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We're Starting to Panic: 'Passage' Ep 4 Recap

By Joelle Monique | TV | February 5, 2019 |

By Joelle Monique | TV | February 5, 2019 |



Last week we peered into Shauna’s traumatic past. Clark spared her life and is deeply in denial about his role with the Vampire. Lila and Lacey spoke to a reporter to try and get the story of Project Noah out to the public. Brad saw the monsters under the bed, while Amy tried not to panic. As the story builds panic becomes a more and more reasonable response. Hell is about to be let loose.


Dr. Lila


Together with Lacey, Lila listens to the upcoming segment their reporter friend put together on the missing death row inmates. The reporter is concerned for their safety, but Lacey has the lay of the land. She’ll need to be ready, because their reporter friend has been murdered before the report could air. In real life, this story would have aired the same night. The reporter would have won a Pulitzer posthumously. The story doesn’t air. Upon hearing the news Lacey and Lila flee their hotel for safer pastures.

Clark Richards


Shauna visits Clark again, and her power of persuasions have grown. She convinces Clark that Seargent Paulson (new to us) will take Project Noah public. When Clark confronts Paulson, Paulson is assured that Babcock toyed with Clark. “You could stop this,” Paulson pleads with Clark in front of the cage of David Winston. Winston drove a long-haul truck for 20 years. One day he murdered and raped a girl. Then he spent the next five years murdering across the country. Winston tells Paulson he loves him while Paulson dreams. Paulson does not handle the unrequited love well. Feeling unheard, he takes to the roof and begins firing rounds into trucks.

Clark spins a very detailed lie to protect his vampire mistress. He tells Nichole that the DOJ wasn’t willing to lose the asset given how much money they’d already spent. Leaning on the need for a cure, Clark says he’d been told to stand down. Fortunately, Nichole ain’t no fool. She calls the DOJ for confirmation. Aware her lover is lying, she springs into action, but not before Paulson goes on a shooting rampage.

Anthony Carter


Anthony begins to feel some of the vampire side effects, mainly sensitivity to sunlight and loss of teeth. Dr. Tim visits Anthony in a dream. He warns him he’ll have to make a decision sooner rather than later. Jonas wants to know what decision Anthony will have to make, but Tim hasn’t told him yet. Wanting to unearth more information about Carter, Jonas pushes for details on his trial. Apparently, Carter wouldn’t even accept help from Project Innocence. His sentence is self-imposed. He’s got to be regretting that choice as he begins to go in shock. In an ice bath, Anthony dreams about Rachel Wilson, of whom Anthony was convicted of murder.

In his pre-prison life, Anthony flipped houses. During an open house, he meets Rachel. The spirited redhead was a realtor and wanted to make commission off one of Anthony’s flips that weren’t selling. “Give me the confidence of a first-time flipper,” she quips lightheartedly. But in the course of a conversation, a spark was lit, and they began dating. Three months into their relationship, she takes Carter to an empty house that they could flip together. Having already purchased the house, she becomes manic when Anthony expresses doubt at the speed with which she moves. Soon, Rachel reveals she’s married. Her husband is abusive, and she’s looking for a way out. The news is hard for Carter to hear, but he stays by her side through the night while he tries to figure out his own feelings. In the morning, she’s dead in the pool. Having been drinking heavily and popping pills like candy the night before, it is likely Rachel waded out into the pool, became overwhelmed, and drowned. Feeling guilty for not immediately forgiving Rachel, Anthony accepts responsibility for her death.

Fanning finally makes clear what decision Carter will have to make. He can choose to die a human or join Fanning’s family and live as a vampire. Fanning gets to deliver a sweet, manipulative villain monologue. “You want to feel a connection?” Fanning begins. “It’s human. But in the end, it just hurts you. You got blamed for Rachel Wilson’s death cause you were poor and you were Black.” I’ll pause here to say I don’t know of a lot of poor folks flipping houses, but OK. Tim continues, “That’s where love got you. Why does that not make you angry? I’m offering you a new life, one without pain, one without suffering. Power is what you’ve been missing. Love without power is misery.”

Amy Bellafonte


Amy has started to panic. She’s still trapped in a tiny white room, there are men with guns, and Brad hasn’t fulfilled his promise. Brilliant Brad, the super hot dad, convinces Dr. Major Nichole to broaden their field of play. Brad has members of the DOJ build a tree house for Amy. One problem, Amy is afraid of heights. Luckily, Brad’s more than prepared to guide her through her fear and help her see the benefit of a birds-eye view of their prison. Using the skills she learned from The Agent, a name she refuses to give up, Amy’s able to get a pair of binoculars from a guard, widening their view further. Back in her room, Amy continues conversing with Carter through the door. She learns about his increased power, he tries to soothe her, but Amy is no fool. Fear, inside Project Noah, is reasonable. Later, Shauna begins inducting Amy into the clan. First, she shows her how to use her power of perception. Amy’s very good, she know Shauna isn’t showing her true face. When she sees the fangs and veins, Amy freezes. “I’m not like you,” she proclaims. Shauna warns that if she fights it’s going to be harder.

Brad Wolgast


Brad tries to keep Amy calm while also looking for a way out of the compound. When Paulson begins firing on the compound, Brad’s got to switch his brain back to his interpreter role. Once on the roof, things get hairy quickly. Paulson isn’t a manic citizen on the street. He’s a trained special forces op with a plan. He won’t be able to use the typical talking points to calm him down. Worse, Paulson slipped a vial of Tim’s blood past the perimeter. If he doesn’t find a way out, the vial will go public. When Paulson starts talking about Babcock and Fanning’s plan, Clark snaps into action. Fanning needs all of his vampires to keep his coven alive, Paulson reveals. One more body and he’ll be able to… Clark shoots Paulson in the head. He’s definitely on the side of the vampire, whether he knows it or not. Daddy Brad tries to mend ways with his sexy bestie, but Clark is too far gone. “If trouble comes I’ll handle it,” Clark says with all the confidence of a cornered man.

Dr. Jonas


Dr. Jonas is studying brain wave activity in the vampires. He believes evolution has begun to take place within their minds. In conversation with Anthony, Jonas says Tim is the most intelligent and also the most manipulative person he’s ever met. Jonas suspects Mannings powers are growing. In fact, Tim has somehow sped up Anthony’s deterioration causing a fever of 106 degrees. An ice bath doesn’t work, and with the power cut by Paulson’s shooting rampage, Jonas almost loses Carter. When Carter makes his decision to go full vampire, he leaps from the ice bath and lunges at Dr. Major Nichole. Jonas leaps in front of her and takes a hit from Anthony. When he gets on the other side of a locked door, there is blood splattered on his face. “Who’s blood it that,” Nichole asks shakily.


1. IS JONAS INFECTED? Will he and Tim become undead life partners and rule the coven?!

2. All of these familiars are having slightly different reactions. Lawrence became twitchy, Clark is completely in denial, Paulson is scared shitless, and Jonas begins researching. I wonder if we’ll get more into the effects of Vampire powers on different human brains. Also, why has Nichole been spared these wild dreams? I hope Amy becomes the vampire that haunts Nichole’s dreams.

3. Amy began to panic, but now that Anthony’s gone I wonder if she’ll melt down into a full panic attack? Imprisonment and undead mortality is a lot for a ten-year-old.

4. Anyone else hope that the DOJ agent who threatened to kill Brad and gave Amy a hammer becomes part of the larger story? She seems very cool, and when the secrets of this facility get out, everyone is going to flee responsibility.

5. Hell breaks loose, according to the preview next week. Fanning has his last vampire to complete his coven. Do they break out now? Will they try to take Amy? Who will be the hives’ next victim?!

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