Emma Stone and Colin Firth Are the Old Bickering Married Couple Vaudevillian Dreams Are Made Of
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Emma Stone and Colin Firth Are the Old Bickering Married Couple Vaudevillian Dreams Are Made Of

By Vivian Kane | Celebrities Are Better than You | July 22, 2014 | Comments ()


If there’s anything more adorable than an Emma Stone press tour, I don’t want to know what it is. She gave an interview to the Daily Beast alongside that toolbag Colin Firth, and the two spent the entire time bicker-bantering like they were auditioning for an Abbott and Costello biopic. Which I, personally, would pay a lot of money to see. Get on that, Hollywood.

Emma Stone: I’ve seen Love Actually about 18 times. I’ve seen Bridget Jones too many times now. You were so upset with me! I live-texted Colin the plot of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason a few months back while I was watching it. You were very upset with me, if I remember correctly. I talked him through what he was doing.

Colin Firth: Thank you. She’s talking through my back catalog via text! I might decide to not revisit stuff in the past, and then you get a good friend saying, “Oh, when you were doing this you had this and that expression on your face.”

Stone: That was a misfire… in that moment. But it was all complimentary! But I’ve seen many of Colin’s movies. Although my mother absolutely does love Colin, I will say that.

Firth: You’re not the only person whose mother loves me. [Laughs]

Later, Emma calls Colin out on his ability to find quotes for any situation. Turns out Emma has a mental library of quotes too, but they’re all from one source.

Firth: There’s this great Groucho quote, “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them I have others!”

Stone: You never don’t have a quote for something. I know that’s a double negative.

Firth: No, that is a grammatically correct double negative! Am I just a quote-bore?

Stone: “I like you very much… just as you are.”

Firth: She can do it! Jesus.

Stone: That was so good, and you know it! Look at you… you’re all red now. Oh, Colin, you’re so wonderful. [Laughs] You’re my Oscar Wilde.

Firth: But am I a quote-bore?

Stone: You’re a quote whore is what you are. You have so many quotes that I can’t see straight. You’re like the quote village bicycle.

Firth: I’m going to stop now. Crack-Whores and Quote-Bores. That will be the name of my autobiography.

They also finish each other’s sandwiches sentences. Colin told a story about having to shoot a scene - naked - in a very cold river, and the… uh… specific issues that go along with that environment.

Firth: I had to come out of a river on a freezing November morning at 7 a.m…. naked. It was physically uncomfortable…It was horrendous, because what the temperature of that water does to your pride…

Stone: …and Prejudice. [Laughs]

Firth: Oh God…

And curtain.

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  • laylaness

    My heart!

  • John W

    Bud & Lou (1978): starring Harvey Korman as Bud Abbott and Buddy Hackett as Lou Costello. It's not bad for a made for TV movie. It's how I learned that Bud Abbott suffered from epilepsy.

  • ERM 275

    They would be a really adorable pairing for a movie about a father and daughter. Then I realized it was a Woody Allen movie and that was not what was happening in that picture.

  • logan

    Yes they would make a great couple IF she wanted to marry her dad.

  • Mrs. Julien

    "You never don’t have a quote for something." This is my goal in life... Well, I know it is not a great goal, but... Well, fu*k you. I can live my life in my own way if I want to.

  • sherryb23

    I now have a new sentence to try and fit into conversation at work today: "You’re like the quote village bicycle."

  • Bananapanda

    Ugh I don't want to see another Woody Allen film!

    Also a double negative is called Litotes (thank you high school Latin!)

  • LMo

    Oh gosh. I thought the same thing. I've never really watched any of his movies. Besides his general creepiness the couple I've tried to watch struck me as twee. Is that the right word? Yea i'll stick with twee. I do lurve Colin Firth however. Meh i'll do the press tour too, like Bweaves.

  • ljridley

    I know. It makes me kind of sad that it thanks to Allen that we are getting this lovely charm tour and I will not get to see these two on screen together.

  • BWeaves

    Me, either. I'll just watch their press tour.

  • Dulce et Banana

    I think they should go on a world-wide tour, a little singing, a little dancing, some bon mots, a deep bow to adoring crowds and off to the next stop.

    {edit} OMG maybe it's because I watched Victor/Victoria on the weekend (RIP James Garner) but I could see them performing this to the adoring crowds - without the fist fight at the end bien sur.


  • Berry

    Thank you so much for posting this. It made my morning, and the knowledge of their adorableness will keep me going till at least lunch-time.

  • bimboden

    Is this on film? Dear god, why can't this be on film?!

  • luckypete

    I was just coming here to ask where video of any kind is of this interaction, because it is absolutely marvelous.

  • vivkane

    It's not! And I think that's a crime against... well, against the things we want to be true.

  • Altius

    They are so charming it just about makes me sick. Let's be friends.

  • antonioabrown

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