Asshole Bill O'Reilly Calls Andrea Mitchell 'Unruly' For Doing Her Goddamn Job

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 8, 2017 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 8, 2017 |


Earlier today, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell attempted to get Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to answer a goddamn question or two, because that motherfucker has barely spoken to the press since he was confirmed. There’s a lot of shit going down with Russia right now, our foreign diplomacy is a fucking mess, the State Department is being ignored and downsized, and lots of reporting suggests that Tillerson is only a figurehead with no actual power, and maybe Andrea Mitchell wanted a goddamn answer or two from a guy who might be able to offer some perspective.

But rather than answer a single fucking question, Tillerson ignored Mitchell, whose job it is relay information to the American people. Nevertheless, she persisted. For her efforts, she was escorted from the premises.

Mitchell was doing her job. She was asking questions. This is what a journalist should do. But according to Bill O’Reilly, Andrea Mitchell was being “unruly.”

That wasn’t “unruly,” or “obnoxious.” That was persistence.

Bill O’Reilly should fucking look into it, because the only person being unruly here is me, who is about to lose it with this country-selling out motherfucker with a laundry list of sexual harassment settlements and who would call the same thing in a man “determination.”

Ass. hole.


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