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Did Howard Hughes Kill John Wayne?

The Heartbreaking True Story Behind the Life and Death of Alan Turing, the Man at the Center of 'The Imitation Game'

"Every one of you is the leader": The Anabasis

"The Ceremony of innocence Is Drowned": The Story of Rasputin

"Vienna: The Series": The Walking, Talking, Scheming, and F*cking that Preceded Waterloo

... And The Sequel to "Argo" Would Look Like This

10 Man-Made and Natural Disasters that Would Make Awesome, Bad-Ass Backdrops for a Hollywood Disaster Movie

14 Reasons that Hollywood Studios Should Consider Quoting Pajiba Reviews in their Movie Posters

5 Reasons They Need to Make a Movie About Winston Churchill's Mom

A Novel Lost and Re-Found: The Story of Irene Nemirovsky and 'Suite Française'

A Tale of Two Sisters: Eve and Irene Curie

About the Time Abraham Lincoln Ordered the Largest Mass Execution in U.S. History

Adolf Hitler's Godson and His Amazing True Story of Redemption

All of Andrei Tarkovsky's Films Free Online

And His Sling Was in His Hand

Budweiser's 'America' Name Change: Why I Wish It Was Permanent

Communism's Blood Drenched Flood

Democracy is a myth, sold to us by the West.

Edward Bernays Is the Reason Why Americans Eat Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast

Everything You Need to Know About Denali and Mt. McKinley

Falling Through the Cracks: Barbara Newhall Follett

Ferdinand I and the Cascade of *Headdesks*

How Sheep Saved Civilization

How The Most Brutal Film Sequence in Cinematic History Helped Me Understand a Generation's Sacrifice

I Got My Name and Gender Legally Changed And All I Got Was This Lousy Sense of Personal Validation

Imre Nagy and the Hungarian Revolution

Inarguable Evidence That Black Friday is Ruining America

More Worlds to Conquer: Rome's Lost Legion

On This Day in History, We Talked About History: Pajiba Storytellers Day

Pajiba Storytellers: Elizabeth Bathory: Lady Vampire and The Most Evil Woman in World History

Pajiba Storytellers: In Proxy Wars, Everybody Wins!

Pajiba Storytellers: Osama bin Laden

Remembering Chile's 9/11

Remembering Portugal's Remarkable Carnation Revolution

So, Sochi, Just What Is That Place?

Stalin's Son

Storytellers: Yukio Mishima, Death of a Warrior

Storytellers: Black Bart, The Scourge of Every Sea

Storytellers: Little Sure Shot -- The Real Story Behind Annie Oakley

Storytellers: Salvatore Giuliano, The Lost Corleone

Storytellers: Soldiers of Someone Else's Fortune: The Polish Invasion of Haiti

Storytellers: The Black Elvis | Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come"

Storytellers: The Czechoslovakian Legion Fights a Land War in Asia

Storytellers: The Last Emperor of America

Storytellers: The Last Naked Eye

That Time Marlene Dietrich Plotted To Honeypot Hitler

The "Argo" Sequel Part II: Iran vs. Destiny's Child

The 110 Year Old Message in a Bottle

The Bureaucrat's Revolution: Vasili Mitrokhin and His Archive

The Death of Venice: How Venice Maintained Its Power, Until Forced to Commit Suicide

The Fascinating Real-Life Account of How Man Waged War Against Emus with Machine Guns ... and Lost

The First Color Photographs and the Two Old Lady Theory of History

The Great Bummer of Russia and the Reign of False Dmitry the First

The Greatest Story About Belgium Never Told | Belgium: More than Waffles and Pedophile Scandals

The Headhunter Strategem | "He cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath"

The Insane Murder Investigation of Peter Madsen in the Death of Kim Wall?

The Man Who Literally Moved a Mountain

The Non-Clash of Titans | A Dazzling Vista of Staggering Generalizations

The Prague Spring and the Self-Immolation of Jan Palach

The Russian Family Who Were Time Capsules in their Own Lifetimes

The Scottish Workers Who Stopped Pinochet's Engines of War

The Shackleton Expedition

The Top Seven Rulers of Russia Who Deserve a Film

The True Story of the Only Man to Serve in Both the American and Soviet Armies

The Unlikely Rise Of Carson Palmer

The Wealthiest Black Community in America Was Destroyed and No One Remembers It Happened

Today We Remember The Lost Refugees

Violently Neutral: How the Swiss Defeated Burgundy at the Battle of Nancy

Week 9 of the NFL and the Story of Clyde W. Tombaugh, the Midwestern Man Who Discovered Pluto

What the Lost Colony of Roanoke Has to Do With 'The Martian'

Why So Many Copies Of Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' Are Suddenly Being Sold Again


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