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Twitter Baffled By Outrage For Officer "Karen" As She Cries Over An Egg McMuffin

By Jodi Smith | Social Media | June 17, 2020 |

By Jodi Smith | Social Media | June 17, 2020 |


Ever since well, forever, some police officers seek to bolster their position within the community via sympathy for supposedly being treated poorly by minimum wage workers that probably can’t afford to lose their job. There was a very recent claim by officers on the NYPD that they were poisoned by milkshakes from Shake Shack. (No, they were not poisoned.)

Today, an officer is trending under #McMuffin after sharing this complete meltdown on Twitter and having it picked up by idiots as proof of cops being treated poorly.

If you think that people went after Officer Karen, you are very correct, sir and or madam.

There is the fact that EVERYONE pays upfront for their food in a McDonald’s drive-thru because that’s how that works when you don’t want people to drive off with free food. Additionally, McDonald’s isn’t a beacon of customer service and speed there, Brenda. Sometimes they get overwhelmed and food has to be prepped fresh to get it to customers. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t had to wait for fries, a sandwich minus a tomato, or anything else.

God help us the day Officer Karen wants a shake and the machine is down.

DAMN IT. Dipsh*t Jr. is running with it.

Oh, Michael Ian Black, please don’t take the high road on this one. If the officer was just stressed out she could reach out and tell people NOT to harass the McDonald’s as suggested by some outraged by her treatment there. She could delete the video. She could tweet out ANYTHING to apologize for overreacting.

Um, when I said “anything”, I was wrong.

I’m just saying that not everything is something that you need to live-tweet, film, upload, and attempt to get sympathy for and that goes double for a f*cking fast food order being slow. No one is poisoning you and losing their income to face jail time. No one hates you because you are a cop but they will hate you for attempting to garner sympathy when Black people are being shot and lynched with no repercussions.

Header Image Source: McDonald's