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Bridesmaid Who Wore T-Rex Costume Down The Aisle Regrets Nothing

By Kristy Puchko | Social Media | September 5, 2019 |

By Kristy Puchko | Social Media | September 5, 2019 |


“You can wear whatever you want,” the bride told her bridesmaids. In response, her maid-of-honor decided not to buy a flowy taffeta gown or a puffy-sleeved monstrosity. Instead, she purchased an inflatable T-rex costume to walk down the aisle in. It made for quite the picture. Then, dino-loving Maid of Honor, Christina A. Meador, posted the pic to Facebook with the caption, “I reget nothing.”

The post has since recieved over 39,000 shares, 19,000 likes and 9,000 comments. Plus it went viral beyond Facebook, taking to Twitter.

Some thought the idea was fun!

Others did not.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 7.32.25 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 7.33.30 AM.png

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Meador set the record straight on some of the finer points of this story. For one thing, Meador didn’t surprise the bride, her sister Deanna Adams, with the costume. And the bride was totally on board.

People reports Adams even defended her sister’s unconventional choice of dress, posting in response to backlash on Facebook:

“It’s not a joke, it’s a giant middle finger at spending thousands of dollars and putting ungodly amounts of pressure on ourselves just to please a bunch of people who, in the end, only want free food and drinks. The point was to get married to the man who treats me like I hung the moon, and we did that part.”

As to how the idea came about, it began with Adams’ assurance that being a bridesmaid wouldn’t require a costly uniform gown. Meador explained, “She, knowing that I’m not a big fan of wearing formal dresses and that I probably wouldn’t have a lot of money to buy something really nice, reassured me by letting me know that I could pick out any outfit that I choose.”

Practical-minded as she is, the 38-year-old rationalized, “I was trying to think of something that I would be willing to wear more than once,” Meador said. “And thought to myself, ‘Well, she did say anything, and if I’m spending more than $50, I want it to be a dinosaur costume, because they’re fantastic and I’ve always wanted one.’”

She pitched the idea to her sister, who said yes to the T-Rex. Still, Meador offered other options, including a TARDIS costume. She also had a $20 backup dress on hand, in case her sister changed her mind about having a dinosaur in the bridal party. But the bride didn’t budge. So, on the big day, Meador clutched her bouquet in her little T-Rex hand and strode down the aisle (as best she could).

“I remember being surprised that everyone seemed to be doing their best to avoid noticing the elephant in the room (or should I say dino),” Meador joked, “but it was hard to see in the costume.”