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Benito Mussolini's Granddaughter Gets Into a Twitter Spat With Jim Carrey, Because Why Not I Guess?

By Petr Knava | Social Media | April 1, 2019 |

By Petr Knava | Social Media | April 1, 2019 |


Being an internet writer is quite a unique experience. I have a full-time day job, so for me this is very much a part-time gig. A part-time gig that I adore. For the most part. For a start, the other writers here are the best bunch of hilarious, insightful, kind-hearted sorts I could ever hope to call colleagues. The comment section too is, quite aside from the internet norm of ‘racist swamp-fire’, a remarkably positive, intelligent place. And getting to communicate with so many people about the things I really care about—the rottenness of capitalism, the absolute mess that is the media, or a dog somewhere doing literally anything—is a great privilege.

One of the only sorta-downsides of the job is having to stay on top of the daily news grind. I post at least once a day on here, and that means that in the moments snatched between my day job and normal life commitments I have to a) scour the internet to find a story, b) decide on an angle for a piece on the story, and c) finally actually write the piece. I have to do all this while at the same time a) trying to write longer, more thought-out pieces in the background to hopefully put out at least maybe once a week, and b) wrestling with the self-hatred and insecurity that comes packaged as standard with the act of writing. It’s a hell of a juggling act.

So when I wake up on a Monday morning, bleary-eyed, confused, immediately opening up several news feeds and wondering what the hell there might be to write about and I see the internet buzzing with a story that goes something like ‘Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter in Twitter row with Jim Carrey’—well, reader, let me tell you, I crack half a smile, give the universe a tired thumbs up and say, ‘Cheers,mate. That’ll do.’ Because look:

Remember: Jim Carrey paints now. Some of his stuff is quite good. And by that I mean, ‘not entirely awful’. Okay, fine, it’s not great. It’s pretty bad. It’s better than his association with, and amplification of, noted snake-oil salesperson and anti-vaxx nutter Jenny McCarthy anyway. That picture of his up there is of course a depiction of Benito Mussolini and his mistress’ (Clara Petacci) fate. In 1945, as the war in Europe was nearing its final stages, Benny the fascist blockhead and his missus saw the writing on the wall and they tried to flee to Switzerland. Classic fascist move. Unfortunately for them, Italian communists caught them both before they could even get out of Italy—*wompwomp*—and executed them before shipping their bodies to Milan to be hung outside of a service station. Quite a kind ending, all things considered, one might say. Not so Alessandra Mussolini’s granddaughter, who clearly got upset. And then dug in deeper, and also more incoherent?





Which. I mean. Okay? America is for sure responsible for some of the most heinous crimes ever. Carrey, to his credit, does mostly criticize the States.

So while, yes, America has done oh so many bad things, and there’s a lot to be said about Hollywood celebrities keeping quiet while Democrats ramped up the surveillance state, bombed more Muslim countries, and refused to tackle Wall Street corruption before suddenly becoming outspoken about politics once the vulgar Republican nastiness of Trump came to the fore—something tells me that’s not what Alessandra’s point is.

And while we’re on the subject of The Point, I think this is the most salient one of all:


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