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TBS Tweets Misogynistic Bullsh*t About Hillary, Sam Bee Owns The Everloving F*ck Out Of Them

By Emily Cutler | Social Media | July 26, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Social Media | July 26, 2016 |

Poppets, listen, if you learn one thing from me, I hope it’s this: don’t fuck with Samantha Bee.

Last night TBS’s comedy site The Heckler put out a video comparing Hillary Clinton’s laugh to that of a hyena’s laugh. Because of course it fucking did. When in need of a topic in politics, sports or culture to spoof, The Heckler decided it was totally cool to mock a presidential candidate for her laugh, because that’s relevant. And don’t for a second try to tell me that that shit isn’t sexist. Or if you want to argue that isn’t sexist, name all the male politicians who are criticized for having bad laughs. Or those internet jokes about hot guys with bad laughs. You got nothing? Cool.

Luckily, Sam Bee was as unimpressed with the video as I imagine I would be. Here’s where things go from being regularly impressive to ball crushingly so.


Yeah. Sam Bee tweeted, “Delete your account,” at her boss. And her boss fucking listened. Both TBS and Bee’s tweets related to the video were disappeared into the Twitter ether. And the video about the hyena laugh? Might as well as never have existed.

You can claim that it shouldn’t have been difficult for Bee to register her disapproval. She was not only clearly right about the video being shitty, but she was also able to object to the video from the relative safety of behind her screen. Only Bee wasn’t anonymously telling some MRA shitbag to delete his account. She, with her real name and identity, was telling her very real employer that they had fucked up and fucked up big. There are instances of having no fucks left to give and instances of being so goddamn fed up with the daily onslaught of shit that you don’t remember what giving a fuck felt like. Sam Bee’s here to show us how to do this right.

Source: Business Insider