Donal Logue Talks About Resurrecting "Terriers." But Is That A Good Idea?
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Donal Logue Talks About Resurrecting "Terriers." But Is That A Good Idea?

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | August 13, 2013 | Comments ()


In a world where we just got a new season of “Arrested Development” and we’re on the verge of a Veronica Mars movie, any damn thing is possible. Right? Yesterday, TV’s most delightfully omnipresent actor, Donal Logue, participated in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread and, surprise surprise, the subject that came up the most was his cancelled show “Terriers.” One of the many shows that enjoyed a second life after cancellation, the FX buddy cop dramedy means more to most of its fans that the usual crime show. That would be because of the depth of the performances from Logue and his acting partner, Michael Raymond-James. (Not to mention Karina Logue, Laura Allen and Kimberly Quinn). For those of you who have obstinately refused to heed my advice to catch this show on Netflix, I don’t know what else I can say to encourage you. For those of you who have drunk the “Terriers” Kool-Aid with me, I have some possibly great news. Donal Logue both confirmed your suspicions about the ending of the series and assured his fans that he, creator Ted Griffin and all the powers that be are interested in making another season of the show.

Spoiler alert for the Series Finale to follow. In the AMA, Logue wrote the following: “britt went to prison- had to go down like that.” Yes, it really did. If Britt wanted a chance to be with Katie and live his life, he needed to go to jail. The Mexico fantasy was nice, but I never had any doubt that Britt would serve out his time.

In terms of resurrecting the show, Logue replied, “chance of terriers movie (we talk about it) ted griffin dreams of netflix or someone picking it back up (better as series than a film)…realistic chance of some kind of terriers revival- yes.” What do you think, Terriers fans, would you want to see another season if the show? Or is it perfect and untouchable as is? Did the new season of “Arrested Development” enhance your love or deepen your appreciation for that series? Does it work to drag the carcasses of once loved characters back out on the stage? Is anyone else a little worried about the new Veronica Mars movie based on the trailer? WILL NO ONE THINK OF “FUTURAMA?”

I mean, I love Hank and Britt, I do. I’m as reluctant as anyone else to let them go. But what story do we want to see from them? Do we want a happily ever after or, worse yet, do we want to check back in with them three or four years later only to find nothing has changed? That they’re in a state of arrested development as it were? I trust Griffin to tell a compelling story and agree whole-heartedly with Logue that the mission statement of “Terriers” (“if a moment felt fake or forced (and not in line with the the emotional reality of what was happening in the show) it had to go- that’s Shawn Ryan, Ted Griffin and Tim Minear for you”) was achieved. But am I nervous at the (far-fetched) thought of a resurrection? I most certainly am. While I mull over my thoughts on this improbable probability, we can all look forward to Logue running “amock around SOA land in `Season 6’” and keep my fingers crossed that Donal Logue will get his wish of being on “Justified.” Did you just get a chill? Me too.

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  • Viking

    I don't remember them mentioning any dates in the show. I have no reason to think they couldn't take up right when they left off. It has been 3 years? No one could have aged that much at all. Shouldn't be an issue. Loved that show, would love it to return. I probably would not have watched it if I hadn't heard one of the writers on Pajiba raving about it. Sorry but I don't remember who it was.

  • Morgan_LaFai

    I liked the new season of Arrested Development, and even enjoy the newer episodes of Futurama. Yes, it can be done badly *cough* Family Guy *cough* but it can also be done really well. Just look at Serenity. Was it as good as Firefly, not quite, but it was great to see the characters again and fantastic to get a bit of resolution. As with all things, it could be great or it could be horrible. It all depends on the ingredients and the chef.

  • Hazel Dean


    And I actually enjoyed season 4 of Arrested Development. I don't understand all the disappointment.

    I am also eagerly awaiting the Veronica Mars film.

    Basically, I am all for MORE of the things I love. YES, please and thank you.

  • emmalita

    I really liked S. 4 as well. It was different, but I didn't expect it to be the same.

  • They were setting up Neal McDonough to be the main antagonist of a theoretical second season, so if all parties involved could free up their schedule why not pick up right after the end of the first? It's not like the writer's can conceive of a way to get Britt out of prison a couple years early, nothing says it has to be four years later.

  • Fupi98

    The least FX could do is give us a damned blu ray release.

  • Brian Martin

    A: Yes. Next question.

  • thegardenhead


  • thegardenhead

    I understand the Pet Sematary view of beloved cancelled shows, and it really is true that sometimes dead is better. But I don't think that Terriers is as susceptible to the shortcomings that made the resurrected versions of, say, Family Guy or Arrested Development so disappointing.

    First of all, In the examples above, the creators had gone through three seasons and by the end there were starting to run out of ideas. That isn't true for Terriers. They had a grand total of thirteen episodes spanning a single narrative arc. There are still any number of different paths for the characters to take and I have faith in the showrunners to pick interesting paths for those characters should the show be resurrected.

    Also, a lot of what made the fourth season of Arrested Development so disappointing was as a result of the schedules of the actors not permitting them to work as a cohesive cast. To my knowledge, none of the principals involved in Terriers are getting steady enough work to make that an issue.

    Mostly I just think the show was phonemenal, was too short, and was just getting good when it ended. I'd love to see it come back.

  • emmalita

    Donal Logue is on three active tv series and is also doing movies and Michael Raymond-James has Once Upon a Time (I weep for his wasted talent) and is also working on 2 movies. I think they would make time if an opportunity came along to do more Terriers.

  • emmalita

    I would trust them to do a good resurrected Terriers. It was a show about characters, and as long as they stuck to the honesty of those characters it would be good. Basically, I want more Terriers.

  • Hazel Dean

    ME TOO! More, please.

  • Fredo

    Logue on Justified would be the tits.

    As for resurrecting shows that died early deaths, I'm apprehensive towards it because, invariably, it never turns out like you want it to. Best example I can give is "Family Guy". Its initial run was good and had plenty of heart. The show that came back after years of reruns on Cartoon Network had none of that.

    Much like Frankenstein's Monster, bringing the dead back to life has unintended consequences.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Logue on Justified WOULD be outstanding. Walt Goggins, Adam Arkin, Ray McKinnon, and the dude that played Filthy Phil have all popped up on both Justified and Sons, so hopefully it wouldn't take much coaxing.

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