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Reddit's Saved You A Click Is Truly The Hero We Need Right Now

By Jodi Smith | Social Media | March 5, 2020 |

By Jodi Smith | Social Media | March 5, 2020 |


Things aren’t quite as click-baity as they used to be around these here Interwebs. Most reputable sites want to provide a full headline without hyperbole or lies about what it actually contains. Obviously, there are outliers that take the words of, ohhhh I don’t know, Leigh Whannell in an interview, chop it up, and use it for a headline about the Snyder Cut, but they are few at this point.

Then there are the sites that make their money with “You’ll Never Believe… ” or something similar only to force the reader to click through multiples slides or pages just to find out that there is no point to the post or it’s a simple conclusion. That’s where Reddit’s Saved You A Click comes in. Dedicated members of the sub-Reddit click through all of the idiotic and pointless click-bait out there and report only what you may want to know.

This one sums up the beauty of the sub so nicely.

Coronavirus Attacks the Lungs. Here’s What That Means for Smokers and Vapers | we don’t know from r/savedyouaclick

COVID-19 is currently popular with these types of posts.

Coronavirus: Will U.S. Movie Theaters Close? | Quote from Eric Handler, an analyst with MKM Partners: “We’re seeing zero impact from attendance right now at the box office.” from r/savedyouaclick

Sometimes the users even find articles that full-on LIE with headlines and share it with the sub.

‘Bojack Horseman Season 7’: Release date and other details inside. Make sure to check this out!! | There won’t be a season 7 from r/savedyouaclick

“Mass hysteria, dogs and cats living together” headlines are abundant as well.

Asteroid Warning: NASA tracks a 4km killer rock on approach - could end human civilisation | No it won’t, it will miss by about 6 million kilometres from r/savedyouaclick


Family raised dog 2yrs, only to find it’s not a dog | 20 clicks it’s a bear, no picture. from r/savedyouaclick

Nasty, y’all. Nasty.

Camila Cabello Shares Her ”First Internet Nude” in Honor of 23rd Birthday | It’s a picture of her when she was a baby. from r/savedyouaclick
Ben Affleck’s look for new movie resembles first Batman design. | It doesn’t. | Saved you a very painful read. from r/savedyouaclick

Seriously, doing the dark lord’s work here.

Google says Microsoft Edge isn’t secure. I asked Google why || They didn’t respond || Saved you 20 paragraphs about the authors daily life. from r/savedyouaclick


This Is Why Hotel Guests Should Always Put Coins In The Sink | plug the drain so you can do your laundry in the sink [48 clicks saved] from r/savedyouaclick
Does Sonic Kiss James Marsden? | No, they do not “because Hollywood is full of cowards.” from r/savedyouaclick

And that’s enough internet for today.

Jodi Smith is a Senior Reporter, Film & Television at Pajiba. You can email her or follow her on Twitter.

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