Today I Learned that Hooch, of "Hooch is Crazy" Fame, Was Once Convicted of Manslaughter
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Today I Learned that Hooch, of "Hooch is Crazy" Fame, Was Once Convicted of Manslaughter

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 23, 2012 | Comments ()


I honestly cannot tell you how I stumbled upon this information, and I'm certainly not mentioning it to make light or to shame Phill Lewis, the man who played Hooch on "Scrubs." (He's an obscure enough actor that this post might trip his Google News alert, and if that were to happen, I apologize Mr. Lewis for bringing this up, and I have only the fondest regard for you). I will say this: The person on the Internet who imparted this information doesn't know Lewis from "Scrubs," but rather from the Disney channel's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, where he played a teacher, Mr. Moseby, a fan favorite among that show's viewers. I also did not know that Phill Lewis was born Uganda, where his father was serving in the Peace Corp.

Honestly, I didn't even know what Hooch's real name was until last night, when I was stumbling around on the Internet during the debate, which is why the Internet is such an awesome place: I now know a ton of trivia about a guy I adored on "Scrubs," but never really gave much thought to, otherwise, and no one loves minutia more than I.

Anyway, we all make mistakes, and unfortunately for some of us, those mistakes have grave consequences, and I have no doubt that Mr. Lewis -- like Laura Bush, like Brandy, and like Matthew Broderick, all of whom have been in car accidents that resulted in the death of someone else -- is suffering the emotional toll of those mistakes. In this case, Mr. Lewis unfortunately was drunk when his car crossed the center line and crashed, head first, into another car, resulting in the death of 21 year-old Isabel Duarte.

Lewis, who was very apologetic, was sentenced to five years in prison, but all but the first year was suspended after he displayed excellent behavior by working with a prison-based theater group aimed at making audiences aware of the tragedy of drug abuse at schools, churches and jails.

Here is something else fascinating: Over the course of four years, Phill Lewis only appeared on "Scrubs" five times, and yet he remains one of the shows most beloved -- and memorable -- characters.


Rest in peace, Isabel Duarte. Let this be another reminder to you all never to drive while intoxicated.

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  • Birdie

    I didn't know that and I didn't need to know that. Now everytime I see him I'll be thinking how he killed a person. What was the intention of this post?

  • Jen

    According to Ted (when making a cross-over appearance on Cougartown), the Gooch left him for Hooch. Hooch is crazy.

  • special snowflake

    Hey, didn't Charles Dutton serve time for murder? He's a MUCH better actor than the Hooch guy, & I'll bet he didn't get off nearly as easy, either. I'd rather read about Charles Dutton than the Hooch guy.
    But then again, this is from the same source that thinks Henry Winkler is a great guy for wanting to help out Erin Moran, who within a year after 'Happy Days' ended claimed in a few interviews that Winkler had made inappropriate sexual advances towards her during the show's run.
    I have no idea why that came to me just now, but I've done typed it so it's going to get posted, by god..

  • Devin McMusters

    Wait, somehow you've brushed my absolute love for Scrubs with a bit of tar. So when he played Hooch with his anger issues.....(of course caused by JD), he had been in prison in real life. Gee whiz.

  • Devin McMusters
  • Jo

    This was.. weird. Not good weird.

  • Lion

    Huh. I love you, Pajiba, but can't quite figure out why you felt compelled to share this one. This is kinda bullshit.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Let's alert the family of the woman he killed - pajiba totally brought up that time that man killed your daughter and only served one year in prison, so its all "Even Stevens".

  • kilmo

    Truth. I really don't get why you brought this up. Everytime I see this on the front page, it just irks me.

    The man obviously paid his dues and seemingly did well within the prison system. He used his talents to help others. He isn't out every weekend, ala Lohan.

    Anyways, Mr. Mosbey was the bomb on the Suite Life series. I imagine he made bank and he didn't have to do those stupid Disney Channel Olympics thing. He was also in Dadnapped.

  • Strand

    I've only seen a couple episodes of Suite Life, but I'm pretty sure he's some form of doorman or concierge at the hotel within the show and not a teacher.

    edit: surprisingly, not the only one who picked this up.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I would never have remembered Hooch from Scrubs. But the TiVo recorded Colbert yesterday, and it ran over into an episode of Scrubs, which started with a Turner & Hooch bit. So I actually know who you're talking about. The End.

  • Ley

    Hate to be that guy, but I've already read about this. Must've been on TVTropes for too long (But then again, there is no such thing as "too long" for TVTropes).

    Anyways, that thing Hooch said about getting in his van and blasting some speed metal and "someone's gonna get mowed down" is now pretty disturbing after one has read about this.

  • Adam Hoy

    Actually, on Suite Life he is the manager of the Tipton Hotel, not a teacher. And in the spinoff, Suite Life on Deck, he is the manager of the S.S. Tipton.

  • pajiba

    Huh. Had no clue. My apologies; I just assumed, given the Mr. in the name that he was a teacher. I am completely oblivious to Suite Life.

  • Adam Hoy

    I have a little sister who was obsessed with the show, so I've watched it from time to time. Poor Phill Lewis for ever probably needing money badly enough to sign on for Disney Channel.

  • Uncle Mikey

    Mr. Moseby is crazy

  • Guest

    Crazy... But 5 Years of which you on serve one? Sorry if you take a life you should give up yours life (prison or death).

  • Strand

    I'm glad to see the glorified, retributive mob mentality of American justice is still alive and well...

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