Emma Stone and Colin Firth Are the Old Bickering Married Couple Vaudevillian Dreams Are Made Of

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Emma Stone and Colin Firth Are the Old Bickering Married Couple Vaudevillian Dreams Are Made Of

By Vivian Kane | Celebrities Are Better than You | July 22, 2014 | Comments ()


If there’s anything more adorable than an Emma Stone press tour, I don’t want to know what it is. She gave an interview to the Daily Beast alongside that toolbag Colin Firth, and the two spent the entire time bicker-bantering like they were auditioning for an Abbott and Costello biopic. Which I, personally, would pay a lot of money to see. Get on that, Hollywood.

Emma Stone: I’ve seen Love Actually about 18 times. I’ve seen Bridget Jones too many times now. You were so upset with me! I live-texted Colin the plot of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason a few months back while I was watching it. You were very upset with me, if I remember correctly. I talked him through what he was doing.

Colin Firth: Thank you. She’s talking through my back catalog via text! I might decide to not revisit stuff in the past, and then you get a good friend saying, “Oh, when you were doing this you had this and that expression on your face.”

Stone: That was a misfire… in that moment. But it was all complimentary! But I’ve seen many of Colin’s movies. Although my mother absolutely does love Colin, I will say that.

Firth: You’re not the only person whose mother loves me. [Laughs]

Later, Emma calls Colin out on his ability to find quotes for any situation. Turns out Emma has a mental library of quotes too, but they’re all from one source.

Firth: There’s this great Groucho quote, “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them I have others!”

Stone: You never don’t have a quote for something. I know that’s a double negative.

Firth: No, that is a grammatically correct double negative! Am I just a quote-bore?

Stone: “I like you very much… just as you are.”

Firth: She can do it! Jesus.

Stone: That was so good, and you know it! Look at you… you’re all red now. Oh, Colin, you’re so wonderful. [Laughs] You’re my Oscar Wilde.

Firth: But am I a quote-bore?

Stone: You’re a quote whore is what you are. You have so many quotes that I can’t see straight. You’re like the quote village bicycle.

Firth: I’m going to stop now. Crack-Whores and Quote-Bores. That will be the name of my autobiography.

They also finish each other’s sandwiches sentences. Colin told a story about having to shoot a scene - naked - in a very cold river, and the… uh… specific issues that go along with that environment.

Firth: I had to come out of a river on a freezing November morning at 7 a.m…. naked. It was physically uncomfortable…It was horrendous, because what the temperature of that water does to your pride…

Stone: …and Prejudice. [Laughs]

Firth: Oh God…

And curtain.

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