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'The Magicians' S4 E6 Recap: The Meeting of the Pennys

By Joelle Monique | TV | February 28, 2019 |

By Joelle Monique | TV | February 28, 2019 |


What’s Happening?!:
Penny and Marina
Penny and Marina were captured and imprisoned for a couple of Dewey coins and an Alpha Black Lotus Magic the Gathering Card. Stoppard, a legend in the time travel magic community, wants to return them to their timeline to save his mother. The horomancer takes them to timeline 23, Penny’s original timeline, where magic has died. So no they’re stuck. Penny K.O.’s Stoppard, he and Marina escape, but they can’t figure out the time travel cube by themselves. So they locate Stoppard 23 to get back to timeline 40. Stoppard in this timeline is a bright-eyed kid who loves magic. Nothing like the devastated and desperate Stoppard Penny knocked out earlier.


In an attempt to craft and perfect new horomancy techniques, Sonia Kukino was willing to risk her brain and time with her child. The outlawed cinnabar she uses to generate magic has created holes in her brain. Two enchanted watches keep her grounded in time. When Penny and Marina arrived. the energy from their timeline counteracted the watches. Sonia began to deteriorate quickly. Stopper built a Skype that can connect people through time to warn his mother. Marina and Penny also try to warn her, but she refuses to stop working.


Penny and Marina fight about the best way to proceed. Marina would be happy to sacrifice the mother and the child to get back to her girlfriend. Penny, still feeling like he doesn’t belong, wants to help them. He meets with our original Penny from timeline 40. The meeting of the Pennys is as funny and macho as could be predicted. OG Penny tells 23 Penny that timeline 40 belongs to him now. Some super secret library business is going down and he won’t — or can’t — reveal the most important details.

Julia, Quentin and E.E.
Julia and Quentin are trying to figure out what to do with Eliot. The two stone pieces Evil Eliot has collected have Egyptian hieroglyphics on them. A tomb, recently unearthed, claimed to reveal new secrets. The two decide to start there. While they’re researching, Evil Eliot arrives in a tequila stupor. OG Eliot’s bad habits have begun to affect the bored god. He takes whatever pills he can find. Quentin has had enough. If the real Eliot dies, he will abandon the God’s mission. Even when threatened with death, Q refuses to back down. EE decides to treat the meat suit better.


EE wakes a mummy to figure out where his next body part resides. Heka, the god of magic and medicine, had the part. The problem? Heka died already. They were buried in a temple that was then looted. The mummy couldn’t say who looted the tomb. So, they’re back to square one.


The spell Alice and Q performed to find the place where Alice belongs sent her to Modesto. Modesto has secrets. There’s a functioning magic library, vengeful hedgewitches, a magic supply pipe with a leak, and Alice’s new landlord, Sheila, is a Quaeromamcer. That is a super rare type of witch with the ability to find what is lost. Together, they discover the pipe and break it wide open. They fix the city’s lead-ridden water pipes, help fund cancer treatments for a little girl, and both women who have suffered great loss find healing and strength in one another. Of course, those vengeful hedge witches also feel the surge of power. They use it to take out a branch of the library in a giant firey ball of passionate, angsty love.

Josh and Margo
The mystery of the mute, formerly talking animals has been solved, which means cellular bunnies should be back in service soon. Pollen from a new flower that returned at the same time as magic is causing them all to lose the power of speech. Pickwick and Fin have a solution. Beets from Codswell, one of the smaller fingerling islands, should command the pollen. One problem: Lady Pike presents a challenging political opponent.


Josh plays politicians to help Margo, using Pike’s good choices to decipher her personality. Over a gentle conversation about Pike’s exceptionally polite alpacas, the women find common ground. Pike warms up to Margo, but she already promised the beets to Ru. Ru is Idri’s (Eliot’s former lover) sister. There was a civil war. Pissed that Fillory took Idri’s side, Ru bought all the beets. When Josh tells Margo that she’s become better than Eliot, the impact of Eliot’s absence hits Margo with brutal force. She demands the beets or promises to skin the alpacas alive. Pike agrees. Still, in a rage, Margo snaps on Josh. Josh reveals he wants to be her boyfriend, but also he ain’t putting up with her bullshit. He storms off.


What’s Going to Happen?!:
1. When do we get to meet Marina’s future wife? What kind of personality can bring Marina to heel? I’m fascinated and I need to know.

2. What’s going to happen to that mummy? The library must be running around like a Scooby-Doo villain screaming about the little (and one really big) fires they leave behind.

3. Can E.E. kill Q? He gets so close before backing down. Does he have the feelings? Are other parts of Eliot getting to the monster?

4. Will drinking the alpaca milk scar Margo for life? When will Ru attack? Will Mago fight in the war? Will Julia be a goddess who helps them triumph. Will another good take the side if West Loria? Do I want the ultimate Greek tragedy? I do.

5. Where the hell is Kady?!

Header Image Source: SYFY