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What The F*ck Is Going On In This 'Legion' Season 2 Footage?

By Tori Preston | TV | February 1, 2018 |

By Tori Preston | TV | February 1, 2018 |


FX put out a new promo highlighting their slate of originals for 2018, and it had something for everyone. Whether you’re looking forward to new series like Trust or Mayans MC, or just waiting for returns of Atlanta and Archer (HE’S GOT AN EYEPATCH OMG), you can whet your appetite with this dose of fresh new footage:

Personally, though? As much as I love and/or am looking forward to a lot of those series, I’m here for one thing and one thing only: a glimpse of Legion Season 2. I don’t even really want to know what’s going to happen, because if I learned anything from the first season it’s that plot is only part of the Legion experience. Hell, “plot” is subjective anyway! A good portion of the show takes place inside the mind, or on the Astral Plane, or I don’t even know where — and honestly even the “real world” was so stylized that I’m not convinced it was the “real world” at all. I barely even understand what happened last season, and I don’t care.

I just want to look at it again, pure and simple.

So I pulled some screenshots, for posterity!


“I wanted to be normal. Any of this look normal to you?”

No Dan Stevens, it does not. Why do you think I’m watching?


Is there gonna be another Lenny dance sequence, only with Oliver in it?! I feel bad for Legion and his mutant friends, because I am already so much more invested in whatever is going down on that Aubrey Plaza/Jemaine Clement road trip.


Remember how David was scanned and then teleported into that little metal orb and whisked away at the end of season 1? Of course you do — how could you forget! I’m guessing this is him inside of it.


Something is going to light up and get stared at…


There will be baskets, on heads…


“Open your mind” Cary says while looking into a stylishly-lit iron lung or whatever…


But this might be my favorite shot of the whole thing:


1: Oliver Bird can GET. IT.

2: I want Lenny’s bathing suit.

3: Pretty sure this dovetails into that mysterious script page that was released to EW during San Diego Comic Con last summer, which means that pool scene miiiiight be a mental projection… thing. Here was what executive producer Noah Hawley had to say about it:

“Lenny and Oliver are being used by this character, Amahl Farouk. He wears their faces from time to time. It’s his way of hiding himself. I had this thought of, ‘What does Freddy Krueger do during the day?’ I thought it was interesting, the idea of the downtime of these characters. They’re not being used and so what is reality like for them? They’re being placated, that they’re in some place beautiful that may not actually be a physical space, it may be a mental space, like an astral plane. They have everything they need, they’re by the pool, it’s beautiful, but at a certain point, there’s part of them that realizes that they’re just trapped in this reality they don’t have any control over.”

I know the Shadow King is the bad guy, but still — I want to go to that pool party.

Legion will return this April.

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