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Patrick Stewart Talks To Puppies Exactly The Way You’d Expect Him To

By Victoria McNally | Celebrity | March 9, 2017 |

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Because Patrick Stewart isn’t already perfect enough, he and his family are fostering a pitbull named Ginger. Except, they’re totally not going to foster it, because look at this poor sucker meeting a puppy for the first time. This is the face of a man who is keeping that dog.

It’s comforting to me that Patrick Stewart’s cutesy-talk voice is exactly as I’d pictured it: higher-pitched and softer than his usual commanding tone, but still just as deliberate and measured. “Thank you, that was a very nice greeting”? Most people just coo and yell “PUPPY KISSES!”, Patrick, but it’s sweet that you’re trying to have a civil conversation with her.

Yeah, Ginger definitely lives there forever now. I don’t think Patrick has much of a choice in the matter at this point.

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