that Hugh Grant is known for playing. Who will take over the reigns? Here are eleven possibilities.

Tom Sturridge: This guy was actually rumored to be the next Hugh Grant three years ago, but his defiant insistence upon using a scrunchie may have killed his chances.


Hugh Dancy: Now I know what you're saying -- this guy is far too talented to be a romantic-comedy mainstay. But he could have been a contender.


Oliver Jackson Cohen: He was "so pretty that it hurts" while matching wits with Dwayne Johnson in Faster but proved that he's got comedic chops with a very amusing take on Prince William's bald spot on the Funny or Die series, "Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After." My (nonexistent) money's on this guy.


Freddie Fox: This guy ended before he even began by hitching his star to the most recent and ill-fated The Three Musketeers movie. Sorry, kiddo.


Andrew Garfield: He's got some hair, for sure, but Andrew's going to find himself well occupied with the new Amazing Spider-Man franchise for quite some time.


Alex Pettyfer: This guy's got the looks and the presence to go places, but he's such a rumored douche and cannot even get along with Channing Tatum, so don't expect the industry to love him forever.


Jack O'Connell: Some may know him best from "Skins," but he'll get a chance at real stardom in the upcoming 300 prequel. Either that, or he's outta here.


Jamie Bell: He's quite properly English and has a bit of Charlotte Bronte (Jane Eyre) under his belt, so this former child star may very well have a go at Grant's career one day. That is, if he wants it.


Nicholas Hoult: This could have been where the tables turned for Grant's prospective hair-heir, for a very young Hoult starred alongside Grant himself in About A Boy. Lately though, Hoult's moved into blockbuster-action territory, so he may have lost the chance at romcom greatness.


Jamie Campbell Bower: He may very well look like "Paul Scheer with a wig" in "Camelot," but this guy has some serious heartthrob qualities.


Robert Pattinson: During interviews, he's got the self-effacing charm down pat, but all the goodness seems to disappear once he's actually playing a role. Too bad about The Twilight Saga, which has probably typecast the perfectly adorable RPattz for all of eternity.


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  • zeke_the_pig

    No, Nicholas Hoult, NO! You do not get to do that pose!
    Why does every simpering, asinine motherfucker think they can get away with that pose? That pose does not belong to you. I don't claim to know your acting skills - I hate your face so I've dutifully avoided you in everything - but that's a pose reserved for people with at least an element of danger to them. Or at least it would be in a just world. WHICH THIS OBVIOUSLY ISN'T!

  • Strand

    Given that Downton Abbey already had Charlie Cox (Stardust) and Ed Speleers (Eragon) in supporting roles, that show has become the de-facto dumping ground for failed/pretty/British leading men. I think half the names here will wind up playing a footman for a season or two.

  • DominaNefret

    I am going to nominate Arthur Darvill.

  • So the modern Hugh Grant can only be played by one of Cameron's boys? No slither of working class allowed? I know the British acting scene has all of a sudden become dominated by the Eton lot but I'd have hoped for more varied from our Pajiban overlords.

  • Jamie Bell is the most working class it gets and he was made from the age of 11.

  • badhorse666

    Where the hell is Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • prince_of_montagu

    He's way too otherworldly to take Grant's spot. That's like Tilda Swinton being the new Julia Roberts.

  • alannaofdoom

    Where is the alternate universe where this has happened because THAT WOULD BE AMAZING.

  • idgiepug

    Hasn't he already surpassed Grant? And I say that as someone who still deeply loves Hugh Grant even though I should know better by now. I saw Music and Lyrics, for cripe's sake, but Cumberbatch is the superior actor.

  • Abbey Road

    I'm not sure Garfield has ever done anything remotely like a Hugh Grant movie. Recent popcorn flicks (which I actually very much enjoyed) aside, he's got a CV with some serious substance. He's better than Grant any day of the week, IMO.

    Although I've been rooting for this guy since he was by miles the most interesting thing about a movie starring Redford, Streep, and Cruise in 2007, and then he broke my heart in Boy A, and then cracked me up and charmed my socks off in Parnassus, and am as of this point 100% super biased.

    I am, however, glad to see him on this list because lists are fun whether they're completely coherent or not, and I like to see people talk about AG in other terms than "Why'd they make Spider-Man again?"

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I had a hugely embarrassing crush on Hugh Grant about 10 years ago, so bad I listened to the special features on Bridget Jones several times just to hear him, but that header pic does nothing for me now.

  • BWeaves

    The Brits seem to have the floppy hair thing down pat (David Tennant, Matt Smith, MITCHELL, that guy from choir show, half of those car show guys, etc. etc.) Romantic leads are a completely different story.

  • PDamian

    I hadn't heard the douche rumors about Pettifer. Glad I wasn't just imagining things. There's something about him, whether in roles or in interviews, that just screams, "gigantic asshole."

    Love, love Jamie Bell. Billy Elliot was stupendous, and I've been crushing ever since.

    Poor RPattz. Hope he saved some of his Twilight cash.

  • John G.

    The article you were destined to write, Bedhead

  • Megnadoodle

    Actually, I do believe Jane Eyre was penned by Charlotte Bronte, not Jane Austen.

  • Guest

    Guccchhhh. Thank you. Also, "reigns?" How about "reins."

  • carrie


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