We Are All Jessica Chastain Rolling Her Eyes at Johnny Depp

By Rebecca Pahle | Celebrity | May 10, 2017 | Comments ()

By Rebecca Pahle | Celebrity | May 10, 2017 |


When you’re interviewing an actor, it’s always a risk to ask them a question that’s basically inviting them to shit on someone else. More often than not, they won’t take the bait—because of potentially ruffled feathers, because they might know the person in question, because press junkets are a PR-palooza that don’t exactly invite the sharing of candid, unvarnished thoughts.

But then you have Jessica Chastain, who’s a ray of sunshine because of more than just her hair. Asked by a BBC reporter at a Miss Sloane junket about the recent revelation that Johnny Depp no longer bothers to learn his lines, she dropped all her fucks onto the floor and proceeded to do a Russian folk dance on them:

I don’t know what my favorite part is: the eyeroll or the “No, I guess my technique is working hard” followed by a smooth transition to talking about the movie she’s promoting. The former is a blitzkrieg, while the latter is a shiv in a dark hallway late at night. “How do I learn my lines? Oh, nothing special, I just do the work because I’m not a lazy, entitled assclown like some people.”

Jessica Chastain, please be my best friend.

H/T to Carly Lane

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