RIP, Damon Lindelof's Twitter

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RIP, Damon Lindelof's Twitter

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrities Are Better than You | October 17, 2013 | Comments ()


Well, thanks a lot, dickhats, you made Damon Lindelof quit Twitter by being buttholes. Will no one think of the Bieber hats?!

According to Variety, Lindelof’s final tweet was, “After much thought and deliberation, I’ve decided t-.”



From Buzzfeed’s Kate Arthur:

God dammit, dicks. The guy brought us something, while uneven at times, that we loved a lot. And the Twatters of Twitter sent him running away. And, I get it. There are days where the negative comments really make me want to quit. There’s something about the people who go into writing. We are desperately insecure and still such egomaniacs that we think our words matter enough to the universe that they must be shared. We open ourselves to the negativity and then are immediately crushed by it. Writing is for broken people, and social media is for masochists.

RIP, @damonlindelof.

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  • frankelee

    Wow, this girl likes Damon Lindelof? I mean, there are Neo-Nazis, so I guess it's not inconceivable somebody could be a fan of even Damon Lindelof, but I can't imagine why.

  • Chris

    Those damn Twitches!

  • dreamlife613

    I loved Lost, even liked the last episode. I didn't love the final season, but I will always remember it for the characters. It's probably healthier for Lindelof to stay away from Twitter. I wish him luck on his upcoming projects.

  • edges_hat

    From what I got from the Prometheus commentary track with original writer Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof, Spaihts wrote the movie as an actual prequel to Alien with the planet they are on being the one seen in Alien and instead of an Engineer chasing Noomi Rapace at the end it was an actual Xenomorph. Also, it seemed as if alot of the character personalities were done by Spaihts. Because Ridley Scott didn't want to do an actual Alien prequel but set it in the world of Alien he asked Damon Lindelof to come in and re-write the script making it less a direct Alien prequel and to purposefully create a mystery of what was really going on with the Engineers and the creation of their black ooze. Lindelof also admits that he had written some scenes that would add explanation or clarity but Scott decided to delete those scenes or just ignore them from the script entirely. I agree that some of the characters actions were dopey but I don't think the blame for Prometheus' faults should be blamed on Lindelof.

    For Lost, I do feel bad for the guy. He's taken alot of shit for the ending. I don't begrudge anyone who hated or were disappointed by the ending but the hatred has got to stop. And I'm not one of those people who say "well you didn't get the end so you suck". Whatever. Lindelof and Cuse had alot of questions to answer. They answered some but not all. Some of the answers were less than satisfactory and I think that was the problem. They couldn't satisfy everyone because alot of people had their own answers to the questions which is why I think why they decided to leave things vague. They could have decided to figure out a way to incorporate every answer into their story and it could have been great, but it might have been too expository and sucky. Besides it's characters, Lost's strength was it's mystery not it's answers (for me at least). And I thought the spiritual ending was fine and very emotional and played with the ideas of religion, science and faith and what was missing in their characters lives, just like the show was in it's beginning.

  • Andrew

    My problem with Lindelof and Lost wasn't that every mystery wasn't tied up neatly or tied up well, it was that by the end it was clear that when the writers first made up the mystery, they had no idea how to answer it.

    "There's a monster in the jungle!"

    "What is it?"

    "I don't know; we'll figure that out later."

    That is a horrible way to write a mystery TV show. You don't have to give your viewers all the answers or even clear answers. But you better know what is going on yourself so that the whole process has a sense of consistency and coherency.

  • Chris

    Exactly! The problem with the mediocre ending of Lost isn't that it was mediocre. It is that it revealed that there were never any thought behind the mysteries throughout the series, they were just made up as they went along.

    It made the viewers, at least me, feel completely and utterly cheated. I wached the series, liked it, and allowed myself to be taken in by the mysteries and riddles, looking for clues and waiting for things to be revealed. In the end, I was told that everything was just off the top odd-seeming things thrown in at random, without any intention for there to ever be resolutions.

    That pisses me off endlessly, and I'm happy everytime things don't go Lindelof's way. He cheated me!

  • edges_hat

    Out of curiosity what did you feel was not resolved?

  • Chris

    Off the top of my head: The numbers, for example. The "women can't have babies" thing. The change in behaviour of the Others from the first season(s) to when we get to know the people later. Everything related to the "frozen donkey wheel" and the time jumps. The asian fort, the people in it, and its immunity to the monster. The general explanation that "the source of golden glow was been plugged up / interfered with and that has all kind of weird side effects" wasn't satisfactory, and felt to me like a blanket cop-out explanation that allowed the writers to do whatever they wanted to without caring about any chain of cause and effect.

    However. Separately, those things - or any of the other open ended mysteries - weren't the problem. The total sum of unresolved mysteries weren't even the problem. The point I'm trying to make is my disappointment that it turned out that the mysteries were never meant to have explanations or resolutions. They were just there to provide tensions in the group of characters and to provide a setting.

    I believe me and many others thought we were watching a mystery show with relational drama elements in it, while we were actually watching pure drama.

  • Aw. He was one of the funny ones on there.

  • okayflint

    i know we are mostly nerds here and have no shame in it, but there's a certain type of internet nerd that is just the fucking worst. and those are hard-core genre/comic book fans.

  • WalkMan

    The guy can't even finish a tweet properly. It seems to be a trend with this guy.

  • Artemis

    Those who hated the LOST finale: Get. Over. It.

    I care as deeply about pop culture as anyone, but it has been THREE YEARS. Other people have made much worse TV and movie offerings in that time, including several who have ruined previously good shows/franchises. Go hate on them for a while.

    LOST was one of the most truly creative and unique things television (and particularly network television) has offered in recent memory. I'm sorry if you were disappointed by the ending--and yes, I understand that the show's former glory made the ending all the more painful for those who disliked it--but it's time to stop shitting all over something (and someone) that was, ultimately, still a net positive for television.

  • John W

    Hey he shouldn't have pissed me off....

  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    Saw this yesterday and already filed it in under "Concerns" Re: Why we cannot have nice things.

  • Marc Greene

    I've complained in these halls about the love/hate relationship I have with Lost at length, but I would not go so far as to harass anyone involved in the show. What is he going to do? Go back and reboot it to fix the problems? Time to stop beating Kate's dead horse.

  • Kristopher R

    This doesn't change my opinion of him or of twitter.

  • Meli_V

    I'm no fan of Lindelof's and I don't think he's capable of telling a strong cohesive story from start to finish, but he does have plenty of cool ideas. In interviews he seems like a generally good person. And despite my feelings for his past creative endeavors I would never call him out on Twitter or be a dick to him because, and I know this is shocking to most, he's a human being with ....wait for it... feelings! I know many like to think these famous sorts are merely empty shells placed on earth to entertain us and part of the business is accepting criticism, but damn, the vitriol is astounding. Even after all these years of reading so much hate it still surprises me. I may voice my opinion or criticize things I don't like, but I try to keep from acting like too much of an asshole. It's probably best that he left Twitter he doesn't need the negativity.

  • Jackie Moonshie

    I'm still bitter at DL because of Prometheus.

  • pissant

    So.......Damon Lindelof is writing less? Mission accomplished?

  • Jim Slemaker

    This isn't about Damon Lindelhof. It's really about Twitter. This doesn't surprise me in the least nor should it anyone who followed him. And I applaud him. I went Twitterless for a week and my outlook brightened considerably. So much so, I have returned to it only intermittently. The Twitterverse is a medium for complaining and negativity. And I certainly have done my share of both. Twitter has its place certainly. The coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing on Twitter was astonishing. My wife and I could barely leave our Twitter accounts during the saga. But overall, particularly for someone in the public eye, I just think it engenders far too much darkness.

  • Fredo

    He'll be back. The attention, the feedback, the snark is too much to give up cold turkey.

  • stryker1121

    Always bizarre to me when people take the time not just to be a dick on Twitter,but to @ the person they're being a dick about in order to include them in on the 'fun.' I didn't like Lost's ending, either, but why are people so cunty sometimes? Get a life, Internet..

  • Laura Darch''s like, he did his job, he did it well, then he copped out at the end. Then, he gets all pissy when people compare a good ending (Breaking Bad) to his mess of "what the..?"

  • You nailed it with the title. Regardless of one's opinion, this is totally stupid on their part, people who are no good at anything but such criticism.

  • JustOP

    Totally agree. Whilst I believe that the internet should always maintain free speech, I also believe people should act responsibly whilst utilizing it. It appalls me that people think that it's okay to barrage people with threats/insults over social media.

  • Ben

    So the internet should always maintain free speech as long as the follow your rules?

    That's uh, not free speech?

  • Jiffylush

    You all realize that he didn't retire, he just deleted his twitter account. #thisisnotnews

    I will say that "And no, I don't understand it either." was pretty funny.

  • Andrew

    While Lost may have been compelling for most of its run, by the end it became clear the Lindelof et al. had no overarching plan to the series and were left in a position story-wise that they couldn't get out of.

    And seeing things that Lindelof has written after Lost (such as Prometheus) makes me think that he just isn't that good of a writer. Sure there are some things he may be good at, eg. action, setting up compelling mysteries. But writing a cohesive tale and tying it up in a satisfying and coherent way is not one of those things.

    And you need to be good at both of those aspects of storytelling to be a good writer.

    You may be really, really good at flying a plane, but if you don't know how to land it... you're fucked.

  • MarTeaNi

    UHG. That's where Prometheus came from? That was such an inarticulate mess of a movie. You're right, he might just be a bad writer dressed up in fancy budgets.

  • pissant

    I heard Lindelof on the radio one time talking about the time his dad caught him sneaking peaks at the answers in an Encyclopedia Brown book. His dad ripped out the answer pages and gave the book back to him. Lindelof read another story, formulated what he thought the answer was, presented it to his dad, and asked his dad if he was correct. He dad said that he didn't know because he had thrown the pages away.

    What else do you need to know about Lindelof as a writer?! His own father (who likely shaped him in a significant way) didn't understand the purpose of Encyclopedia Brown. No wonder the guy doesn't know how to set up a story with a mystery and then resolve it.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    I think of Lindelof kind of how I think of Stephen Moffat on Doctor Who. They are really good in a very select kind of circumstance, generally highly self-contained situations with clear goals in mind. In television, that shakes out to being really good at an episode or two, and being anathema to something like season or series arc plotting.

  • Tinkerville

    I'm not always a fan of his work but he had a wonderfully self-deprecating sense of humor on twitter, was often genuinely hilarious, and his war on Fancy Feast was amazing. RIP.

  • JJ

    "Writing is for broken people, and social media is for masochists."

    What does that say about people who write about social media?

  • Uriah_Creep

    That they are broken masochists?

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Mind --> Blown.

  • Long con

  • Bert_McGurt

    Might as well just delete your accounts now, writers of Dexter.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    But to be fair, they totally fucking deserve it. Whatever my disagreements with the Lost crew, and they are many, I genuinely believe they thought they were doing a good ending for their show.

    It is simply impossible to believe the Dexter writers were thinking the same thing. But if they were, they're frankly so incompetent they really need to be shamed into eternal silence with So. Many. Lumberjack. Jokes.

    At least.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    To the downvoters. I know. But I'm going to persist in being bitter for at least another week or two. Sorry.

  • emmalita

    I started being bitter about Dexter as soon as Deb decided she had romantic feelings for Dexter and I plan to keep hold of it until it is pried from my cold dead hands. Or dementia erases the memory, whichever happens first.

  • kirbyjay

    Never watched Dexter but isn't Deb his sister?

  • emmalita

    Yes, although they are not biologically related. They were raised as brother and sister and it was stupid and gross. It was also mean, because the actress who played Deb had just divorced the actor who played Dexter.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Oh, true, I had many, many issues from the last few seasons, but I was willing to hold out some hope or belief that, when it finally came time to wrap things up, the writers would pull out something brilliant.

    They... You know, didn't. Unless you really like flannel and beards, I guess. So Al Borland's happy.

  • emmalita

    Al Borland's happiness is not quite enough to wash away the bitterness aftertaste of my soul up chucking in my mouth a little.

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts


  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    I can see by all the down-voters people are really concerned about who uses Twitter and who doesn't.

  • Robert

    More that until Pajiba started using Discus, that idiotic word was banned and got your comment sent to the moderation queue where it was promptly deleted.

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    Hey! I love the word "meh." It conveys a complete lack of interest so thoroughly and so quickly.

  • kirbyjay

    also showing a complete lack of interest thoroughly and quickly? Not reading and not commenting. Nobody other than you cares if you are not interested, so by not posting you are letting yourself know that you don't care and sparing the rest of us. The only response I have to caring about you not caring is........
    see how that works

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