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Netflix Asked What Changes Twitter Users Would Make To Movie Endings

By Jodi Smith | Social Media | February 28, 2019 |

By Jodi Smith | Social Media | February 28, 2019 |


An ending can make or break a movie. Some flicks are enjoyable right up until the closing moments where we find out Jigsaw had yet another apprentice hiding in the weeds and we just watched two timelines play out like they were one (again). Other films keep you intrigued before effectively pulled all of its threads together into one magnificent tapestry of understanding and closure.

Since no one gets it right every time, Netflix decided to ask Twitter what movie endings they would change and how. I would change the ending of The Descent to the original, hallucination ending so the sequel never happened. Such a waste.

Obviously, this was my favorite exchange from the entire thread that ensued.


I’m honestly surprised Courtney didn’t tweet this response:

Let us not forget that the person or people in charge of Netflix’s Twitter account are geniuses.

Very witty, they are.

And some people don’t understand how endings work.

Finally, we were left with life lessons.

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