Olivia Wilde, Penelope Cruz and The Dude Will Make You Feel Confused and Excited About Disney Again

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | March 4, 2011 |


This new set also introduces the first villains of the series. Here's Queen Latifah looking badass and bodacious as the Sea Witch Ursula from The Little Mermaid.


And, finally, representing Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs are Miss Olivia Wilde (I think you haters really have to resign yourself to her being The Next Thing) as the Evil Queen and Alec Baldwin as the Man in the Magic Mirror (Michael Jackson earworm'd!).

evil queen.jpg

While I love Alec Baldwin, I think Cate Blanchett's Oscar bosom would have made a better Magic Mirror. . .sans mustard stains, of course.


The Disney Dream Portraits series has been fun so far and for every bizarre misstep (Marc Anthony as Aladdin? A packaged deal with the aptly cast J. Lo, we presume.)


They do something right. Oh so very right.


All the landscape portraits (via the lovely people at Slash Film) will open up to a larger format if you click 'em. I did this, of course, so you could ogle Alec Baldwin to your heart's content.

Joanna Robinson still thinks Cate Blanchett's Oscar dress is a nightmare, but will concede that if anyone could carry it off, it would be our Cate.

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