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This Is The Stupidest Effing Thing On The Internet

By Emily Cutler | Social Media | May 19, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Social Media | May 19, 2017 |

As some of you might know, I’m studying to become an accountant. But as most of you probably won’t know, I had to take an Art Appreciation class as part of my gen eds. So I’m more than qualified to offer a critique of the comic in the header, and I can say, with absolutely surety, that’s the stupidest fucking thing on the internet right now (yeah, I get to use real swears after the break. Balls). Now, you could argue that that’s an easy assessment given that the comic is from that media luminary Americans for Limited Government, which features such thought provoking treaties like “So what if Trump shared intel with Russia to avert potential terror attacks?”, but it’s not only the source that makes it stupid. Let’s get into it.

1) That’s Not What A Witch Hunt Is
That’s not what a witch hunt is. Like not at all. Although, I do desperately want to see what this guy thinks a rabbit hunt is because I think it would be terrifyingly adorable, and that’s my wheelhouse. Like if Zooey Deschanel got hopped up on meth, and started Running Man-ing people. The creator of this cartoon managed to miss the fundamental point of the term witch hunt. And then made a cartoon about it. It’s very stupid.

2) That’s Not A Hot Take On What “Witch Hunt” Means
Someone will argue that this is just a creative reimagining of “witch hunt.” Because Trump clearly can’t be a witch given that he’s a big, tough man with man hands who doesn’t even need magic because he’s so powerful. Only that unforgivable bastardization of the term “witch hunt” leaves us a fucking mess puddle of metaphor and stupidity. A “witch hunt” is where a group of people persecute a person or group of people for a crime that couldn’t possibly exist. They prey upon others’ lack of understanding in order to whip up hysteria in an effort to take down a person who has done little, if anything, wrong. Look at the stupid comic again.

Thumbnail image for StupidWitchHunt.jpg

Trump’s not portrayed as a witch. He’s literally framed as a deer. You know, those animals that the government has decided that, due to their position and dangerous power, need to be kept under control in certain respects, and are therefore the legitimate target of governmental bodies? And on occasion, journalists and the media will report on said actions taken by the government in order to ensure that the citizenry in general are kept safe? Or what about the fact that the poster of Trump includes the phrase “open season” alluding to the fact that there are certain restrictions on when, where, and how the target can be chased in order to make sure that they aren’t over hunted? Is that what the creator of the cartoon meant to do? Because what this does is frame the government’s and media’s actions not just as necessary, but thoroughly regulated and law abiding.

3) Was That All Worth It To Draw Nancy Pelosi As A Witch?
Seriously, was that it? You got to draw her as a green, ugly version of herself? Because as a woman who writes on the internet and is also a woman in real life, I can guarantee you, Pelosi has heard worse.

4) Same With The Shadowy Obama Figure
First. Black. President. And you come at him with that bush-league shit.

So in conclusion, the artist doesn’t understand a basic, nearly self-explanatory colloquialism, and instead accidentally portrayed the ongoing Trump investigation as well-regulated and necessary. This is very likely the most epic example of something backfiring I’ve ever seen in real life, and I once watched a child try to punch his sister and accidentally hit himself in the back of the head with a swing. In his defense, that child was 3. I’m guessing this artist doesn’t have the same excuse, yes? It’s almost as if the people supporting Trump aren’t that smart.

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