On This Day in History, We Talked About History: Pajiba Storytellers Day

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Pajiba Storytellers | November 9, 2011 |

Storytellers Posts (Updated Hourly)

Storytellers: The Czechoslovakian Legion Fights a Land War in Asia

Storytellers: The Last Naked Eye

Pajiba Storytellers: Elizabeth Bathory: Lady Vampire and The Most Evil Woman in World History

Storytellers: Salvatore Giuliano, The Lost Corleone

Pajiba Storytellers: 10 Man-Made or Natural Disasters that Would Make Awesome, Bad-Ass Backdrops for a Hollywood Disaster Movie

Storytellers: Black Bart, The Scourge of Every Sea

Storytellers: Yukio Mishima, Death of a Warrior

Storytellers: Little Sure Shot -- The Real Story Behind Annie Oakley

Pajiba Storytellers: In Proxy Wars, Everybody Wins!

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