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We're Not Going to Panic: 'Passage' Episode 3 Recap

By Joelle Monique | TV | January 31, 2019 |

By Joelle Monique | TV | January 31, 2019 |


Oh. Shit. Our girl Amy and our future husband Brad have been taken into custody by the evil Project Noah. But, they’re not going to panic. “We’re going to get out of here. We’re going to listen more than we talk. We’re going to remember and notice everything. We’re going to be ready.”



Dr. Major Nichole Sykes — The Project Director of Noah is dealing with a lot lately. Now that she has seen Amy, the reality of the kidnapping and child endangerment is a lot more harrowing than she first thought. Also, one of her employees was drained by a vampire, so that sucks. (I couldn’t resist!) Her employees are sniping at one another over whether or not the zombies have decision-making power or not, the ramifications of which could be devastating to her research. If anything bad happens to Amy during testing, Brad has promised to end her. She made the same promise to herself. She won’t know what to do if she harms a child. With the entirety of Earth’s population three to four months from epidemic extinction, she doesn’t have much time for ethics.


Amy Bellafonte — Thinking quickly, as always, Amy throws a fit when they lock in her room. In order to calm her down, they agree to bring Brad into the room. Unfortunately, the attendees already injected Amy with a microchip. Escape will be much more difficult now. As soon as Amy gets the shot, Daddy Vampire Tim awakens. Apparently, he’s already got plans for the youngest member of his brood. Working in tandem with Brad, Amy deciphers the code to their door, which is weirdly controlled from the inside. They even steal some medical supplies. Finally, Amy begins to communicate with Carter through the crack in their door.


Lawrence Grey — Every good vampire story needs a human lackey. Grey fills that position for Dr. Tim. At one point Grey says he “belongs to” Tim. Sent to do his overlord’s bidding, Grey creepily observes Amy in her sleep. Tim doesn’t have Grey completely under his thumb. Grey confesses Tim’s location, warns Amy that should leave as soon as possible, and reveals a portion of Tim’s plan to Brad and Jonas respectively. In conversation with Jonas, Lawrence reveals that his conversations with Tim began around the time the third inmate was transformed into a vampire. They started off fuzzy. Now “they’re like movies I can’t escape,” he explains.


Brad Wolgast — Project Noah and their government partners have publicly announced that they’ve killed Brad. They might as well be trying to do just that. Brad recounts sitting by his daughter’s hospital bed as she died. In an attempt to keep Amy’s mind off the nightmare she’s living, Brad employs a lot of the same games he played with his daughter. They play poker and Brad reads to her when she can’t sleep at night. Clark and Brad have a much less congenial relationship. Clark tries to keep control over his own mind and Project Noah. Brad needs answers on what will happen to Amy. Eventually, Brad has an opportunity to escape and find his way to Tim’s cell. Jonas fills him on the finer details, but now Tim has access to Brad’s dreams. Tim sends Brad a warning, “Stay out of my way Brad Wolgast.”


Clark Richards — The Head of Security isn’t safe inside his own head. Shauna Babcock, possibly an old flame, won’t let him rest. She inserts memories of her traumatic childhood into his head. When an opportunity to eliminate her comes up, Richards takes it. His team attempts to neutralize her with UV light. Clark cracks when Shauna’s horrific memory of why she killed her parents plays out in his mind. Somewhere, way down deep in his decrepit body, Richard’s has a heart.


Shauna Babcock — The former baby of the vampire clan was dealt a shitty hand in life. Dr. Tim seeks to give Shauna the power in death she craved in life. He instructs her to tell Clark her story. Shauna’s story consists of childhood sexual abuse, a seriously depraved and cruel mother, and being robbed of a chance to pursue her dreams over and over. Now she’s a vampire and Tim is building her up to be someone very important.


Dr. Lila Kyle — Lila is a woman on a mission. She knows Brad isn’t dead and begins an insistent hunt for his whereabouts. She turns to an old colleague of Brad who discovers holes in the government’s story and begins an investigation. Also, she protected Amy’s guardian angel! Lacey Antione, the former nun and Special Ops instructor, made it and she’s getting her guns ready for battle.


1. The most pressing question I have this week is what the hell did Tim mean by threatening my Prince Brad? We haven’t really seen his powers beyond the dream penetration and watching Shauna devour a man in 90 seconds. Is Tim ready to make moves? Can Brad get Amy far enough away?!


2. When will Lacey and Lila get a spin-off show solving government cover-ups together? They’ll only trust female agents and they’ll drive the A-Team’s van. I’m ready.

3. What are Carter and Amy going to chat about? Will she take him when they escape? How much longer before Carter begins to deteriorate? Every vampire keeps stressing how good it is at first, then it gets really, really bad. Carter’s healthier and his spirits seem good. I’m scared he’s going to hurt Amy when he’s no longer in control.

4. Nichole needs to snap out of it. Something is VERY wrong in her lab. Jonas is overworked trying to figure out Tim’s secrets and keep some semblance of sanity in their scientific approach. When this all goes to shit I wonder how Nichole will try to fix it?

5. Lawrence was this week’s wildcard. I’m fascinated by the internal struggle to remain his own person. My guess is that Tim’s about to reach his final stage of evolution now that he has Amy. Lawrence isn’t going to be able to hold on much longer. Right?

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