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Black Journalist Fired After White Colleagues Complained About Her Sharing Article About White Women's Tears On Her Private Facebook Page

By Petr Navovy | Social Media | August 21, 2018 |

By Petr Navovy | Social Media | August 21, 2018 |


A little while back we published a piece here, telling the story of how one woman’s article about white women’s tears—and how they are often cynically used and exploited to silence women of colour—led to a torrent of abuse for the author.

I encourage you to read the original piece again, here. Its author, Ruby Hamad, has since been documenting this phenomenon, and repelling trolls, tirelessly on her Twitter feed. (She also wrote this quite astounding and heartfelt piece about the systemic and widespread racism upon which modern Australia was built and which I also encourage you to read.)

Just the other day, something happened that makes me think we are living in an era in which satire is not only dead, but in which it has been exhumed, resurrected, had its eyes gouged out and its limbs broken, and then fired straight into the heart of the sun. That’s right: A black journalist, Lisa Benson Cooper, shared Ms Hamad’s article on her personal Facebook page, and was subsequently fired after her white colleagues complained. I’m going to let Ruby tell the story here:

According to Heavy:

Since her hire in 2004, Lisa actively pursued promotions, but claims they were always given “to white employees with far less experience.”

Another reporter by the name of Demetrice “Dee” Jackson who also works for KSHB-TV has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit as well, claiming that he was twice overlooked for the position of sports director after senior staff lead him to believe he’d be given the position.

In 2015, Lisa started to ask her supervisor why she hadn’t seen the promotions that others have and why she was being mistreated in general. She was told her behavior was “combative” and her co-workers accused her of fighting with her supervisor. She was suspended without pay for two days.

Header Image Source: Ruby Hamad Twitter