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Amy Schumer Asks For (Sort Of) Equal Pay From Netflix, World Cheers Woman Overcoming Genetic Adversity

By Emily Cutler | Social Media | August 25, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Social Media | August 25, 2017 |

Poor [WHAT’S HIS FACE FROM GOOGLE]. First he gets fired from his job just for having the decency to explain to people why women suck at tech jobs, and now a basic tenet of his ten-page treatise has been disproven.

A couple of days ago, Variety ran a story about how women in television and film still aren’t being paid as much as their male counterparts. In cases of women of color, drastically so. And then people made a big goddamn deal about how this is only because women, as [GOOGLE GUY] pointed, aren’t as good at negotiating as men. Which is weird because I didn’t realize that actors had to be repped by only members of their own gender. I figured that actors had teams of agents and lawyers including men, women, and all degrees of non-binary/non-conforming, and that, as such, if female actors are being paid less than males, it just might be because we value women’s work less than men’s. Go figure.

All of which brings us to Amy Schumer. As the Variety story pointed out, she, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle were all paid by Netflix to do comedy specials. When Schumer found out that she’d been paid $11 million while both Rock and Chappelle got $20 million, she and her team of all-female, all-women went back to Netflix to ask for more money. CAN YOU IMAGINE? A woman, actually several women, in fact, had the balls(?) not only to negotiate, but to negotiate retroactively once she discovered how poorly she’d negotiated previously. They overcame their inherent, biological weakness and inferiority in order to do something that usually only men can do! Sisters truly are doing it for themselves. And upon hearing that a woman acted with such bravery to face down her massive genetic obstacle, the world rejoiced and that was the end of the story.

Oh wait, actually a bunch of people took to social media to call Schumer a fat pig and say she doesn’t deserve to be paid anything.

Now the fat pig thing is par for the course if you’re a woman in life. But the deserving to be paid thing is what we call in economic terms “banana shit crazy.” Not because it claims that Schumer shouldn’t get paid for her work as that’s an old, standard tenet of economic theory called “housework.” No, what I’m referring to is ability by certain members of the commentor-ariat to ascertain the inherent value of the work of Rock and Chappelle as compared to that of Schumer. Their basic argument is that Schumer hasn’t been working as long/isn’t as funny/isn’t as profitable for Netflix. And they’re able to quantify this amount to almost the penny. Chappelle and Rock, despite the five-year difference in careers, varying success with TV and movies, and recent differences in popularity and tour size, are exactly the same amount of funny, legendary and profitable. Schumer is forty-five-percent less so. This is known to them. And this somehow inverts the idea that women don’t get paid as much because they don’t ask for it. It’s almost as if women don’t get paid as much despite their abilities, demand, and willingness to negotiate aggressively because SOME ASSHOLES DON’T THINK THEY DESERVE AS MUCH.

Schumer, for her part, defended wanting equal pay for equal work by explaining that of course she didn’t ask for as much money as Rock or Chappelle because she understands she’s not as valuable as they are, and only asked for slightly more money because she’s, at most, only twenty-five-percent less good than they are or something. Because fuck it, why shouldn’t everything about this be horrible?

Point is, we’ve lost a real hero today. And his name is [GOOGLE GUY’S MEMO TITLE].

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