Men Force Kisses On Women ... Fer Fun, Guys!

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Men Force Kisses On Women ... Fer Fun, Guys!

By Courtney Enlow | Miscellaneous | September 12, 2013 | Comments ()


I don’t like pranks.

I don’t like pranks. I think they’re mean, I don’t think they’re funny, I hate everyone, these guys are the worst, I want to hit things.

So, a couple of fuckknuckles from YouTube named LAHWF and Stuart Edge filmed a video where they performed a fascinating social experiment on the cultural implications of greetings based upon different societal norms. LOL, JK, what they really did was force-kiss ladies to make people laugh at them on the internet.

I don’t like pranks.

In another one, they “sweep girls off their feet” and by that I mean they pick them the fuck up without warning and just carry them off.

I don’t like pranks.

I’m uncomfortable and squicked and I want to lie down. And you know what really twists my tit? THE GIGGLING OF IT ALL. The polite OK-ness of these women because that’s how we’ve been so trained to just fucking take it because it’s all in good fun, right? GROSS. I WANT TO CRY IN A FIELD.


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