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10 Shows that Would Be Much Better If They Killed Off a Major Character

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | January 26, 2012 |

Andy Bernard, "The Office" -- There's several characters on "The Office" whose death would improve the show, but if Andy were to die, they could try again with a new manager and maybe get it right this time. Instead of Michael Scott-lite, they could take the show into a new, different direction. Plus, the funeral could be held at Schrute Farms and provide a starting point for the potential "The Office" spin-off.


Kenneth Parcell, "30 Rock" -- He was a great character for a few seasons, but Kenneth is useless to the show now. Last week's episode, where he actually said "folksy down home metaphor" instead of actually providing one says all you need to know about Kenneth. The writers have run out of ways to use him, and he'll never be promoted.


Ted Mosby "How I Met Your Mother" -- I have no idea how to pull this one off, unless we find out that Bob Saget is actually speaking from the afterlife and Ted's kids were the product of artificial insemination. Ted is not only useless to the show, but a giant douchebag, to boot. Kill him off, and we'll finally be free of his increasingly repetitive dating life.


Manny, "Modern Family" -- I have nothing against Manny. He seems like a nice kid, but how many lessons is he going to learn from and teach Jay? And how many classmates is he going to attempt to woo and fail? The character is static. Plus, they have that great big pool in the backyard that's perfect for drowning in.


Winona Hawkins, "Justified" -- Before you get in a huff, hear me out. I like Winona. She's gorgeous. But she's also a noose around Raylan's neck and nothing good can come of that pregnancy. I don't want to see Raylan tied down, and I'm tired of her empty threats about leaving Raylan if he doesn't leave his job. Kill her off, and Raylan will be free to shack up with Carla Gugino's character, which means we'd be privy to the best sex scenes on basic cable (alternatively, Raylan can get hip to Newt Gingrich's open marriage plan).

Jess, "New Girl" -- Too much whimsy. Too much quirk. She's cute, but her character can be grating at time, and she's the weakest character in the ensemble. Kill her off and bring in Lizzy Caplan full time. She's hot, and acerbic. Or, just give Schmidt his own show.


Rick, "The Walking Dead" -- Rick should be the heart of "The Walking Dead," but not only is he the least dynamic character on the show, he may be the most boring character on television. Kill him off, and maybe the show can finally progress at something faster than a glacial pace. God knows there's plenty of opportunities.


LaGuerta and Batista, "Dexter" -- Why are these two characters still on the show? They're like dangling appendages hanging by a tendon that needs to be cut off. For the last several seasons, the writers have basically used these two to create pointless side plots to fill time. Kill them, and at least the show will have a higher stakes investigation that the rest of the show's characters might feel more invested in.


Tara Knowles, Sons of Anarchy -- There might be a case for keeping her around another season, if only to see how her feud with Gemma plays out. For the most part, she hasn't been an interesting character since the first season. Last year, Kurt Sutter teased us all year long, threatening to kill her off or at least move her away. But he couldn't pull the trigger. What I'd like to see, ultimately, is Gemma get the best of her at the end of next season, which would give Jax an excuse to find a new, more dynamic love interest.


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