Twitter Used the 'Breaking Bad' Finale as an Excuse to Bash Damon Lindelof Because People Are Horrible
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Twitter Used the 'Breaking Bad' Finale as an Excuse to Bash Damon Lindelof, Because People Are Horrible

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 30, 2013 | Comments ()


After the series finale of Breaking Bad aired last night, you’d think — given how exemplary the final episode was — that the folks on Twitter would completely exhaust themselves celebrating the finale.

Unfortunately, that was not the case with everyone, as some on Twitter apparently had enough energy left to use the Breaking Bad finale as a weapon to wield against Lost showrunner, Damon Lindelof on Twitter. Lindelof — because he has a sense of humor, decent self confidence, and apparently, SKIN AS THICK AS CONCRETE — retweeted many of the criticisms that the sh*theels on Twitter lobbed at him.

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Why are people terrible? Why would anyone say themselves, “Hey! The Breaking Bad finale was outstanding! You know I should do now? Go on Twitter and call Damon Lindelof a ‘f**khead.’” Does it somehow make the Breaking Bad finale better, or do people just not give a sh*t? I don’t understand the reasoning behind the attacks, other than the fact that too many folks on the Internet are awful human beings.

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  • Giancarlo

    Recently, I've had some people ask me about this show considering all the talk and it's rise to popularity. As a fan, I tell them it's a pretty good show, but a bit overrated and definitely overhyped.

    Although there was a steady increase in quality from season to season, this show suffered from uneven episode quality and characters that were under developed or completely ignored. Yes, "Ozymandias" was probably the best 45 minutes of television I've seen in a very long time, but my reaction to the finale (along with the people I watched it with) was a collective "meh". We didn't need every tiny little question and concern gift wrapped and spoon-fed to us. We're okay with thinking. Those of us who watched Lost loved it and its finale.

    And for a show that received so much credit for "closure", I don't see how the 2 minutes devoted to Jesse gave he and Walt the opportunity to turn our stomachs like I had hoped.

  • Lenny

    Of course Damon Lindelof isn't taking notes. He had to learn to write before.

  • Maddy

    Never watched Lost but that is some dickhead moves right there. It's a TV show! People are terrible

  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    Full Disclosure: I didn't watch Lost so I couldn't give half a hand-job how it ended.

    I believe we have passed the point where people need to climb to the tippity top of the highest peak in the highest mountain range and get the fuck over it.

  • I think I love you

    I will be verbally plagarizing this forever more.

  • Pippa Laughingstock

    You know what, though? I disagree with the level of vehemence but not the observation. Lost flubbed it's ending and it wasted years that people invested in it. And people do continue to hire him and J.J. Abrams and they continue to write bad movies. I mean, you should be able to write a movie without plot holes. That seems like a minimal requirement. However, it seems not to be the case anymore, and these two are the most famous exemplars of the trend, and the trend seems to be bleeding though (compare Nolan's first Batman to his last). The public has a right to be loud about this trend, seeing as that seems to be the only way to put pressure on producers not to hire bad writers. Which they both are.

  • Pippa Laughingstock


  • I haven't finished Lost, don't know if I will or not. However, I would have thought people would be yelling at the writers of Dexter. I suppose most people probably stopped watching before it ended.

  • crispin

    People really cared about "Lost". The "Dexter" writers waved the fans away a few seasons ago.

  • $6950553

    Could someone explain the tweet by Divad about the final scene. Didn't make much sense to me. He seemed to be referring to something very specific.

  • lily

    He's referring to the shot of the camera looking down on the main character. LOST ended with Jack dying in jungle with the camera above him -

  • Mac Williams

    I'm more of an A5-B12 asshole. I have to say that Lindelhof retweeting me effectively neutered my criticism of him last night. Thanks for retweeting me here. Mac Williams

  • Mike

    Just writing that the finale was good would be positive so obviously people have to turn this into something insulting.

  • Daniel Valentin

    Well Lindelof is the one who rewrote the script to Prometheus... So yeah, fuck that guy.

  • "Lost and Breaking Bad are similar shows" is the best one.

    They're similar in the way that they're both television shows starring humans.

    Sadly, the more I read about why many people enjoyed the finale so much, the more I think a lot of fans didn't deserve this quality of a show.

  • Modiano

    The only thing I find myself disliking about the BB finale are other people's opinions. For instance, a guy at work who watched the series based on my recommendation and was REALLY into it said this morning, "It wasn't that great. He should have had a shoot out with the cops. I wanted more carnage." *facepalm

  • ZombieNurse

    I hate the fact that with something as awesome and wide reaching as the Internet, the public at large doesn't use it for good. They use it to be complete assholes. I

  • "I don’t understand the reasoning behind the attacks, other than the fact that too many folks on the Internet are awful human beings."

    Then you understand.

  • Marc Greene

    "I guess we could have let it slide, but we thought to ourselves, ‘The
    audience has been real good to us, they’ve paid very close attention, we
    want to reward them by not leaving any loose ends here.’"

    -Why Vince Gilligan is a better showrunner than Damon Lindelof.

  • Steve Ward

    Lindelof (and Cuse, let's not forget him) rewarded me every step of the way and paid off everything I cared about.

  • Marc Greene

    I was a huge Lost fan and when I first saw the finale I was
    satisfied as it provided some level of closure to the characters I loved. What fairly well spoiled my appreciation for the series was trying to watch it again from the beginning. The affection for the characters blinded my memory of the poor structure of the overall narrative. I challenge someone to sit through all of the plot lines that went NOWHERE and meant NOTHING and still feel that Lost was one of the best shows on tv.

  • Steve Ward

    I think it's important to contextualise Lost as a network TV show with season-by-season arcs. Best show on TV? Nahhh. Top 10 network shows? There's a very easy discussion there.

    Also, what meant nothing? Besides Nikki and Paolo, haha. Or rather, what unanswered questions still bother you? Because one thing I stand by is that people overestimate how many unanswered questions there really were. Especially ones that mattered...

  • Jiffylush

    Especially ones that mattered...

    I think that is the point, there was too much stuff that didn't matter. There were entire episodes that can be removed from the series and you will lose nothing from the main story line.

  • Steve Ward

    I have a long ass reply to the College Humor video for people that seem to forget the second word in that site's name, but it's so long it's awaiting moderation. So in the mean time, what I meant by "the ones that mattered" was to dismiss the incredibly trivial bullshit that they never SHOULD have answered that people get all wrapped up in as poor storytelling.

    You've got Walt and Libby. And Walt's unanswered questions are due to the actor ageing and growing a foot and a half and being unusable. Libby is quite possibly my only outstanding, major, valid qualm.

    At the end of he day, Lost gave us the past, present, future and fucking afterlife of its characters. If you expect more than that (in terms of "who built the statue?" type shit), then you're a bad person.

  • Marc Greene

    I agree that some of the questions posed by the CH video are goofy, but I think I'd be more permissive of the others if the showrunners hadn't admitted pretty consistently that they were making it up as they went with no clear arc or endgame planned. I've been a Lost defender and apologist and it feels quite like what it must be like to be the parent of a delinquent child ("Sure Kate's horse made no sense and a lot of her backstory was pointless, but... she sure was a strong woman character, right? And that Evangeline Lilly sure is a great actress, right? Right?"). To me the approaches between the writing of Breaking Bad versus the writing of Lost boiled down to one distinct difference: the writers of Breaking Bad asked themselves hard questions about narrative, plot, continuity, and purpose while the writers of Lost seemed to just shrug off such questions with a "It's a fucking magical mystery island. Eat a dick". I can actually answer some of the questions from the CH video (i.e. the continuing Dharma drops), but my ability to do so is because of blu-ray and other supplemental extra material, not because the writers made any attempt to trim pointlessness out of the show in order to answer clearly posed questions. So much of the show was just mystery set-up with no purpose. If you can explain to me why we needed an episode to explain Jack's tattoos, I'll be more than happy to withdraw my dissent.

    As far as Walt, on a magical mystery island with the enigmatic Others running around, why not just say his growth spurt was because of either a) something magical or b) something mysterious? I love how they couldn't explain a boy's growth using the means intrinsic to the setting, yet they spent a whole episode explaining the mystery that was Richard Alpert.

    Please keep in mind: I'm comparing this to the expert follow through of plot threads from Breaking Bad. I don't feel like there was a wasted episode in the series (thought some would claim "Fly" was as close as you'll get).

  • JJ

    Yes, it's College Humor; ergo, my comment was a joke.

  • JJ

    What unanswered questions, you ask?

  • Steve Ward

    I'm glad Lindelof has a sense of humour about it (and his piles of money can't hurt), because damn it, I loved the Lost finale and would hate it if a single thing changed. The concept of the flash sideways itself, not my favourite, but the finale was perfect. And I, all these years later, still instinctively hate anyone who bashes it, and I assume they tuned in for just the finale, misinterpreted it, and totally missed Christian's speech that plainly explained that the island was not, nor was it ever, purgatory.

    The Lost finale was perfect. I will hear arguments for the overall story being disappointing (Though I was not disappointed. At all.) but the finale itself was perfect. Perfect, I tell you!

    Okay, maybe Locke/Jack was wrapped up too quickly. But other than that, perfect! Perfect god damn it!

  • Giancarlo

    I was going to write what I felt about this article, but I read your post first and now I have nothing left to do but vote up. Thanks!

  • Really, the only part that disappointed me about the finale was that Sayid saw Shannon in the afterlife and not Nadia.

  • Laura Salkeld

    I agree. WTF was that??

  • Modiano

    Same here. I won't say "perfect", but I loved the Lost finale. I'm sure lots of people have valid reasons for disliking it, but most of the reasons I've heard have to do with the whole nonsense "purgatory" theory. I will say, "Wait, no...that's not...ugh."

  • Tinkerville

    It will never cease to astound me just how many people think that they were in purgatory the whole time based on the finale. Did they not watch the same episode I did?! It was so blatantly said but everyone was flipping their shit over the fact that they "were dead the whole time." No. No they weren't. For fuck's sake.

  • Danar the Barbarian

    I have to disagree. The Lost finale was not perfect, and while it satisfied some fans - obviously, or you wouldn't have posted - a lot of others were left feeling shorted. I was a big fan from the pilot and stuck through faithfully to the finale, but it took me a week or so to come to peace with the way that show ended. Breaking Bad, on the other hand, left no questions unanswered. You knew what happened to everyone, and why.

    That being said, fans who can't let go of a television disappointment and take the time to hurl insults at creative people from their sofas can go, to quote the venerable Ice-T, "eat a hot bowl of dicks."

  • Steve Ward

    I'm not that guy who can't understand someone who was disappointed by something I loved, but what were your issues?

  • Jiffylush

    The quality of the TV show diminished in an almost direct decline from the pilot. I and many others stuck with it through all of the filler episodes that did nothing for the main story and started almost immediately(toy plane anyone?). We stuck through it until the end looking for some sort of closure and it was not there.

    The problem isn't that Lost is the most terrible ending of a series ever. The problem is that Lost exists in world where TV shows like Six Feet Under had demonstrated beautifully how to satisfyingly end story lines with emotional depth and resonance.

    With the series final of Breaking Bad it looked like the whole thing was written backwards. It looked like the people that made the show knew exactly where they were going from the first episode and went straight there.

    Apparently this reminded people of Lost and the fact that it was clearly being made up as it went along with no coherent direction or main story.

    Do I think people should tell a writer that he sucks all over again? No, of course not.

    I think this sums up Lost as a whole better than anyone else can. Something dreamed up by an executive with no real vision just a really non-original idea.

    The series was conceived by Lloyd Braun, head of ABC at the time, while he was on vacation in Hawaii during 2003.[36] Braun ordered an initial script from Spelling Television based on his concept of a cross between the novel Lord of the Flies, the movie Cast Away, the television series Gilligan's Island, and the popular reality show Survivor, which began script development for Lost.

  • Giancarlo

    It's funny how people want to bash Lost for story lines that went nowhere; all the while ignoring the fact that Breaking Bad had a character with cerebral palsy whose sole contribution to the show was asking what was for breakfast for 5 seasons.

    Throughout the show's entire run, I was wondering when they were going to use Walt, Jr as something other than a lawn ornament. At first, I hoped they would do something exciting, then I hoped they would do anything at all. "Maybe he'll develop a meth habit from Walt's cooking" or "Maybe they'll put him in some sort of danger." They had options, but, alas, breakfast was the contribution!

    Add to that Marie's pointless shoplifting storyline and Hank's unexplained sudden interest in minerals, and I'd say that Breaking Bad left plenty of things that were either unexplained or ignored.

  • Jiffylush

    You keep saying Walt and that name rings a bell for some reason...

    Something about son's of major characters...

    Junior didn't have a dark story arc, his primary role seemed to be "Walt's Son". The one that Walt was supposedly doing this for. The one who cut his dad our of his life and told him he wished he was dead. The one Walt left all of the money to.

    In LOST there was a character named Walt who was Michael's son. He disappeared from the show forever without a trace. You will probably say it was because he hit puberty and got tall and hardly looked like the same kid! Yeah, how on earth could a show with alternate timelines, alternate universes, time travel, whatever other BS they would make up and not be able to explain or tie into the story, not account for a character aging a few years?

    I loved LOST in the beginning and for a good while and I stuck through it to the end watching every single episode. You cannot compare story cohesion or closure in the finale of LOST to Breaking Bad and come out with LOST looking good so stop trying.

  • Themostunclean

    Walt DID reappear in the final season. He also was used in the wrap-up webisode that was released post finale. He wound up in the same mental institution that Hurley was in and it's implied that he takes over running the island after him.

    The #1 thing I hate about people that bash Lost is that they're always people who put absolutely zero effort into understanding the show. It's like their memory can't hop more than a couple of episodes at a time. Guess what? Lost was a fairly complex show with Game of Thrones levels of character development and story but with 22 episodes a season instead of only 12. It takes a lot more than a cursory, half-brained review of the series to understand what happened and why. As someone who has watched the entire run several times, I can tell you that very little was left hanging.

  • Thor

    You realize Breaking Bad was made as it went along too, right? Gilligan has said countless times how they planned it episode by episode. When Walt bought that machine gun, they didn't even have the Neo-nazis planned out.

  • Jiffylush

    I said it looked like it was written backwards, like they had a plan all along. If they didn't then they did an even better job of tying everything together than was done with LOST.

  • Marc Greene

    ^^This. I can't upvote this anymore, but please know that I would.

  • JJ

    It's a variation on Godwin's Law:
    As an online discussion of TV finales grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Lost or Lindelof approaches 1.

  • A1 assholes.

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