Tiny Canadien Ellen Page Receives a Death Threat for Allegedly Dating Alexander Skarsgard

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Tiny Canadian Ellen Page Receives a Death Threat for Allegedly Dating Alexander Skarsgard

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | August 6, 2012 | Comments ()


OK. Listen people. I don't understand your obsession with Alexander Skarsgard, why he catapulted to the Pajiba 10 Hall of Fame, or even why anyone watches True Blood, but people gotta obsess over something. On the other hand, threatening his friend, who happens to be Ellen Page, is not cool.

The Tweet has since been deleted, but police are investigating a death threat Ellen Page received from someone who apparently doesn't appreciate the fact that the diminutive Canadian actor -- who has kind of disappeared, of late, save for Woody Allen's latest movie -- was seen taking in a sporting event with Skarsgard.

"I'm going to murder Ellen Page. She's dead," one message read, via ABC News.

"Ellen Page if you continue to date Alexander [Skarsgard] I will K-1-L-L you in public in the next year ... Be it in a club, at a game, in a restaurant, or when you're signing autographs," read another.

The last person ON EARTH I expected to receive a death threat was Ellen Page. She's so kind. And Canadian. And adorable. Kidnapping threats? Sure! She fits in your pocket, after all. She'd look great on a shelf next to Amy Poehler and Danny Devito. You could make them put on plays. But death threats? Bah. That's silly. STOP SCARING THE CELEBRITIES. Especially the timid ones.

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  • BarbadoSlim

    So wait, there's supposed to be a woman in that car?

    Could have fooled me, eggo preggo.

  • spoobnooble

    I'm glad that police are investigating these utterances of death threats. Surely even the dimmest internet user understands that writing "Ellen Page if you continue to date Alexander I will K-1-L-L you in public in the next year" is illegal at some level. Or do these idiots not think that Twitter posts are public?

  • Maguita NYC

    Actually, because of a clear lack of repercussions and retributions, idiots DO KNOW that they will get away with most threats of violence.

    We've had this discussion on Pajiba not long ago, I believe it was in regards to some threats made on Rotten Tomatoes towards some critics (The Dark Knight Rises).

  • Slash

    Sorry, "mystified."

  • Slash

    I, too, am mystisfied by the appeal of a tall, young, attractive, well-conditioned Swede.

    Oh, wait, no I'm not.

  • hapl0

    I was actually more worried about the dating part when I first read that heading. Wouldn't he just go through her? At least KimK had a tonne of padding.

    And yes, Ellen Page is incredibly hot for someone who really shouldn't be (that somersault scene in Super).

  • Kala

    It's awful that some psycho dipshit decided to use their perceived anonymity (thanks, Internet) to say something horrifying. Whether she's gay or not is none of our damn business, though I'm assuming that they're friends simply because if that was me in that car, I'd be clinging to him like a Tiddy Bear.


  • There are many pretty famous people in the vault at my spank bank, but it would never occur to me to take that outside the fantasy realm, much less be threatened by their real world relationships. Heck, I don't tend to go to conventions or anywhere else there's likely to be star-fucking. Something about that whole culture freaks me out. If I run into a famous person, that's cool. I'm sure I'll be awkward and weird like everyone else. I just don't see seeking out opportunities to feel that way and/or make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

  • Arran

    A friend of mine worked at a cinema and one day Alexis Bledel came in. He meant to say "I love you on Gilmore Girls" but instead just blurted out "I love you". It's possible she was slightly alarmed by this.

  • Ty

    I volunteer my services as Ellen Page's personal bodyguard. And male-concubine.

  • Surely you mean bonkubine?

  • Blake

    Ellen is probably only dating him because she wanted a himbo...

    She's 5'1" and he's 6'4" how does that work?

  • Maguita NYC

    As a petite woman, I can tell you, being lifted easily and held passionately against the wall by your very tall and naked boyfriend, is quite the turn on.

  • MrFrye

    I'm 6'4" and I've dated women that short. If you want, I can draw you a diagram.

  • Benderman

    I think we all want that.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Gay, bi, whatever - she's still way too hot for that goofy lankstalk.
    Let the downvotes begin...

  • Jez

    Wait, there are people who think Ellen Page is HOT? Adorable, cute, prettyish...sure. Hot.....?

  • Hotter than the sun. Then again, I've always dug small women.

  • Maguita NYC

    Have you seen her in interviews? Watched her get passionate about bees?

    I promise you, your birds will perk-up.

  • zeke_the_pig

    I thought the same until Super.

  • Blake

    Hot? YES! especially in Hard Candy. Lesbian, Bi, or Straight who cares?

  • kushiro -

    Ellen Page has not disappeared. She's been in my fantasy world, where I'm in my mid-20s and we spend all our time together, and I do my best to ignore my suspicion that's she's probably more interested in the girl next door.

  • Jez

    FYI, the psycho who threatened her was a dude, so it was probably someone who was too stupid to realize she plays for the other team and wants her to himself.

  • She is the lead in the new PS3 game "Beyond Two Souls" which looks A-Mah-zing! It should put her in spotlight again.

  • Stacey

    She’s so kind. And Canadian. And adorable.

    And, um ... Gay? Not the brightest fangirl in the lightbulb store.

  • shardik

    Ellen Page is GAY????? All those fantasies have been for NOTHING?!?

  • NateMan

    Bi, supposedly. So no reason she couldn't be dating Skarsgard.

  • KatSings

    In both cases, SHE hasn't actually confirmed anything. Some idiot with a blog decided it was his responsibility to out her - she never responded to it. So her sexuality, at present, it her own business, and not a fact we actually know.

  • NateMan

    Right. Hence the supposedly.

  • Stacey

    This has nothing to do with whether or not Ellen Page is entitled to privacy or some idiot with a blog. This is about anyone with even a remotely functioning sense of gaydar coming to the conclusion that Ellen Page is PROBABLY a lesbian and therefore heterosexually motivated death threats are not the best or most productive use of your murder planning time.

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