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Spoilers: 'Wynonna Earp' And This Week's Game-Changing Twist

By Ryan McGee | TV | July 10, 2017 |

By Ryan McGee | TV | July 10, 2017 |

Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Wynonna Earp. Which should be obvious. But stating all the same! We good? Good.

The cast and crew of Wynonna Earp have been teasing a game-changing twist for the past week on social media, going so far as to not release the episode ahead of time for the press lest it be spoiled. Honestly? As a critic, I get it: There’s a fine line between pre-reviews and spoiling upcoming plot points, and in this current online pop culture market, there’s plenty of value in publishing scoops even if it potentially ruins the enjoyment for others. Until they create an entire internet for those who wants spoilers versus those who don’t, networks and programs should err on the side of caution should they 100% not want information to leak.

So how did the twist pay out?

It’s honestly TBD, at this point. That’s not to say it wasn’t a solid twist, but the effects of it are yet to be felt. Finding out that Wynonna is pregnant leans into star Melanie Scrofano’s real-life pregnancy, which means no more episodes in which she’s engaged in light Bobo cosplay in order to hide her baby bump. (Seriously, having this show shoot in the middle of winter in Canada gave the show an incredible story-based reason to keep her as bundled as possible, which helped hide the secret in plain sight.) Some shows go out of their way to hide actresses’ pregnancies if it doesn’t fit into their narrative, and I don’t particularly have a problem when that happens: If I can buy that a magic gun can kill demons, I could have bought why Scrofano is suddenly shot behind desks for two-thirds of a season. But Wynonna Earp didn’t do that, which means showrunner Emily Andras has a good idea about what that pregnancy could mean for the show as well as the titular character.

Having this occur after being possessed by the Goo demon will cast a figurative shadow over the entire pregnancy, which puts us firmly into Angel Season 4 territory. The Goo demon still alive? Is it a Goo demon baby? Will there be a crossover with Muppet Babies, and if so, will Waverley wear Nanny’s socks? So many questions! But those are just plot questions, whereas the really interesting material will come from Wynonna wrestling with potentially being a mother. As someone wired to be action-first, leap-into-danger-without-regards-for-personal-safety, how will this change her attitude about her destiny? We’ve seen her sisterly bond with Waverley, but I’m not quite sure we know what a maternal Wynonna will be like.

The idea of a sudden transformer from badass demon fighter to SAHM feels pretty weak, but I also have no doubt that Andras and company are going to avoid that false binary at every turn. Indeed, the idea of a primarily female writers’ room tackling this topic for its protagonist inside a genre show feels rife with possibility. It also puts characters like Dolls and Doc Holliday in unique positions. Both are extremely protective of Wynonna, even while respecting her bad-ass self. Will this fracture their newly-united front? Is this going to turn into the most bad-ass reboot of My Two Dads ever? Will I shove a third ’80s TV show reference in before the end of the article? Only time will tell!

Adding to the potential list of non-baby daddy babysitter is Ewan, who heads up a group of firefighters/demon hunters known as The Order and is impossibly not played by Parker Young. (For reals: I thought the show had Grand Moff Tarkin’ed Young without his permission, only to learn it was actually Brendan Fehr in the role.) Adding The Order into the show’s mythology at this point makes sense: Every four to five episodes serve as the equivalent to a comic book trade paperback, featuring emotional continuity but narrative freshness. Juan Carlos’ role/identity is still “In Case Of Narrative Need, Break Glass To Open,” but he’s as fine a glue to the master plan as any at this point.

Where things will get truly special will be with the two Earp sisters: Remember, Wynonna now has the next heir inside her. This is the next person to inherit the curse. This will probably drive Wynonna to do some pretty drastic things before she passes that onto her kin, which will put Waverley in the position of having to stop Wynonna from going so HAM that she actually unleashes hell on earth. I love that the show made sure to note just how scared the Goo demon was of Waverley, and what a tactical mistake it was to use her as a vessel. Wynonna could fight it, but not nearly as effectively as Waverley. Not that comparing this show to Buffy The Vampire Slayer is fair, but there’s such a strong Willow streak running through Waverley that I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns into a character that makes demons fly into the night at the very sound of her name. On top of that, she’ll be the true rock for Wynonna to lean on throughout the rest of this season and beyond, and it’s great to not have a Goo demon coming between them anymore.

Also, it’ll be super great not to have to ever type out “Goo demon” again.

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