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How Do I Marry Rob Delaney's Twitter Feed?

By Petr Navovy | Social Media | February 13, 2019 |

By Petr Navovy | Social Media | February 13, 2019 |


Rob Delaney is the American comedian and actor whose most recent recent works include starring alongside Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2, and being the co-star and co-writer of Sharon Horgan’s hit TV show, Catastrophe.

An Irish America, Delaney is originally from Massachusetts, but these days he and his wife Leah and their children live in my home town: London. He seems to have taken to the city in his time here, and to our politics too. It’s lovely to see.

Delaney also has one of the best damn celebrity Twitter accounts out there. He’s got one and a half million followers and his feed is funny, progressive, humane, and I love it. Which is really an achievement because holy shit do I hate Twitter. It might be a great way for progressives to bypass the propaganda wall of traditional corporate media, but between all the outraged hot takes, asinine clapbacks, and literal Nazis, the stench of it all is sometimes way too much to take. Which is why Rob Delaney’s Twitter feed is just such a fine-ass panacea.

You know that meme about ‘Get you a man who can do both’? Delaney’s Twitter feed is like that.

Get you a man who can…

Hype up great TV shows!

Rip corporate complicit Democrats a new one while standing up for one of the only few willing to break the otherwise unshakeable foreign policy consensus!

Speak the truth about the political landscape that the establishment doesn’t want to hear!

Read behind the news on important issues!

Provide inspiring (and majestically hairy) messages to The Youth!

Really just not mess around when it comes to celebrity non-apologies!

Take the piss out of himself with humility and grace!

Champion the most viable hope for a progressive alternative in Europe!

Tear down public health terrorists!

Say what everyone should be saying!

Create beautiful, instantly iconic art!

Bare his soul to the world in a sincere way.

Cut to the heart of the issue!


Make you snortlaugh your coffee!

Champion a growing left-wing international!

Condense complex political narratives into their most important components!

Expand on those narratives when need be!

Say what we’re all thinking!

Really paint a picture with words!

Rob Delaney’s Twitter feed, will you marry me?

Header Image Source: Twitter